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  1. Big changew reportedly made to Wrestlemania main event
  2. You'll get much more life out of Bray Wyatt as a face.
  3. Possible Spoiler For Monday's RAW
  4. Which NXT Star(s) Get The Spotlight on Raw?
  5. I get why Vince is going Project Reigns
  6. Official Raw Discussion Thread - 2/09/15
  7. Raw is War 1999 Intro Remake with today's wrestlers
  8. jeff hardy vs seth rollins would be a classic
  9. Are Bray Wyatt's promos aimed at someone else?
  10. Bray Wyatt No Selling Fameasser
  11. Bryan & Ziggler should have a best of 7 series.
  12. I love the new Smackdown theme!
  13. Viewers tune out for Bryan vs Rollins
  14. Guess the chants for Roman on the Raw after WM
  15. So will Stardust turn back into Cody Rhodes in this feud with Goldust?
  16. Why is Rowan getting more exposure than Harper?
  17. Can we get Ziggler, Ryback and Rowan away from each other now?
  18. Nikki Bella never beat Paige.
  19. Its time for Lana to bring some class to the divas div.
  20. Boogeyman at this weeks Raw
  21. TV Guide Loves Daniel Bryan
  22. Daniel Bryan Is A Solid B +!!
  23. This Bryan fans vs. Reigns fans thing...
  24. Where did the rest of Bryan go?
  25. Any wagers on Charlotte getting hotshotted the title?
  26. When will AJ Lee be back?
  27. Paige steals another divas push.
  28. Where was Kane?
  29. What to do with Rusev?
  30. 2/5 Smackdown + Main Event Spoilers
  31. this weeks sin cara?
  32. The most Cringeworthy insults
  33. I still don't understand how Brie Bella is a heel :L
  35. Thoughts on putting Dean Ambrose in IC Title Angle?
  36. Is this the first time Reigns has ever been pinned in one on one match?
  37. Don't change the channel - Curtis Axel
  38. The Undercard
  39. Cena out of main storyline = a good raw
  40. So whatever happened to the brand split?
  41. Bray Wyatt vs Undertaker, Who Are You Rooting For
  42. Daniel Bryan got booed?
  43. Is this going to lead to Rock vs Reigns at WM?
  44. Don't Ever Call Him Cody
  45. Miz cut a great promo tonight
  46. Bryan vs. Rollins = Best RAW match in months?
  48. Daniel Bryan adding new moves to his moveset
  49. What happened in the Divas match? Damn Sky!
  50. Rusev is growing on me
  51. Orton's sitting in the front row.
  52. Rusev and Lana: Flag botch recovery
  53. Bray Wyatt has been killing it lately.
  54. Actual divas storyline with a clear cut face and heel?
  55. Goodbye Mizdow
  56. Were You Shaken To The Core?
  57. Rowan has some serious mic skills
  58. Sandow Fired as Miz' Stunt Double
  59. Seriously Fuck off JBL
  60. Did you send your questions out to Stone Cold for the podcast?
  61. That opening promo proves Reigns has no mic skill...
  62. Summer rae,Alicia Fox,Cameron run into Naomi & Emma backstage
  63. WWE logic - Rollins will fight two matches he doesn't need to fight
  64. Now THAT'S the Ambrose I want!
  65. Reigns undefeated streak is over.
  66. Triple H speaking truth
  67. What a joke.
  68. Anyone get a sick feeling when Big Show music hits
  69. WWE and their long opening segments... need to go!
  70. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns pretty much got the same pop
  71. How about that HiJack.......*crickets*
  72. Do you think Sting will be an important attraction for years to come in WWE?
  73. February is Black History Month
  74. how will you book randy orton´s return tonight?
  75. Bubba Ray should call out Roman Reigns tonight
  76. Some good info
  77. Is RAW Being Aired On A New Channel Or Renamed Channel?
  78. Reigns will get booed this monday
  79. If they brought back bikini contents would you wanna see in them?
  80. Paige Should Have A Casket Match Vs The Bellas.
  81. Daniel Bryan Outtake From Raw Is Snow Aired by Mistake
  82. Bryan and Roman need to up their games
  83. Ziggler vs Bryan will prove to you why Face vs Heel are no longer needed in 2015
  84. 2/2 Raw Discussion: Back To Business
  85. You have to agree Randy Orton is the most talented wrestler in WWE
  86. Hijack Raw again?
  87. Is Rollins the first guy since Austin that appeals to both hardcores and WWE?
  88. Triple H Sitdown With Cole Talks Roman Reigns - Rumble Controversy, Calling Out Sting, Steve Austin, WWE Network, More
  89. Storyline idea: Seth Rollins hides the WWE title
  90. Fallout Exclusives: Trouble With The Stars?, Rollins Untouchable, & Kane Emerges From The Casket
  91. Wow. Reigns v Big Show was AWKWARD.
  92. Is Royal Rumble Relevant...?
  93. "We don't like when somebody tells us what to do" - Triple H
  94. You want the to headline WM?
  95. Is Smackdown always this rubbish?
  96. Triple H's Raw Announcement?
  97. What will triple h's announcement be?
  98. Bryan's attraction?
  99. Bryan Would Be The Perfect Choice To Defeat Rusev And Bring The US Title Back Home.
  100. LIVE SmackDown (1/29): Is This The End?
  101. Wade Keller says Lillian Garcia is one of the producers of RAW
  102. Wait a Minute. If the WM sign has a PLAY button...
  103. The Top Guy In Your Promotion...
  104. Upcoming RAW Schedule (Cities) for Prospective Hijackers
  105. Will they ever do a Raw from anywhere else other than US, Canada and UK?
  106. Sky Sports airing Thursday's SmackDown live
  107. Roman Reigns Recycled Promo
  108. Top Star No Longer Scheduled For WWE SmackDown
  109. WrestleMania Revenge Tour UK 2015
  110. Technically, SD tomorrow will be RAW.
  111. So, about Ambrose...
  112. You guys give the business a bad name.
  113. What Is Your Favourite RAW Theme Song?
  114. When Seth Rollins Wins The Title He Should Keep The Title For Over A Year.
  115. update on plans for thursday smackdown
  116. Confused is Raw still taking place Thursday along with Smackdown?
  117. Australian Host Broadcaster Of RAW Pulls Plug During 1/26 Show
  118. RR Booo's covered by cheers WTF
  119. Paul Heyman is the greatest talker of all time.
  120. Nice Try WWE/Vince
  121. Bryan/Ziggler idea and Ambrose
  122. Advertisements For Live Smackdown on Thursday
  123. The RAW that put the Nail in WWE
  124. Roman Reigns / Brock Lesnar - Staredown
  125. All the talking in that championship match LIKE REALLY
  126. Foreshadowing that DB will be in the main event of WM
  127. WWE got canceled for normal weather in Canada
  128. So, Roman didn't deny he was hand-picked...
  129. I'm jumping on the Seth Rollins bandwagon.
  130. The Elephant in the Room: Roman Reigns is tiny
  131. Australian TV has stopped Raw coverage citing 'Technical Reasons'
  132. Bryan Vs. Kane In a Casket Match
  133. Has The Snowstorm Saved WWE
  134. Does anyone actually like Corporate Kane?
  135. Roman Reigns twitter feed
  136. WWE - Robbing Fans
  137. Interesting Fact about Roman Reigns
  138. WWE should give "Bubba Ray aka Bully Ray" a singles push
  139. Why the RR '15 match was a complete failure
  140. WWE twitter loves Dolph lol
  141. Is RAW live streamed anywhere?
  142. Anyone else expecting this kind of set-up tonight?
  143. Re record Raw?
  144. Raw postponed
  145. Vince is so lucky. Tonight would have been 1000 x's worse
  146. *OFFICIAL* Tonight's WWE RAW Not Taking Place from Hartford
  147. SD Tapings Tomorrow Canceled; Might Tape SD Live Thursday
  148. Raw from Hartford CT 1/26/15 Officially Cancelled **All Discussion Here**
  149. The Crowd Will Chant Daniel Bryan All Night On Raw.
  150. Curtis Axel
  151. The Gong will ring for Wyatt?
  152. Orton vs Rollins to start tonight?
  153. 1/26 Raw: Fallout from the Royal Fuckery feat. Roman "I make it Reign bitches"
  154. Not Sure If this is allowed, but I have a ticket to Raw tomorrow for sale.
  155. ROMAN REIGNS Road To WrestleMania
  156. Looking Back Do You Think Dean Ambrose Should've Debuted By Himself?
  157. Should Paul Heyman ever betray Lesnar again?
  158. Nobody sells anymore.
  159. Hogan & Rusev Needs To Have Atleast One Segment Together.
  160. so who ya got in the Rumble
  161. Paige & Emma Should Team Up To Get Rid Of The Bellas.
  162. I hope Brock will stay at WWE
  163. Luke Harper's promo
  164. The Ascension
  165. Did anyone watch Smackdown's opening segment?
  166. WrestleMania 33
  167. Hulk Hogan: Guy that didn't main event WrestleMania, Daniel Bryan
  168. Unseen RAW footage
  169. Triple H Sounds Off About Sting
  170. Who would make a good Heel/Face turn?
  171. How can Bradshaw be a heel commentator after this week's reunion segment on Raw?
  172. Sending Em Home - Raw Recap
  173. With a few alterations, Bryan's New Look could become a Gimmick
  174. What the hell kind of show are you running??
  175. Why I think Brock stepped up on Raw
  176. 1/20 Main Event + 1/22 Smackdown Spoilers
  177. Brock Lesnar has started to learn cutting promo from Heath Slater
  178. As irrelevant as he is, at least Big Show got in shape
  179. HBK made to look like a wuss
  180. Who Are You A Fan Of On The Current Roster?
  181. Make this the new Raw intro = Ratings
  182. Enough with The New Day
  183. Roman Reigns getting a bigger pop than Daniel Bryan
  184. So can Big Show and JBL trade places?
  185. D Bryan 2105 = HBK 1996
  186. was that the closest raw to and AA show?
  187. So this is WWE in 2015?
  188. Did anyone hear the "Daniel Sucks" chants on RAW?
  189. Bryan being he face of Smackdown is a diversion
  190. HHH: "I'm so ashamed"
  191. After Raw I wished the Title Match Was Just Rollins vs Brock.
  192. Hall & Nash Should Get One Last Run As Champs Than Put Ascension Over.
  193. Ric Flair the GOAT
  194. Possible Ascension angle?
  195. Brock! The Beast, the SIZE
  196. The best Brock booking to date, his contract, and would you pay it?
  197. What would you do to keep D-Bry fresh?
  198. WTF Is This
  199. How do you have an NWO reunion WITHOUT Hollywood?
  200. No black man getting pushed!
  201. The Miz vs the Usos
  202. So the storyline is that Sting is a huge Dolph Ziggler mark?
  203. No Orton on Raw, what will he do at Royal Rumble?
  204. So Lesnar and Cena both stood tall to end RAW.
  205. Raw Reunion should go down as one of the BEST RAWS EVER
  206. Cena's New Merch Appreciation Thread
  207. What is Wrong in the Wrestling World Today When....? Few Thoughts here...
  208. Did Brock Lesnar Really Turn Face?
  209. Glaring contradiction between tonight and Survivor Series (Sting)
  210. HHH making kid cry
  212. STING!!!
  213. The nWo, APA, Outlaws and Ascension segment
  214. WWE not mentioning The Rock...WTF
  215. Seth Rollins wearing lifts (shorter than Lesnar last week ,but now hes taller than him)
  216. WWE had the chance for a DX/NWO In-ring segment and blew it.
  217. The burying of NXT talent.
  218. So that's why JBL was Burying the ascension
  219. Do you think Kofi hates being in this gimmick?
  220. If Cena died for real would you be happy?
  222. if they made it more obvious..
  223. Are they really doing a storyline that John Cena is a failure and can't win a match?
  224. That KLIQ Segment Was Awesome
  225. The hell WWE
  226. Kane needs to fuck off
  227. Bray Wyatt 2-0 vs Daniel Bryan
  228. Things You Know Will Happen Every Week On RAW
  229. Bray Wyatt and Paige
  231. Brock Lesnar coming tonight?
  232. Raw Viewers Guide: For those new to it
  233. Spoiler alert: RAW
  234. Who Stands Tall on Final Raw?
  235. 'Fired' Stars Possible Return Tonight?
  236. It's MLK Day. What stupid gimmick does the wwe have cooked up for the holiday.
  237. How could WWE have booked Dean Ambrose differently?
  238. Who Should Be Called Up Next?
  239. Lana Appears On After Total Divas (Video), Nikki Bella Suffering From Leg Injury?
  240. Enjoy Bryan while you can, he may not be around long!
  241. After all of these old fucks die off...
  242. If WWE Is Smart They Will Book Bryan To Win The Rumble And Go Onto Mania And Win The Title.
  243. Possible Angle On RAW With APA & The Ascension
  244. Official Raw Discussion Thread - 1/19/15: Raw Reunion
  245. The Authority Encourage: CHEATING
  246. AJ Lee Probably Returning This Monday
  247. Kevin NASH and XPAC to appear on RAW
  248. Why do people think WWE/Vince love AJ Lee?
  249. AJ Lee doesn't deserve to be champion ever again.
  250. Daniel Bryan Interview: "Let me be the Face of Smackdown"
  251. How the WWE views Daniel Bryan
  252. So Sad to See Paige is now a pawn in the Total Divas Machine.
  253. This Week's Raw's Worst Seller: Cena or Brie Bella?
  254. 1/22 Smackdown News: Bryan vs Kane (NO DQ - Daniel Bryan's Rumble Spot On The Line)
  255. Steph, Rollins and the look on her face
  256. New Day's New Finisher Ripped from Nxt's Finn Balor
  257. Reigns Delivers Another Bad Promo 2nd Consecutive Raw
  258. Why WWE never brought back the 2009 Randy Orton?
  259. best feud in the career of orton so far?
  260. Smackdown (Canada) Discussion Thread
  261. "JohnCena Sucks" Chant Sing-A-long
  262. Brock Lesnar
  263. Super Cena's Splash
  264. Ziggler and those two other guys
  265. 2015 will be Wyatt´s Year
  266. Ascension were buried on RAW
  267. 1/15 Smackdown Spoilers
  268. How Would You Turn Seth Rollins Face
  269. This angle with Ziggler, Rowan and Ryback sucks.
  270. Roman's Macho Man Impression.
  271. Cena's crowd reaction at the Contract Signing.
  272. Other periods in time when Raw was this bad and uninteresting?
  273. Jerry Lawler ready to bring excitement back to Smackdown!
  274. Bryan is Now a Very Competent Promo Cutter
  275. I fkn love Dean Ambrose!
  276. Thats how to use Lesnar
  277. Seth Rollins should start calling his opponents Slap Nuts
  278. Best part of RAW, Triple H's line:
  279. Just once could Cena not be covered in his merch?
  280. Why does John Cena jump when he is about to receive a Curb Stomp?
  281. Daniel Bryan's physical performance on Raw
  282. So The Ascention's promos
  283. Reigns/Harper Chemistry
  284. Bray Wyatt Needed The Wyatt Family More Then They Needed Him
  285. Good and Bad about Raw.
  286. Wow...Cena's "THREAT" taking his ball threat...
  287. Are Ambrose and Reigns being intentionally sabotaged?
  288. Why didn't Rollins cash-in?
  289. Whoever writes the script for Seth needs to write for Reigns
  290. just watch divas on MAIN EVENT...
  291. Rollins has become elite
  292. Those pitiful divas segments tonight.
  293. Dean Ambrose the stepping stone
  294. Terrible crowd reaction to Macho Man in HOF
  295. What's with these rollups?
  296. who is worse on the mic? Lesnar or Reigns
  297. was that a jab at Punk?
  298. Thank you Ambrose for Creating The New "SLUT" Chant for Steph
  299. Bryan v Kane
  300. Starting to thinkin the Daniel Bryan chants are whats over
  301. Vince is trying to legitimize John Cena,
  302. Brock Lesnar facial expression Cena
  303. Why is Cena vs the authority still going on?
  304. Raw Reunion
  305. WWE doesn't know how to build drama anymore
  306. The Fuck Reigns?
  307. I'm honestly concerned for Cena's health, that performance looked horrific
  308. CENAWINSLOL 2.0
  309. Nice another 20 minute promo start...
  310. Uk exclusive with BNB
  311. HBK, Hall, Nash still going show up tonight?
  312. WWE Raw London in April
  313. WWE should Book Bryan & Cena vs Rollins & Brock As The Main Event To Compeate with the National Title Game.
  314. Will Tonight's Episode of RAW Be Good During the National Championship?
  315. Ascension/New Day and why do we hate them?
  316. Official Raw Discussion Thread - 1/12/15
  317. Cesaro less than 1 year ago!
  318. Who should get mic time this week?
  319. RAW worst show on television?
  320. Cesaro's Best Gimmick
  321. So many top babyfaces
  322. What happened with Raw? Seriously.
  323. Who Should Go Heel - Ziggler Or Ambrose?
  324. They really fucking with my boy Cesaro
  325. Smackdown 1/9/15 How ridiculous is that???
  326. Leaked Reigns shirts
  327. Behind the scenes of Smackdown promo
  328. 3 moves Reigns really needs to beef up his arsenal...
  329. How much we miss Jim Ross....
  330. What Role Would You Give Roman, If Not The Face Of The Company?
  331. Just take the damn title off Brock!
  332. The Jerry Lawler appreciation thread.
  333. New Announce Team For RAW Announced
  334. WWE.COM: 15 Best Smackdown Matches
  335. Daniel Bryan's 1st Return TV Match On Smackdown
  336. Enough with the 1 minute diva matches!
  337. Booker >>> King
  338. What the hell was up with the booking?
  339. If Bray chases the gold he needs to add it to his gimmick once he's won it.
  340. If You Had To Choose Who Got The Monster Push; Reigns Or Ryback?
  341. Just Took a 4 Week Hiatus, What'd I Miss?
  342. Darren Young looked more "straight" than he was
  343. 1/9 Smackdown Spoilers
  344. Erick Rowan. Ryback. Dolph Ziggler. Watch them form a Heel Stable.
  345. It was a simple mistake
  346. How long are these guys out?
  347. What now for Adam Rose?
  348. The Onion has figured out one way to improve RAW...
  349. Rollins-HHH-Stephanie triangle drama angle
  350. Watch Wyatt go and target Reigns next...
  351. These adult marks on FB/YT are starting to get on my nerves
  352. Reigns now ends Raw opening titles video
  353. It's so lame Ryback/Ziggler/Rowan got fired
  354. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd Can Talk
  355. Realistically speaking, does ambrose have what it takes to get back up
  356. WWE on FB "Did you enjoy tonight's Raw?"
  357. RAW Fallout With Rowan, Ryback, & Ziggler
  358. So when does the MITB come into play?
  359. Are they really doing a repeat of Royal Rumble 2000 build?
  360. So does that mean Rollins will do the job at the Rumble?
  361. When is everybody going to learn that the product is shit and is going to be shit for a decade and you'll be much happier not watching RAW?
  362. Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt loves this company!
  363. Reigns is still winning you gullible people
  364. This review is a must watch by Aubrey Sitterson guest staring PWG's Roderick Strong & Andrew Goldstein
  365. is it me or does the authority remind me of the mcmahon-helmsley faction
  366. Darren Young returns from injury and doesnt even get a 1 minute segment?
  367. Casuals Fans think this week RAW sucked
  368. Ambrose went out there and shot his load
  369. People are overreacting
  370. WWE, november 2014 called and want his storyline back.
  371. We got a divas backstage brawl/promo, intergender tag match,and two divas matches. 2015 looks bright
  372. Brand Split?
  373. Some people are missing something from the end of Raw
  374. Sting - Painted Up Goose
  375. Vince should stop doing wrestling and start doing comedy.
  376. So.. Corpus Christi....
  377. Was the Survivor Series win pointless?
  378. Guess Vince is backing to booking and writing raw again
  379. Cena Still a Thug?
  380. Why are you nerds doing the hijack shit for Bryan it should be DEAN AMBROSE this year!
  381. Gotta give credit where its due: Ryback's ring work has improved.
  382. So..all the potential Rumble winners looked like dumbasses tonight lol
  383. Lance Storm furious with Raw over Ascension promo
  384. Even winning Bray is boring
  385. Ambrose 0-3
  386. Can they let Ambrose have an actual WRESTLING match?
  387. Total Diva's storylines on Raw
  388. Harper vs. Rowan Given Away on Free Television Again
  389. The new scale for measuring a match's worth.
  390. Paige vs. Nikki
  391. A Nattie vs Paige feud is best for business.
  392. Excited about the Ascension?
  393. The fuckin commentators buried The Ascension so hard
  394. Reigns' Promo...
  395. Barrett wins the IC Title
  396. sick of these "gimmick" matches
  397. Seth Rollins to be the first Shield member to be in the ring against Lesnar.
  398. [SPOILER]Possible Occurence on RAW
  399. What WWE accomplished with Raw last week and why it was a bad call
  400. Booker T to Replace Jerry Lawler on Commentary Tonight
  401. Calling the Wyatt Family Reunion Now
  402. Wyatt, and Ambrose need mind games...
  403. Who wins the Ambulance Match on RAW?
  404. Official Raw Discussion Thread - 01/05/15; The First Raw of 2015
  405. So I've missed the past 2
  406. I like Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, and I wouldn't mind either winning the RR
  407. Who is more over Daniel Bryan or Roman Regins?
  408. why wwe didnt give hbk one lasr run as world champion?
  409. What Would Be The Best Way To End The Authority Angle?
  410. Ziggler is the dark horse and 2015 is set to be his year.
  411. What's the best way WWE can book the Road to Wrestlemania
  412. What's the worst way the WWE could book the Road to Wrestlemania?
  413. dolph zigler will never be wwe world heavyweight champion
  414. WWE give me more of these Promos!
  415. Anyone Else Think They'll Fast Track Sting vs. Triple H?
  416. Anyone Else Like The Big Show For a Minute After He Owned Reigns?
  417. Is Bryan officially back?
  418. Why Ziggler isn't Crisp
  419. AJ Lee & Paige's feet thread.
  420. Dean Ambrose Better As A Heel Or Face?
  422. Would rather have had Ambrose vs Harper...
  423. Jack Swagger vs. Luke Harper match
  424. Daniel Bryan should be in the midcard when he returns
  425. randy orton deserve his rematch from wrestlemania XXX
  426. Anti-Authority
  427. Interesting Trivia on Clean Match Finishes on Raw in 2014
  428. Crowd Groaned When Nikki Picked Up Natty for Rack Attack
  429. Big Show gave better commentary than JBL, Cole, and King combined
  430. Creative Reading Russo's Website?
  431. Something I would have changed from last night...
  432. 1/2 Smackdown Spoilers (1st Show of 2015)
  433. Randy Orton?
  434. Should Seth Have a Valet?
  435. WWE needs 6 more A+ players.
  436. So The Authority and Orton is back
  437. 34.6% of Raw's in 2014 ended with a finish
  438. so who is the strongest babyface now?
  439. The Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns match
  440. Ziggler's matches
  441. How Big of a Mistake Was It for The Ascension Not to Crash The Usos Celebration?
  442. Did Seth Rollins comments go against its PG-Rating?
  443. Where's THE DEMON Kane?
  444. Bryan vs Lesnar
  445. Was that RAW a sign of new things to come in 2015.
  446. That Casero promo...
  447. What Now For Ambrose?
  448. I'm getting sick of these matches on Raw
  449. Bryan in the Rumble totally screws over Reigns.
  450. WWE is evil and illuminati
  451. Rollins
  452. Ambrose vs. Wyatt ambulance match next week
  453. If the WWE is ever going to turn Cena heel now is the time to do so
  454. "The Clothesline From Smell"
  455. Remember when Cesaro beat Orton clean?
  456. Tonights Raw taught us a very important lesson (well a few ).
  457. Triple H is gaining more control
  458. Was Brock Lesnar appearance tonight a waste?
  459. Ziggler will turn on Cena
  460. Best Raw of the Year?
  461. Can we get Big Show as a weekly commentator?
  462. The Authority isnt really back just yet...
  463. Why are the Usos pushed to the moon?
  464. Is Paige cutting herself?
  465. So the Authority was just hanging backstage?
  466. Go look at WWE's Facebook right now and tell me how they should listen to the all important "casual" fans.
  467. Breaking: Daniel Bryan will be retiring after wrestlemania
  468. King "Can I bring Johnny Manzel with me"
  469. So is Daniel Bryan fully healed?
  470. enough of the bellas.
  471. Big Show on commentary
  472. Rusev was actually choking Dolph
  473. Edge and Christian seemed awkward tonight
  474. Rollins grabbed the brass ring
  475. Best RAW of the second half of 2014
  476. HHH puts himself over once again
  477. Live RAW Recap, Orton's Dark Segment
  478. holy cow the crowd was lifeless
  479. The Authority Angle....... REALLY....
  480. Who's Next to Challenge the Authority, besides Cena?
  481. I'm gonna kill him anyway
  482. Orton?
  483. I'm finally convinced: Rollins is the Future
  484. Ascension Illuminati signs
  485. Best raw in a long time
  486. Daniel Bryan is the standard for being "Over"
  487. The Return of Daniel Bryan!
  488. Why don't they drop it!?
  489. Good Direction
  490. The RAW mandate tonight, here's a mic, show us what you can do.
  491. Cesaro's Promo
  492. You Can Thank Me For The #CuttingEdgePeepShow Segment (Tweet Sent Yesterday)
  493. It looks like they're going to involve Naomi in the tag titles scene
  494. Wow Ryback
  495. Why the hell does WWE waste Brock Lesnar appearance dates?
  496. So Ryback needed a trip down memory lane in his feud with Rusev.
  497. Is there such thing as a non cowardly heel?
  498. Jerry lawler saying christian has retired
  499. Are you looking forward to the return of non-cowardly Orton tonight?
  500. Daniel Bryan Supposedly Has A Major Announcement On RAW
  501. who is more over as face, orton or reigns
  502. is roman reigns ready to main event wrestlemania'
  503. Official Raw Discussion Thread - 12/29/14: The Final Raw of 2014
  504. Dolph Ziggler Working Hurt, How He Really Feels About His Intercontinental Title
  505. Create the perfect women's wrestling division
  506. Monday Night Raw Themes Songs
  507. Randy Orton injured (...again) at MSG? - pulled from live event...
  508. Going to RAW in DC...
  509. Would you like a attitude era raw for one night only?
  510. Surprised Sgnt slaughter didnt fill-in for zeb colter.
  511. Is RAW too tightfisted when it comes to WWE Title matches on RAW?
  512. When will Renee Young become the lead announcer on RAW
  513. Roman Reigns has IT
  514. Would you guys be interested in an NXT themed Raw episode?
  515. Sign Ideas for RAW (London - 13/04/2015)
  516. Ascension debuting next week!
  517. 'We' the audience are fucking cruel.
  518. Roman Reigns will get booed on Royal Rumble
  519. Damien Sandow question
  520. Will Seth Rollins Be Successful When He Cashes In?
  521. Orton's return
  522. Cena disrespected Hogan
  523. I hope they stop using Hogan on tv soon...
  524. So Paige lost again
  525. Fighters of the Brass Ring: Wyatt, Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins's questionable booking
  526. They were chanting RKO RKO RKO during the Main Event
  527. The RAW that just wasn't there. Booking disasters, match up disasters you name it
  528. Holy shit Wyatt vs Boogeyman?!
  529. Tyson Kidd needs to be Ziggler's next opponent
  530. Ambrose vs Wyatt Street fight
  531. Can we talk about the real MVP of tonight's RAW?
  532. Ok enough with The Ambrose and Wyatt feud
  533. How much of Raw did you skip?
  534. Will Cena and Tyson Kidd feud?
  535. I would love to never see Hulk Hogan on my TV ever again
  536. Ziggler is more over than Ambrose and Reigns
  537. The misconception of Cameron being awful
  538. They didn't even try with that Ascension vignette
  539. Paige has grabbed the brass ring
  540. Where is Cesaro?
  541. Mark it down, brehs...Ziggler vs Barrett is coming
  542. Cena again lol
  543. Reigns getting "boring" + "Daniel Bryan" chants & Winning by Count-out
  544. Swagger is abused
  545. Will Randy Orton finally return tonight?
  546. Does Hogan have no self-respect?
  547. Monday Night RAW 12/22/14 Discussion Thread - Jesus Christ, it's a Christmas Show
  548. Piper's Pit w/ Rusev & Lana
  549. No raw thread??
  550. Can anyone refresh my memory on the Christmas Raws?