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  1. Dakota Kai Gives Knee Injury Update
  2. AAA Owner Says He’d Welcome Competiton From an NXT Mexico
  3. Vanessa Borne vs. Jessie; new finisher
  4. How hard is it to be a Mom and an NXT Superstar?
  5. News On If WWE NXT Is Actually Profitable?
  6. WWE Signs Talents From Greatest Royal Rumble Segment
  7. Percy Watson Done With WWE?
  8. This Undisputed Era "break-up" angle is getting good.
  9. Mauro Ranallo Signed A New WWE Deal
  10. Dominik Dijakovic Announces Injury and Surgery
  11. NXT Takeover XXV June 1st Location Announced
  12. NXT UK needs a midcard title
  13. Takeover: Atlanta on June 1
  14. NXT Takeover re-scheduled to June 1
  15. NXT Tapings Spoilers
  16. Killian Dain Reportedly Headed Back to NXT
  17. Next NXT Takeover Could Get Moved Due To Saudi Arabia Show
  18. Another Injury At WWE NXT Live Event In Omaha
  19. Matt Riddle Pulled From NXT Events Due To Mild Arm Infection
  20. WWE PC tryout's April 24th - 27th *Updated* Ivelisse!!
  21. Rhea Ripley caught with sexual slur
  22. New NXT tag team?
  23. Why is Aliyah so neglected?
  24. It was Too Soon to draft Ricochet
  25. Shane Strickland, Gaarza Jr., and Kushida Join the WWE PC
  26. NXT Superstars Interested in All Elite Wrestling?
  27. Shayna vs. Kairi Sane for the NXT women's championship
  28. Who does Kushida face first?
  29. Meltzer's NXT Takeover New York ratings.
  30. What was with the Regal and Dunne interaction after Takeover NY?
  31. Johnny Gargano Interview
  32. NXT Taping Spoilers [4/17/19 - 5/1/19]
  33. Cole needs a new Finish
  34. Velveteen Dream vs. Buddy Murphy?
  35. Pete Dunne Rumored for Main WWE Roster Call-Up
  36. Candice LeRae and Kairi Sane Rumored For Main Roster
  37. Meltzer: “The Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole match is perhaps the best WWE match of all time.”
  38. Dream is so good but...
  39. One big shame about Walter
  40. What's Next for Bianca Bel-Air?
  41. What Is Next for NXT?
  42. Where do Cole & TUE go from here?
  43. What Was The MOTN at Takeover New York?
  44. Shoot interview of former NXT (2012-2016) wrestler Sylvester Lefort about several wrestlers from his NXT time
  45. Johnny Gargano On Going To The Main Roster: ‘NXT Is My Main Roster’
  46. Question about EVOLVE
  47. Zack Ryder And Chelsea Green Announce Engagement
  48. Which match-ups do you want to see when the next call-ups happen
  49. Tomasso Ciampa opens up about his injury
  50. Smaller Things You Wish to See at Takeover: New York
  51. NXT TakeOver: New York Discussion Thread
  52. Update on KUSHIDA's Status with NXT/WWE
  53. NXT UK Star Jinny Reportedly Out Due to Injury
  54. Triple H names Johnny Gargano & Adam Cole most consistent performers on any roster.
  55. TakeOver match predictions
  56. What Will be MOTN at TakeOver New York?
  57. Who is the next 6?
  58. Who is the most underrated of the NXT 6?
  59. Bully Ray On Why Johnny Gargano Shouldn't Move To The WWE Main Roster
  60. Keith Lee Out of Action Due to an Injury
  61. Stacey Ervin Jr. Requests WWE Release
  62. Who is the most overrated of the NXT 6?
  63. Keith Lee Is Reportedly Out Of Action With Injury
  64. Rhea Ripley Injured
  65. *POSSIBLE SPOILER* on NXT Takeover:New York main event
  66. WWE is considering adding a female to The Undisputed Era in NXT
  67. Michelle McCool Visits The WWE Performance Center
  68. NXT 3/13 Spoiler Tapings Thread
  69. Possible Plans For WWE NXT Call-Ups
  70. New NXT Signees: Stokely Hathaway, Robbie E, Cal Bloom & DJ Z
  71. That Banks vs. Devlin falls count anywhere match...
  72. Should NXT Takeover's held before the big 5, tie into their respective ppv's the following night?
  73. WWE holds its first tryout in India
  74. Updated: Tommaso Ciampa reportedly getting neck surgery this week; out of Takeover NY
  75. NXT UK signs five new Superstars
  76. NXT Europe
  77. Aleister Black says goodbye to NXT.
  78. Spoiler: Big Title Match Official for NXT Takeover: New York
  79. Unpopular opinion: Shayna is fantastic!
  80. Can't wait for Pete Dunne to lose the UK Title
  81. For those of you who want to know if stars are cool with fans.......Velveteen news
  82. Could NXT Takeover Sell Out A Stadium?
  83. Mike Kanellis Wants To Wrestle For NXT UK
  84. NXT has turned sour, and I blame the #DIY feud, and HHH's refusal to end it, as the reason why.
  85. NXT 2/20 Taping Spoiler Thread
  86. Toni Storm's promos
  87. Am I the only one who thinks too many stars are being called up at once?
  88. NXT special announcement
  89. Matt Riddle Says NXT Isn't "Watered Down" Like WWE, Wants To "Fight" John Cena
  90. NXT Stars On The Main Roster
  91. Velveteen Dream's decision to challenge for the NA Title
  92. Undisputed Era exchanging Valentine's Day gifts with each other
  93. New Performance Center Class
  94. Ohno's Weird Promo?
  95. Velveteen Dream needs to be called up the Raw after WM
  96. Tye Dillinger Reveals That he Tried to go Back to WWE NXT
  98. WWE Reportedly Had Officials Overseas To Discuss A Potential NXT Japan
  99. Is Gargano a face or a heel?
  100. Ciampa's finisher
  101. The NXT 6: Who Will Be The Biggest Star of Them All?
  102. Is Ohno now an enhancement talent?
  103. World Collide
  104. Kairi Sane Shows Up At A Smackdown Live Event
  105. Sam Roberts addresses his comments about Bianca Belair
  106. Meltzer's NXT Takeover Star Ratings
  107. Velveteen Dream injured?
  108. NXT Spoiler Thread
  109. The Women of NXT Take Over the Royal Rumble
  110. Top 10 NXT Women Prospects
  111. NXT Halftime Heat Announced
  112. Who Challenges Shayna Next?
  113. Big Brawl Takes Place after Takeover Phoenix
  114. Who Will Challenge Ciampa Next?
  115. Belair is MADE
  116. So, Gargano vs. Ciampa Isn't Ending Mania Weekend, Is It?
  117. Rey Mysterio Makes Surprise Appearance At NXT Live Event
  118. Change Weekly NXT Episodes to 2 Hours: Yes or No?
  119. Former NJPW And Impact Wrestling Stars Starting At The WWE PC Soon
  120. Toni Storm Talks Who She Wants To Wrestle On The WWE Main Roster, NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Crowd
  121. Tag teams you forgot existed: NXT Top 5, Jan. 20, 2019
  122. NXT TakeOver: Phoenix Discussion Thread
  123. Is Pete Dunne the best UK Champion so far?
  124. So who could be in the crowd at NXT Takeover Phoenix?
  125. Dakota Kai confirms Torn ACL
  126. WON: After becoming a free agent earlier this week, Shane Strickland is expected to start with WWE soon
  127. WOR: Ilja Dragunov heading to WWE
  128. Deuce and Domino Came Back To WWE to Put Over The Street Profits? Wow!
  129. NXT UK Spoiler Thread
  130. WALTER Has Arrived in NXT UK
  131. Triple H: Some Talent Might Stay In NXT Without Going To WWE Main Roster
  132. Nikki Cross' Farewell Video Of The NXT Universe
  133. WWE Trying Out Tino Sabbatelli as an Announcer; Facing Injury Setbacks
  134. WWE Opens UK PC
  135. Who going to show up in the crowd for NXTUK Takeover??
  136. Are Street Profits the next in line for a tag title shot?
  137. Luke Menzies Should be part of NXTUK
  138. With 2018 at a close, who's your early standouts so far in NXT UK?
  139. Austin Theory
  140. NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Discussion Thread
  141. How would you introduce TUE to the WWE Universe?
  142. Heard it Here first from Me. Shayna Baszler will be a Big Time Star !!!
  143. NXT Taping Spoilers (1/9/19 - 1/23/19)
  144. Heard it Here first from Me. Lacey Evans will be a Big Time Star !!!
  145. So if we get an NXT Europe, who would you like to be part of a European Championship Tournament?
  146. Okay, So, What Am I Missing With Io Shirai?
  147. Toni Storm Praises Becky Lynch As Her Biggest Inspiration In WWE
  148. So can we get Ciampa to actually wrestle on an episode of NXT?
  149. Likely Call Ups in the New Year (2019) Most Likely to Bust ?
  150. Who is watching NXT UK?
  151. Rate the Current Superstar: Dakota Kai edition
  152. #DIY reunion
  153. NXT Asia should be the next project!
  154. Which NXT superstar do you think can make it on the Main Roster?
  155. If you want something done right: DIY as heel
  156. New NXT Call Ups: Who Goes Where?
  157. Eric Bugenhagen is NXT's next home grown big thing...
  158. Nick Miller (TM61 guy) cut from WWE
  159. SHOULD have been NXT Champion (men/women/tag)
  160. Pete Dunne vs. Ricochet II When should it take place?
  161. Rate the Current Superstar: Candice LeRae edition
  162. Who had the best run as NXT Champion?
  163. December 2018 Florida Tryouts
  164. Best NXT Matches of the year
  165. Mauro Ranallo Talks About Depression
  166. The Assistant to NXTUK GM Johnny Saint
  167. NXT Takeover New York predictions
  168. Who do you guys see taking the UK Title from Dunne?
  169. Why are they wasting Zack Gibson in a tag team?
  170. Going to NXT Saturday..
  171. Who should/will beat Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women's Championship?
  172. Undisputed Era should expand into NXT UK
  173. NXT TakeOver: New York Moved To Friday Night, Not Going Head-To-Head With G1 Supercard
  174. Best NXT TV matches this year...
  175. Tripple H gimmick for a Tripple H guy
  176. Could we see Undisputed Era v. The Elite in 2019?
  177. Dominik Dijakovic is Coming
  178. Rhea Ripley is the 1st Ever NXT UK Women's Champion
  179. Why is Lars getting called up before Aleister Black, Johnny Gargano, Tommasso Ciampa?
  180. NXT Taping Spoilers [12/5/18 - 1/2/19]
  181. What is the best way to watch the rise of NXT?
  182. Gargano or Black: You Pick
  183. New changes by WWE causing turmoil in the UK scene
  184. WWE have signed WALTER
  185. NXT Talent Analysis: Rhea Ripley
  186. NXT Liverpool Tapings - Contains spoilers for NXT Takeover UK (Updated)
  187. First NXT UK Takeover to air January 12, 2019.
  188. What is the point of NXT if superstars are going to be ruined in the main roster?
  189. The potential of Ricochet as far as being marketable long-term in the WWE
  190. MJ Jenkins, thoughts?
  191. ACH joining NXT?
  192. Top 10 Takeover Matches of 2018
  193. Thank you Triple H
  194. What's Next for NXT?
  195. What was your favorite Match of the night?
  196. Just Call Him "Big Match Johnny"
  197. Rate the Current Superstar: Toni Storm edition
  198. Trevor Lee confirms he's signed with WWE
  199. Triple H Doesn't Want To Give More "Just To Give More" When It Comes To NXT TakeOver Events
  200. NXT tapings tonight (Spoiler Thread)
  201. If They Replace Pete Dunne in Wargames....
  202. Priscilla Kelly Talks Undertaker Inspiring Her Work, Japanese Crowds Versus American Crowds
  203. NXT TakeOver: WarGames II Discussion Thread
  204. Should Stale Main Roster Talents Return to NXT?
  205. Rate the Current Superstar: Kairi Sane edition
  206. Can Pete Dunne's UK title reign make it to 1,000 days?
  207. WWE’s first tryout in Germany
  208. Top 5 NXT matches of all time
  209. Velveteen Dream should of been Aleister's attacker
  210. Ohno love? Can someone explain this to me?
  211. Mercedes Martinez needs signed to NXT
  212. Who are you top three favourite NXT superstars?
  213. Names Confirmed for the South America Tryouts
  214. Velveteen Dream will win the NXT Championship
  215. Shayna Baszler >>> Ronda Rousey
  216. Kassius Ohno "Welcomes" Matt Riddle and Keith Lee to NXT
  217. Rhea Ripley Just Dropped This Bomb on Tegan Nox
  218. Shayna Baszler injured?
  219. Shayna is the worst thing that ever happened to the NXT women's division
  220. Otis Dozovic is a star
  221. Shayna Baszler is a star
  222. NXT and EVOLVE (EVOLVE114 Spoilers Included)
  223. Toni Storm is a Star
  224. NXT UK needs more attention
  225. Heel DIY
  226. Adam Cole NEEDS to rack up some meaningful singles wins after WarGames.
  227. What if Tommaso Ciampa never got injured?
  228. The Undisputed Era need to be WWE'S long awaited answer to the Bullet Club.
  229. Seth Rollins Names Matt Riddle As Dream Opponent: "I'd Like To See How Our Styles Mesh"
  230. Why Garza Jr Didn't Join Developmental This Year, Will Try Again Next Year
  231. Chelsea Green’s first WWE NXT shows announced
  232. Reason why Mauro Ranallo missed this week’s NXT TV tapings
  233. When do tickets for NXT Takeover Brooklyn go on sale?
  234. So what going to be the next International NXT(Fill in country)show
  235. Three WWE NXT wrestlers quietly released this week
  236. Big 10 Man NXT Tag Match to take place at MSG WWE House Show in December
  237. New Performance Center Recruits
  238. Kairi vs Io: Who looked more impressive in the MYC.
  239. Aleister Black is Back, and He Knows a Secret
  240. NXT Tapings Spoiler Thread (10/24 - 11/14)
  241. Matt Riddle wants to win WWE NXT Title, retire Brock Lesnar
  242. NXT UK Weekly Show Discussion Thread [NO SPOILERS BEFORE THE SHOWS AIR PLEASE]
  243. NXT UK Tag Team Champion titles make most main roster championships look like shit
  244. Triple H Says he doesn't know if Vince has ever watched a full episode of NXT
  245. Chelsea Green Reportedly Signs With WWE
  246. Charlotte Flair: “Bianca Belair, She Is The Future, She’s A Real Stud"
  247. WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne suffers a “severe injury”
  248. Major WWE NXT Expansion Coming Soon?
  249. Adam Cole vs. Ricochet vs. Pete Dunne: Who Has The Brighter Future?
  250. Johnny Gargano Talks Main Roster
  251. Lita & Charlotte Praise Bianca Belair, Claim She is the Future
  252. Punishment Martinez Signs With WWE
  253. Rob Conway Guest Coaching at the PC
  254. Should they just release The Mighty?
  255. Pete Dunne is the best champion in WWE in the last 10 years (at least)
  256. Adam Cole often gets mistaken for a WWE front office worker rather than a wrestler
  257. Saurav Gurjar,
  258. Taishan Dong
  259. Mia Yim Signed
  260. Best NXT Matches of the Decade so far
  261. Thoughts on Montez Ford
  262. Matt Riddle Makes NXT In-Ring Debut; Videos/Pics/GIF inside
  263. NXT Tapings Spoiler Thread (9/26 - 10/17)
  264. WWE to hold tryouts in Germany & Chile in Nov/Dec
  265. Mahabali Shera Released
  266. Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Shane Helms Guest Coaching At WWE Performance Center
  267. WWE want Walter for their UK brand
  268. Superstar Prediction - Will WWE actually book Matt Riddle the right way?
  269. Best Of NXT 2018 DVD
  270. The Rock's Daughter Training at Performance Center
  271. Could NXT be doing a women's war games match?
  272. Gargano's Road To Redemption?
  273. Kassius Ohno wants respect
  274. Kayla Braxton is the worst
  275. If NXT did a Mixed Match Challenge...
  276. Kairi throws title into the crowd LOL
  277. The NXT women's division - where does it go over the next year?
  278. Top NXT Takeover matches of all time
  279. Where is the women's champ?
  280. NXT Takeover Brooklyn V predictions
  281. Does Vince not like NXT?
  282. NXT Tapings - Spoilers (8/29-9/19)
  283. Meltzer's ratings for NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4
  284. Triple H Discusses Which Top NXT Stars Are Locker Room Leaders
  285. Future of Johnny Gargano in WWE
  286. Triple H: Gargano's injury was legitimate
  287. Which match was better Bayley vs Sasha NXT Takeover Brooklyn 1 or Asuka vs Ember Moon NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3?
  288. Next WWE Performance Center class taking shape
  289. Adam Cole superkicking Ricochet out of mid-air, spot of the year ? (so far)
  290. NXT is in a new golden age, and it will get even better these next 8 months
  291. Why are the matches on NXT so good compared to the main roster?
  292. What will be the main event at Takeover Brooklyn V next year?
  293. Anybody Wish We Had at Least One ‘Special’ Entrance Last Night??
  294. The ONE AND ONLY North American Champion : Ricochet
  295. My WARGAMES Prediction
  296. If NXT were to do an Elimination Chamber match, who would you put in it?
  297. NXT's status in the hierarchy of WWE needs to change
  298. What Was The MOTN at Takeover Brooklyn IV
  299. Was it a mistake to put EC3 on NXT?
  300. Ciampas next challenger.
  301. The InSane Era Begins! (Kairi Sane Wins The NXT Women's Championship)
  302. Here's Your Winner & New NXT North American Champion, Ricochet!
  303. Matt Riddle is Officially in NXT
  304. Time to leave Fullsail?
  305. Rate the Current Superstar: Velveteen Dream edition
  306. The Undisputed Era should stay in NXT for ever...
  307. Aleister Black: Whodunnit?
  308. Oney Lorcan Back on the Road with NXT
  309. The Ciampa/Gargano feud has gone on too long
  310. NXT Weekly Show Discussion Thread [NO SPOILERS BEFORE THE SHOWS AIR PLEASE]
  311. Rate the Current Superstar: Nikki Cross edition
  312. Rate the Current Superstar: Tommaso Ciampa edition
  313. NXT Exists In It's Own World, And I Love It
  314. NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV Discussion Thread
  315. Adam Cole vs Kyle O'Reilly: will it work on WWE?
  316. Paul Heyman Recently Ran Classes At WWE Performance Center
  317. DDP Compares Adam Cole to Shawn Michaels
  318. Rate the Current Superstar: Adam Cole edition
  319. Aleister Black injured
  320. Is NXT UK going to be a weekly show on the Network like NXT and 205 Live? (No Tapings Spoilers Please)
  321. If Aleister Black Is Called Up After Summerslam, Which Brand Should He Go To?
  322. Thoughts in Tyler Breeze vs Velveteen Dream fued?
  323. NXT UK Discussion Thread *Spoilers Included*
  324. NXT is on a roll
  325. Top 5 NXT matches of all time
  326. What is the best NXT promo package ever?
  327. Bianca Belair's race inspired attire
  328. Tomasso Ciampa Is The New NXT Champion: The BLACKHEART Era Has Begun
  329. Help a brother out...
  330. Who do you think will have a more successful career on the main roster than in NXT?
  331. Adam Cole's Twitter hacked in Anti-Vice campaign (His phone number was allegedly leaked)
  332. Matt Riddle WWE Bound?
  333. NXT Takeover: WarGames II predictions
  334. Will Ohno ever escape NXT?
  335. Meltzer Gives Bate/Seven vs. Strong/O'Reilly From 7/11 NXT Weekly Show 5 Stars
  336. You think its time for Lars to be called up?
  337. NXT 7/18 Tapings Spoiler Thread (7/25 - 8/15)
  338. WarGames Returning to NXT
  339. Former Impact Wrestling Talent Guest Coaching at PC
  340. New Performance Center Recruits
  341. Bianca Bel-Air Pulled from #1 Contenders Match Due to Injury
  342. Every Current PC Talent, A Few Name Changes
  343. Pick your NXT Women's Champion
  344. Why not have "Prince Pretty" Tyler Breeze return and challenge Cole for the NA Title?
  345. The impact of nxt U.K. Vs world of sport on British wrestling
  346. EC3: Face or Heel?
  347. WWE is making a change to the NXT Takeover format
  348. Io Shirai shows up at the WWE Tokyo show; Announces she's signed with WWE, will be heading to NXT in summer
  349. NXT to FS1 ?!
  350. Robbie E and Chelsea Green Attend WWE Performance Center Tryout; Both Expected to Receive WWE Contract
  351. Thoughts on Bianca Belair?
  352. Why is Kona Reeves getting enhancement talent matches?
  353. Tommaso Ciampa takes big shot at Aleister Black
  354. So have they already given up on Kona Reeves?
  355. Adam Cole reflects on his match against WALTER at Evolve 107, the busy schedule of WWE/NXT & his plans on the NA Championship/
  356. Lacey Evans Cuts an Instagram Promo on Dakota Kai
  357. WWE Files Trademark for "British Strong Style"
  358. Cody Rhodes takes a light shot at guys who sign with NXT
  359. Oney Lorcan Injured
  360. Adam Cole on if Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks could join The Undisputed Era
  361. Bianca Belair and Montez Ford are getting married today
  362. Triple H Goes In-Depth About The "Unrealistic Expectation" Of Every NXT Talent Becoming A Major Player On The Main Roster
  363. Hulk Hogan Pitches Velveteen Dream Manager Idea
  364. Meltzer's Takeover Ratings
  365. How will the UK brand be used?
  366. NXT 6/21 Tapings Spoiler Thread (6/27 - 7/18)
  367. (SPOILER) Regarding one of the NXT championships
  368. Big Announcement at the WWEUKCT taping (SPOILER)
  369. Most over superstars from last nights Takeover.
  370. Predict the Matches for NXT: TakeOver Brooklyn IV
  371. Who Should be Aleister Black¯s Next Challenger Be?
  372. Stipulation for Gargano/Ciampa III at NXT Takeover Brooklyn IV
  373. Rate the Current Superstar: Shayna Baszler edition
  374. Rate NXT Takeover Chicago II
  375. Keith Lee is in NXT! Bask in his Glory!
  376. NXT Takeover Chicago II Predictions!
  377. The booking of Adam Cole and the NA Title thus far, shows NXT can't handle a midcard title.
  378. The future of the Undisputed Era?
  379. Nixon Newell Gets New Ring Name
  380. Adam Cole to wrestle for EVOLVE on June 24th
  381. Official NXT TakeOver: Chicago Discussion Thread
  382. Gargano really should be the NXT champion right now
  383. Rate the Current Superstar: Johnny Gargano edition
  384. Taz Calls Dakota Kai A ‘Modern Day Ricky Steamboat’, Critiques NXT Roster & Mauro Ranallo
  385. Rinku Singh
  386. Should Ricochet have gone to the main roster?
  387. One Of The Ealy Brothers Has Been Released From NXT
  388. Ricochet ¯Owns¯ Velveteen Dream
  389. The Rock Gives Advice To Dakota Kai
  390. When did Adam Cole get so small?
  391. Will Adam Cole face Pete Dunne in Chicago?
  392. Zeda Released
  393. War Raiders have won me over.
  394. Dijak: What Do You Do With Him?
  395. Ricochet Flies into Velveteen's DMs
  396. WWE Signs Deonna Purrazzo
  397. Lars Sullivan's Greatest Strength is his Promo Ability
  398. NXT to FS1 Possibly?
  399. WWE Recruiting Duke Wrestler Jacob Kasper
  400. Is Aleister Black losing steam since winning the NXT Championship?
  401. If Ricochet gets called up is Apollo Crews his ceiling or even lower than that?
  402. NXT lists it's 5 most memorable debuts.
  403. Velveteen Dream Apologizes To The Children Of America
  404. "Who is Bianca Bel-Air?" to Air During Next Week's NXT
  405. Rate the Current Superstar: Pete Dunne edition
  406. WWE Reportedly Struggling To Sell Tickets For Chicago Event
  407. Update on Toni Storm
  408. Who out of these do you expect to succeed?
  409. Is Richochet decent on the mic?
  410. Name 3 reasons NXT is better than Raw/SDL If you believe it.
  411. Sasha Interested In NXT Return
  412. The Revival Show up at NXT show in Oklahoma City to Challenge Strong & O'Reilly
  413. First Adam Cole BAYBAY shirt has been released!
  414. Looking forward to Ricochet vs Dream
  415. Match card for NXT Live Event at Paris
  416. WWE Signs Big Australian Rugby League Powerhouse To NXT Contract
  417. Rate the Current Superstar: Aleister Black edition
  418. Possible Spoiler: Adam Cole not competing at NXT Takeover: Chicago?
  419. Overall, I think this is my fav Women's roster....I love them all...
  420. Lio Rush Getting Ready to Drop Debut Single
  421. EC3's titantron
  422. NXT Tapings tonight/tomorrow - Spoilers
  423. Are the Takeover shows PPVs
  424. Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke Report to WWE PC
  425. Is Adam Cole vs Pete Dunne an option for Takeover: Chicago?
  426. Aleister Black Didn't Believe WWE Was An Option For Him Due To His Size, Talks Chasing Titles, Not MOTY
  427. Is NXT WWE's third brand ?
  428. Is Kairi Sane's MYC pointless now?
  429. Keith Lee signs with WWE
  430. Should it have been Adam Cole instead of Andrade Cien Almas?
  431. Best ever NXT Feud
  432. Danny Burch Signs New WWE Deal
  433. Dakota Kai's PTSD: What Are Your Opinions
  434. Never seen NXT
  435. Roddy's explanation for his heel turn was lame
  436. Triple H discusses "Global Localization" as a plan for NXT.
  437. NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV Main Event?
  438. Random NXT House Show Stuff Thread
  439. How long before The Metro Brothers arrive in NXT?
  440. Crystal Ball Projections, Chapter 1: NXT (2019)
  441. Possible Reason why Nikki Cross was not called up with Sanity.
  442. Can someone explain Kona Reeve's gimmick?
  443. Meet every Superstar who has won the NXT Championship
  444. When will we see Storytime with Adam Cole......bay bay ?
  445. Nixon Newell Cleared
  446. Meltzer's Star Ratings for Takeover
  447. Liv Morgan Leaks NXT Tapings Sheet On Her Instagram Story; Deletes It Afterwards!
  448. NXT Tapings tonight - Spoilers
  449. Dan Matha
  450. Adam Cole starting to bulk up a bit since joining WWE?
  451. Best non-Full Sail Takeover ever?
  452. Shawn Michaels And Michael Hayes Produced NXT Ladder Match
  453. Next NXT Takeover Announced
  454. What's the deal with Nikki Cross?
  455. What's next for the Iconic Duo?
  456. So Who's Getting Called Up Tonight and Tommorow?
  457. Ciampa the best heel in wrestling?
  458. Will Smarks turn on Adam Cole?
  459. Please rate the TakeOver: New Orleans matches individually
  460. What next for NXT?
  461. So, is (SPOILER) going to get a NXT Tag Team Championship?
  462. Percy has improved
  463. Velveteen Dream elbow drop spot
  464. The Era of Black Has Begun
  465. Best Takeover ever?
  466. Almas is a star
  467. Why isn't the title the main event?
  468. The Messiah of Backstabbers (Roddy is a bad boy)
  469. Shayna > Rhonda
  470. Was that the longest ladder match in wwe history?
  471. Tommaso Ciampa rips up kids autograph paper for wearing Johnny Gargano T-Shirt
  472. NXT Takeover start time
  473. Adam Cole wants to work with Velveteen Dream.
  474. Adam Cole could be wrestling four championship matches this weekend
  475. Can't wait for Dakota Kai to actually get a push
  476. The stipulation for Gargano and Ciampa's match is kinda dumb
  477. Can EC3 still use the name Ethan Carter the 3rd ?
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