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  1. Strangest Film You've Ever Seen?
  2. Resident Evil Retribution
  3. What does everyone think of Anger Management?
  4. Are shows like this real?
  5. SCI-FItember kicks off with DREDD (9/21) then LOOPER (9/28)
  6. Paranormal Experience Episode 1 - Terra Vista Cemetery
  7. Who are your least favorite 5 TV characters of all time?
  8. Favorite Remake?
  9. Why do a lot of people NOT read paper books?
  10. Who are you top 5 TV characters of all time?
  11. Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns Animated
  12. The Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes
  13. The Dark Knight....Roasted
  14. Is Looper any good? *No Spoilers*
  15. So Clint Eastwood has a new movie coming out...
  16. Sons of Anarchy: Season 5 (Discussion Thread, SPOILERS)
  17. Movies to look forward to the rest of 2012 and 2013
  18. Am I the only one who hates American TV series?
  19. Robot Chicken DC Comics Special Tonight! 12/11 PM CST
  20. The FANNYBAWS & WOOLCOCK Hideout Den/The Thick Of It Season 4 Discussion Thread
  21. Comics and Graphic Novels Vol. 2
  22. General Movie Discussion Part II (part III coming soon)
  23. Lets Talk About Cloud Atlas (WTF IS IT?)
  24. Popwatch's Superhero Showdown
  25. Buy 2 Get 1 Free ANY DC Graphic Novels from Barnes & Noble website (free shipping)
  26. George Romero's Resident Evil (Cancelled in 2000)
  27. Any Star Trek fans?
  28. "Red Rising"- Power Ranger Short Film.
  29. Killer Joe
  30. Michael Clarke Duncan dead
  31. 64th Primetime Emmy Awards Prediction: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
  32. Doctor Who (Doctor WHO?) Series 7 Discussion (NO SPOILERS PLEASE)
  33. 64th Primetime Emmy Awards Predictions: Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
  34. 64th Primetime Emmy Awards Predictions: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
  35. Most disturbing movie you've seen?
  36. Second and Third Hobbit films get renamed and 3rd film ALREADY has huge competititon
  37. Football season kicks off with Jean Grey School vs. Avengers Academy! Go DOOP!
  38. Jersey Shore Cancelled
  39. Sub to this channel
  40. Metal Gear movie announced
  41. Melina & Morrison appearing in Web Series "The Darkness Descending"
  42. Celebrities you wish you could meet
  43. Celebrities you wish you could meet
  44. Batman being rebooted in 2014...
  45. Joss Whedon, Marvel, and ABC is bringing us....S.H.I.E.L.D.
  46. How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Discussion
  47. Batman of Shanghai
  48. Fuck You And Your TMNT Michael Bay
  49. Homeland
  50. M.A.S.H. Thread.
  51. Doctor Who Series 7 prequel series starts today called POND LIFE
  52. GOAT TV Show Tournament: Final: Breaking Bad vs The Simpsons
  53. Help me split the atom here, John McTiernan or Jim Cameron?
  54. Trainspotting
  55. Hunger Games
  56. Download Samsara Full Movie 2012
  57. Red Dwarf Series X Discussion Thread
  58. GOAT TV Show Tournament: SF2: The Wire vs The Simpsons
  59. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
  60. Upcoming Ninth Season of 'The Office' Will Be Its Last; Series
  61. The Avengers gag reel hits the internet
  62. Top 5 Comic Book Characters?
  63. GOAT TV Show Tournament: SF1: Breaking Bad vs Seinfeld
  64. Horror Wrestling Films
  65. Robot Chicken DC Comics Special (Sept. 9th) - Starring Aquaman!
  66. Director Tony Scott commits suicide
  67. The Raid: Redemption - Best Action Film of the Year (and for a very long time)
  68. H+ The Digital Series
  69. Cockneys vs Zombies
  70. George Carlin
  71. The Man with the Iron Fists
  72. Greatest TV show of all time tournament: Quarter Final D
  73. Telly @ UK Users
  74. Dexter Season 7 + New Trailer
  75. Greatest TV show of all time tournament: Quarter Final C
  76. Moonshine + Hardy + Oldman + Pearce = HOLY SHIT!
  77. 14th Dragon Ball Z animated movie in the works
  78. Greatest TV show of all time tournament: Quarter Final B
  79. Big Bother Australia.
  80. Greatest TV show of all time tournament: Quarter Final A
  81. Waterloo Road(UK) - Series 8 Thread 23/08/12
  82. The Batman Comics Thread
  83. Cartoon with Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson & Wayne Gretzky?
  84. Greatest TV show of all time tournament: Random Eighties Round
  85. Non-wrestling podcasts
  86. Greatest comedian
  87. Chasers WAR on Everything
  88. Chris Lilley - Comedy Genius
  89. Greatest TV show of all time tournament: Random Nineties Round
  90. The Avengers 2 is coming out on...
  91. Shane Meadows
  92. Besides direct/writing The Avengers 2, Joss Whedon's creating a Marvel show for ABC!
  93. The greatest film director pole ?
  94. Spring/Summer 2013 looks pretty damn amazing
  95. Hollywood To Me Seems Like It's On Its Deathbed
  96. Favorite Comic Book Movie of all time ?
  97. I know all of you are looking forward to this! Paranormal Activity 4 trailer released
  98. Favorite Comic Book Movie of all time ?
  99. Dragon Ball Needs A TV-14 Series
  100. Best Batman film ( No Nolan)
  101. We Need To See A Feris Buller Day Off Sequel
  102. Eddie Murphy SUCKS Now Do You Agree
  103. Podcasts youwatch/listen to?
  104. The Booth at the End
  106. X-Men: First Class 2 has a new name....X-Men: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST
  107. Name a tv show that you find to be overrated, and one that you find underrated
  108. Sight & Sound's Top 10 Greatest Films - 2012 edition
  109. Why do you like books?
  110. Unpopular TV and Film Opinions
  111. Hobbit now going to be 3 films
  112. What was your favorite movie of the Dark Knight Trilogy?
  113. The Official Once Upon a Time Thread! *Season 1 Spoilers*
  114. ABC, CBS & FOX Announce 2012 Fall Premiere Dates for Returning Hit Shows & New Shows!
  115. Which Is Better? The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises?
  116. Let's Talk Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes; Also Dawn Of The Apes Announced
  117. Is Christopher Nolan currently the best Director in Hollywood?
  118. Top 15 Best Comic Book/Superhero Movie Casting Decisions
  119. Man of Steel teaser trailer finally released
  120. Need suggestions on Movie Villains
  121. Who is harder to understand, Batman or Bane?
  123. Box office expectations for Dark Knight Rises is $215 million this weekend
  124. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Confirms Lobo Movie
  125. Hope You Guys Like My Super Cup Review
  126. Top 7 Favourite Disney Pixar Movies
  127. Thomas Jane, Punisher short
  128. "Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn" digital series announced
  129. Godzilla Makes an Appearance at Comic Con!!!!
  130. Man of Steel Footage shown and Poster released at SDCC
  131. Marvel at Comic Con
  132. What is your favourite Spider-Man movie?
  133. Life On Mars vs Ashes To Ashes
  134. Andrew Garfield vs. Tobey Maguire
  135. Happy "Bondiversary" !
  136. Best Heel / Face turn in TV?
  137. Movies you've vowed never to watch.
  138. Big Brother US 14 **DO NOT POST SPOILERS**
  139. Any blue oyster cult fans ?
  140. Must-see movies.
  141. Your Favourite TV Characters?
  142. Assassins Creed Movie
  143. Next WWE studios movie
  144. Cinema/Movie Theater thread. (How often do you go?)
  145. Hope is lost, faith is broken...The Dark Knight Rises - July 20th, 2012
  146. Raimi's Spiderman or Webb's Spiderman?
  147. Leela v Lois v Marge v francine, who would you rather...
  148. Death of the Family: The Joker is back! *Batman Spoilers*
  149. Your dream man, John Barrowman, arrested....for mooning
  150. Spider-Man 2002 vs The Amazing Spider-Man 2012
  151. Does anybody watch the show Pretty Little Liars?
  152. The Man with the Iron Fists
  153. So when The Avengers are done fighting The X-Men, MARVEL NOW starts (kinda reboot)
  154. IGN hosting Greatest AMERICAN Movie Superhero Poll (surprisingly Batman not winning)
  155. IGN posts their Top 25 Batman Graphic Novels for the 3rd time passing it off as new
  156. Did Cartoons Loose Their Passion?
  157. Anyone ever watch the show Pufnstuff as a kid?
  158. Question for Japanese movie fans.
  159. Most Epic Cartoon Openings
  160. The Amazing Spider-Man - July 3rd, 2012 (Reboot)
  161. Osombie: Axis of Evil Dead - Official Teaser Trailer
  162. Show on Spike TV just before Impact went Head-to-Head with RAW?
  163. Marvel's 2nd Mystery Movie for 2014!!
  164. Batman thread.
  165. Avatars 2-4 Filming Back To Back
  166. Batman Reboot after TDKR
  167. Doctor Who S7 premiere episode title revealed and episode 2 possibly best title ever
  168. Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise thread
  169. Marvel's The Avengers closing in on $600 Million Domestically!
  170. Save the New Thundercats Show!!!
  171. Top 5 Favorite and Least Favorite Shows Currently on TV
  172. Chuck's Back! Universal Announces Curse Of Chucky Sequel
  173. Let's make a Simpsons Episode...
  174. Anyone A Fan Of Metalocalyspe?
  175. The New Judge Dredd Movie!!
  176. War on Krypton To Be Featured Heavily In MAN OF STEEL
  177. Black Dynamite The Animated Series
  178. Books you'd like to see made into movies/TV shows?
  179. Taken 2 International Trailer
  180. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  181. If you were going to watch all the Star Wars films?
  182. Fan of Spider-Man but never got into his comics? Don't worry, IGN has your back
  183. Teen Titans Go!
  184. New (sort of) trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.
  185. The Glass House Thread
  186. Your favourite the Simpsons moment
  187. Act of Valor/Call of Duty
  188. Get The Gringo
  189. DBZA Episode 30
  190. Adam Sandler, stop making movies
  191. Superman vs. The Elite
  192. True Blood Season 5 renewed with Episode 2
  193. Deadpool Movie
  194. From the guys that brought you "40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings"...here are 40 more
  195. Netflix vs Hulu Plus
  196. Are Old Horror Movies Not Scary Anymore/Dated?
  197. Which Famous People Have You Met
  198. Need a movie recommendation fast
  199. So I just saw Blade Runner for the first time
  200. What is your Favorite Tv Show?
  201. Things in Cartoons/Movies that didn't make sense!
  202. Man Of Steel
  203. Dexter Season 7 discussion *spoiler alert*
  204. Who is this?
  205. True Blood Season 5 Discussion Thread
  206. Netflix
  207. Live in a movie for a day.
  208. Best Sci Fi shit
  209. Teen Titans Revival Set For Next Year
  210. Best Bond Girl
  211. Best Bond Girl
  212. Marvel's mystery movie for 2014 is...
  213. X-Men: First Class 2 plot rumor: Days of Future Past (featuring Wolverine?)
  214. Help me out here guys who this an action figure of
  215. Your favourite ever Zombie film
  216. Snow white Review
  217. Why do people like Charlie Sheen?
  218. The greatest facial expressions in a movie / TV show of all time thread
  219. Any Tokusatsu Fans here?
  220. Prometheus by Ridley Scott (June 8th) Discussion.....Hey, is that an ALIEN?
  221. Buy one of these $10 Blu-Rays and get $10 coupon for Prometheus tickets (Great deal)
  222. Iron Patriot confirmed for Iron Man 3
  223. Most excited for this Summer?
  224. The Devil Inside
  225. Official FOXTEL Thread - Australian Pay-TV
  226. Your favourite movie ending
  227. New Dark Knight Rises banners...
  228. Now That Venom Is Back In Development Should Topher Grace Reprise The Role?
  229. Every single one of Rihanna's lines in Battleship (not a long read)
  230. 3 New Character Posters for The Dark Knight Rises
  231. Chronicle director making SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS
  232. GI Joe Retaliation (was set to come out June 29th) delayed until....2013
  233. Tosh.0
  234. This November, Skyfall is coming.
  235. Tom Welling(The Smallville Guy)
  236. Supergirl - Would you hit it?
  237. Looking For Some Good Movies To Watch
  238. *SPOILER* Supernatural Season 7&8
  239. Please Help!!! What's the Title of This Movie????
  240. AnchorMan: The Legend Continues Thread
  241. New Year's Eve may be the worst film ever, but it has the best scene in history
  242. Best First Season of a TV Show
  243. Community Season Finale: THREE Episodes starting at 8/7 cst
  245. The Shield
  246. Top 10 Favorite Comic Book Based Films
  247. Wrestling Forum's Greatest Film of all Time
  248. Vote - Best Nolan Flick
  249. Best Pirates of the Caribbean film?
  250. JJ Abrams ''Revolution'' (NBC)
  251. After 10 days, The Avengers has made half of what Avatar made its entire run
  252. Who is the better Sherlock Holmes?
  253. Season Finale of HIMYM
  254. Aliens
  255. Mel Gibson - Get The Gringo ( How I spent My summer Vacation )
  256. Favorite Ridley Scott Movie
  257. Post Your Favorite Movie Images
  258. The Big Bang Theory
  259. Community (5/10): Troy & Abed (& Annie) in the morning! Oh btw, Greendale's an asylum
  260. Community renewed for 4th season
  261. would you buy "era" dvd/blu rays from wwe?
  262. A New Backyard Wrestling Documentary on Kickstarter
  263. Gangster Squad
  264. Your favourite motivational films.
  265. Favorite Sci-Fi movie?
  266. Origin Stories In Film
  267. Who is your favorite voice actor?
  268. The Avengers IS OVERATED
  269. Funny Avengers Trailer/costumes.
  270. Movies that you want seqauls that don't have planned seqauls yet
  271. Two and A Half Men Or Friends?
  272. Dark Shadows
  273. Your favourite sitcom.
  274. Celebrity crush that you had when you were a kid?
  275. The Avengers US premiere SMASHES past weekend box office record
  276. The Bigger Movie Star The Rock or Van damme?
  277. Best Jackie Chan Movie?
  278. Expendables 2!!! Stallone Wang Everywhere!
  279. Which would you choose? The Big Screen or Sound System
  280. Sorry rest of the world, US premiere of Avengers getting extra scene after credits
  281. Will this movie ever get made?
  282. What happened to the original 2000's Hulk actor?
  283. 100 billion Raditzs v 1 SSJ4 Goku
  284. Final The Dark Knight Rises trailer plus major spoilers leaked for the entire movie
  285. IGN's Top 50 Avengers (Fan voted, so don't blame IGN)
  286. The Key Of Awesome Parody Videos
  287. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
  288. The most amazing The Avengers posters you will ever see (12 Total)
  289. World War II TV Series (or movies)
  290. Pain and Gain - Anyone gonna watch it.
  291. Jerky Boys/Musacha Tapes prank calls (newly uploaded)
  292. Law & Community: We named our yam, Pam. It rhymes. (Another AMAZING episode)
  293. Wrestling Supercut
  294. is there any good gangsta/mafia movies similar to the sopranos ?
  295. What is the #1 cartoon show right now?
  296. Desktop Bacground
  297. Everybody Loves Raymond
  298. Just got back from The Avengers!!!!
  299. **MAJOR SPOILERS** Post-Credits Scene for The Avengers leaked
  300. 90s Kids TV Show
  301. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
  302. Gilligan's Island
  303. Which was the best Simpsons season?
  304. Another video game, anime or comic book movie that needs a re-boot is
  305. If they were to remake Street Fighter: The Movie
  306. If they were to remake Mortal Kombat: The Movie
  307. Music: What are you listening to now?
  308. LOST
  309. Anyone Watch Young Justice?
  310. Favorite action hero of all time
  311. Avengers Assemble! The Avengers by Joss Whedon (May 4th, 2012)
  312. Amazing new Prometheus viral video featuring tons of Fassbender SWAG
  313. is there any tv shows similar to the sopranos, breaking bad ?
  314. Breaking bad , is it worth it ?
  315. Biopics you would like to see made
  316. Hugo Awards 2012 Nominations: 1 Community Episode vs. 3 Doctor Who Episodes
  317. New Community Episode: Annie's Boobs meets the Dreamatorium
  318. Dick Clark Died
  319. Movies: Theatrical Vs. Unrated / Extended / Director's Cuts: Which do you prefer?
  320. Inbetweeners Series 4 Announced
  321. Can M. Night Shymalan still turn things around?
  322. Favourite Die Hard film
  323. Godfather Part 1 or Godfather Part 2 or Godfather Part 3
  324. Movies that definitely need to be re-made
  325. Favorite western
  326. Films in the public domain you've seen?
  327. Online Episodes
  328. Terminator 1 vs Terminator 2
  329. Cases Where You've Disagreed with Casting Choices but Been Pleasantly Surprised?
  330. Cowboy Bebop XOXOXO Thread
  331. Cabin in the Woods (Apr 13), likely the best horror film of 2012
  332. The Avengers spoilers for major villain reveal during end credits
  333. Guy Rants On Tyler Perry Being A BAD Example For African-American's
  334. Your favourite Monty Python moment?
  335. Is The Walking Dead any good?
  336. Just throwing this out there: Children of Men is the best film ever made
  337. American Reunion
  338. Introducing the First Motion Picture from the Creator of Family Guy... Ted!
  339. A CGI/Live Action Pokémon Film Needs to Happen!
  340. Best CSI show
  341. Criss Angel-Mindfreak
  342. Dragon Ball GT Worse anime of all time
  343. Battle of The Legends for Chuck Norris Approval
  344. Remake a movie - Michael Bay Style
  345. Chloë Moretz to star in "Carrie"
  346. Batman is pretty much the worst character ever
  347. THE BATTLE OF GREENDALE: Pillowstown vs. Blanketsburg (New Community)
  348. Fringe thread.
  349. Michael Bay Now Eyeing Halloween Reboot
  350. Doctor Who gets made into a 16-bit RPG
  351. The Bad Guy(s) Winning At The end
  352. Toonami returns
  353. Cartoon Planet: HOLY MOTHER OF GOD YES!
  354. Anchorman sequel!!!
  355. Bay's TMNT Gets Worse, It's Now Called simply Ninja Turtles
  356. Dragonball Z
  357. MADMEN Season 5 Discussion Thread
  358. Doctor Who Series 7 Teaser + New Companion + Spoilers for Episode 5
  359. The biggest troll face ever in television history
  360. Chewin' the Fat
  361. A Game of Thrones Season 2 *TV* discussion. *No spoilers please*
  362. The X-Files
  363. Into Justified?
  364. The best Wrestling/Monster movie ever!!!
  365. DJ scratches The Rock for DJ Battle!
  366. Prometheus: New Trailer
  367. Anyone give a shit about Hunger Games?
  368. I dare you to say you're not excited for Prometheus after this new amazing teaser...
  369. Favorite Rocky Film
  370. The Godfather vs The Godfather part II
  371. Jersey Shore, Anyone?
  372. The Killing
  373. Reaching out all DBZ Fans
  374. The Apprentice UK (Series 8) Official Discussion Thread
  375. south park season 16
  376. Top Ten Favorite EPisodes of MST3K
  377. why does george clooney seem so depressed and angry?
  378. Stargate
  379. Do you watch late night talk-shows? Which one's your favorite?
  380. Favorite Ninja Turtle?
  381. Stephen King-The Dark Tower
  382. Good War films?
  383. Best Nightmare on Elm Street?
  384. Looking forward to 21 Jump Street?
  385. Worst Movies of All Time
  386. Who is Your favorite actor and actress in Hollywood?
  387. What's your favorite TV series, and why?
  388. Do you still like family guy.
  389. Top 5 Comedy TV Show Characters
  390. your favorite snack / meal
  391. which type of movie do you like to watch?
  392. what is your all time favorite movie ?
  393. What is your favorite horror movie ?
  394. Hulk Hogan Sex Tape
  395. American Pie Reunion
  396. The River
  397. The Future of Terra Nova
  398. The Wire - Character Bracket
  399. Barstool Blackout Tour = Shit
  400. The Room
  401. Project X was awesomeeee
  402. Awake (Premiering Thursday 10/9 PM CST)
  403. Davy Jones of the Monkees Dead at 66
  404. Does Fox still own rights to X-Men?
  405. Jim Carrey Or Adam Sandler..Who has better Movies?
  406. how would you cast the comic book movies
  407. How would you make Batman 4?
  408. The DVD/Blu-Ray Bargain Bin Thread
  409. Has Anyone Seen Justice League: Doom Yet?
  410. Greatest Films of the 60s
  411. Seinfeld actor Daniel Von Bargen attempts suicide.
  412. Greatest Film of the 50s
  413. Which movie are you looking forward to more?
  414. netflix instantly
  415. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  416. Michael Bay (transformers) to re-make Ninja Turtles
  417. Rate The Last Episode You Saw Thread!
  418. Transformers collectors, a third party toy of a classic character
  419. The Firm
  420. Once Upon A Time
  421. The Worst Power Rangers Series You've Ever Seen?
  422. Oscars thread
  423. Independent Film
  424. Whitney Houston, superstar of records, films, dies
  425. Thickness
  426. The Best Comic Book Series Ever: Planetary
  427. Hey, True Believers, here's the new awesome Amazing Spider-Man trailer
  428. If you have not seen Drive....
  429. ABC's The River
  430. Your Top 10 Blockbusters
  431. Street Sharks
  432. Portal 2 Sound Track...and it's FREE from Valve!
  433. have you or someone you know ever been on TV
  434. The Avengers superbowl trailer!
  435. Comics Sales Jan '12: Aquaman Outsells Every Marvel Comic
  436. The Grey...go see it
  437. Horror Movie Trailer
  438. DC's finally doing Watchmen prequels (comics, not movies)
  439. 'Soul Train' Creator Don Cornelius dead
  440. Movies that are so bad they are actually good.
  441. X-Men: First Class Sequel Announced
  442. Only Fools & Horses US remake to be made!
  443. Swamp Volcano
  444. The Muppets. [2011]
  445. Favorite Season/series Finale!
  446. Let's Talk About David Lynch
  447. Huge Avengers Rumor (Take with a grain of salt)
  448. SPARTACUS: Vengeance
  449. The Prisoner (1968)
  450. your top 5 favorite TV shows?
  451. Avengers vs X-Men coming in April
  452. Alcatraz
  453. Justified Season 3 discussion
  454. Any Good Comedy Tv Series To Watch?
  455. Archer Season 3 Discussion Thread
  456. 2012 Movies You're Looking Forward To?
  457. Finding Bigfoot
  458. Golden Globes
  459. Film and television franchises that need to end
  460. Please tell me if justified or Archer is any good?
  461. FILM OF THE YEAR 2012
  462. Favourite Dexter Character :D
  463. Best ending to a film series?
  464. Gina Carano in Haywire
  465. Jack Bauer vs Jason Bourne
  466. For all LOTR fans....
  467. H8R
  468. Boss
  469. How did u survive food commercials durin raw?
  470. How did u survive pizza commercials durin raw?
  471. WF's Entertainment Awards - Television and Film (Results!)
  472. Randy Couture new film
  473. Sherlock (TV series)
  474. The Official "Shameless" Thread?
  475. R.I.P. Cheetah
  476. LOST Season 7 - 2013
  477. Movies you've come around on.
  478. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Plenty of spoilers)
  479. Ender's Game
  480. Fav. Marvel comics 2011
  481. Prometheus (Alien Sort Of Prequel) Trailer Leaked
  482. Hobbit trailer, and its awesome!
  483. MTV Revives Punk'd
  484. The reason we love Christmas...Doctor Who Christmas Special Next Week
  485. AVATAR Film
  486. WF's Entertainment Awards - TV and Film (Vote Now)
  487. Buffyverse: Saddest Episode
  488. Favorite Sitcoms
  489. The Thing(s)
  490. New G.I. Joe Trailer
  491. This Is England 88
  492. Batman is a dick during Christmas
  493. The Dark Knight Rises Prologue and New Trailer (SEE IT NOW!)
  494. Expendables II Trailer (2012)
  495. Star Trek and Star Wars fans unite against a common enemy
  496. Jersey Shore Season 5
  497. This weekend, choose Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol instead of Sherlock Holmes 2
  498. G.I Joe 2
  499. Edge Appreciation Page
  500. Life of Brian or The Holy Grail?
  501. Favorite Christmas Specials & Movies
  502. Fear Factor Returns Tonight!
  503. Ready to Rumble
  504. New The Dark Knight Rises Poster - The Legend Ends
  505. The Sopranos Sitdowns Appreciation Thread
  506. Best James Bond movie?
  507. 1960's Batman
  508. Community: Returns March 15th~!
  509. Favorite Batman film?
  510. People who starred in funny shows but weren't that funny in standup
  511. Would you consider Hugo a 5-star movie?
  512. Surprise, Surprise! Transformers 4 Basically Set For Next Year
  513. planetary discussion thread
  514. How often do you watch movies?
  515. Mad Max
  516. Casting Call: Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy
  517. The Universe
  518. Best movie of 2011
  519. Official Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 Thread
  520. Advanced Batman Theory: Why Nolan Will Kill Bruce Wayne (Cracked.com)
  521. Favorite Movie Series
  522. R.I.P Patrice O'Neal
  523. Looking to promote free Piano music can be used video production
  524. is bridesmaids any good.
  525. Moneyball
  526. Greatest year for movies?
  527. Buffyverse: Favorite character
  528. Adam Sandler Is A Repugnant Hack Fraud Piece Of Shit
  529. No Community this week, but this is why I'm thankful for this wonderful series
  530. 3 Family Films Come Out Today...And All 3 Are Very Critically Acclaimed
  531. Your childhood is calling, GO SEE THE MUPPETS THIS WEEKEND!
  532. Anyone interested in a Short Movies discussion thread/threads?
  533. Huge Shocker on How I Met Your Mother Tonight
  534. AMAs
  535. The Crypt of Cross
  536. Community, you document greatness: Heart of Darkness, way better than Apocalypse Now
  537. Roger Corman Documentary..he's my hero
  538. The 7 Stupidest Attempts To Reinvent Batman (Cracked)
  539. The Dark Knight Rises Prologue Spoiled (Unconfirmed)
  540. Casino VS Goodfellas
  541. Boardwalk Empire
  542. Friday 4 Talks With Chris Tucker Return Officially Begins!
  543. Fuck You Hollywood, Stay Away From My Doctor Who
  544. The Future of Community
  545. new on netflix 11.14.11
  546. Cat's Classics
  547. Favorite Black Comedian?
  548. Bag of Bones
  549. Community should be "compared to a kiss from a rose on the grey"
  550. NWF Entertainment Mini Series