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  1. $750,000 settlement after woman's dog is killed by SWAT team with no knock warrant for unpaid gas bill
  2. A Florida city blasts 'Baby Shark' overnight to deter homeless people from sleeping in a park
  3. What Is The Best Internet Security For Windows 10 That You Can Buy?
  4. Instagram hides likes count in international test 'to remove pressure'
  5. Gendered Language Like ‘Manhole’ Will Soon Be Banned From Berkeley’s City Codes
  6. Dozens killed in Kyoto anime studio arson
  7. What was your favourite Game as a child?
  8. What was your favourite Toy as a child?
  9. Disney Heiress 'Livid' With Disneyland Working Conditions
  10. R Kelly - How did he get away the first time?
  11. When You Crave Something Really Hot & Spicy What Do You Like To Eat?
  12. Bianca Devins: Photos of Utica Teen’s Body Posted on Instagram After Murder
  13. Are we evil by nature?
  14. What are the biggest differences between the US you see in fiction and the real life US?
  15. Should Politicians Who Are Against Guns Also Not Have Armed Security For Themselves?
  16. Foreign affairs secretary laments narco TV series’ portrayal of Mexico
  17. Cop that killed Daniel Shaver rehired so he could get pension
  18. Human Garbage Acting Trashy At Disneyland
  19. July 17th Rapture?
  20. Abusing Those Who Served: Veterans Affairs Police Are Supposed to “Protect Those Who Served.” They Have a Shocking Record of Brutality and Impunity.
  21. Illegal Japanese manga site manager arrested in the Philippines
  22. Another ice cream licker arrested; this one's in Louisiana
  23. Young black teen butchered for listening to Rap by ex-con
  24. Cameron Boyce dead at 20
  25. Texas Border/Louisiana Posters Beware Of An Hurricane In A Week
  26. For people who live in Arizona - Does the Tucson area have a good public transportation system?
  27. Earthquakes
  28. Texas teenager caught licking ice cream and putting it back into Walmart Freezer
  29. Deranged Protesters burn American Flag on 4th of July
  30. Happy 4th of July to Everyone Celebrating Today Let's Get it Son
  31. 10-year-old girl suspended for asking to be exempted from LGBT school lesson
  32. San Francisco is banning the sale of e-cigarettes
  33. Violent Protests Following Killing of Ethiopian-Israeli Teenager, Reportedly 47 Officers Wounded, 60 Arrested According to the Jerusalem Post
  34. Man throws birthday party for pothole.
  35. Nike cancels shoes with Betsy Ross American flag after Colin Kaepernick complains
  36. Hong Kong protests get srs bsns
  37. Black patient hooked to IV arrested after going on walk outside hospital
  38. CVS Class Action Says Pharmacy Mails Letters to Physicians Without Consent
  39. Portland Mayor Receives Backlash After Antifa Attacks Reporter Covering Their Latest Protest
  40. Let's talk about the wheather
  41. Face or body?
  42. WWE Tops 10 and Compilations HD
  43. 81-year old innocent man released from prison 43 years after receiving now commuted death sentence
  44. If you could be the opposite sex for a day, would you?
  45. Italian politicians, social workers, & doctors charged with brainwashing kids to think they were abused so they could be taken from parents and sold
  46. Dog Owners give me your opinion.
  47. Update: Indictment dropped against Alabama woman who lost baby in shooting
  48. RIP Etika/Desmond Amofah Death Potentially a Suicide
  49. Study: 23-33% of women admit to going on dates with men just for the free meal.
  50. Who's generally considered hot but you don't find very attractive or at all?
  51. 5 dead after argument at golf course led to shooting and mobile home explosion
  52. Who do you think is hot but no one else does?
  53. Do you find black women attractive?
  54. Alabama megachurch forming own police force after new state law passed
  55. Wishing death on people and celebrating their death
  56. Missouri judge keeps giving rapists and molesters light sentences
  57. Lakeland: Woman arrested for taking her abusive husband's guns to the police
  58. Inside the traumatic life of a Facebook moderator.
  59. 72 Police Officers In Philly Pulled From The Streets For Making Racist Facebook Posts
  60. Horns are growing on young people's skulls. Phone use is to blame, research suggests.
  61. Iran shot down U.S. drone
  62. baddo vs tinder
  63. 'Yeah but' arguments [inc. Iraq]
  64. What silly things did you believe when you were a child?
  65. Adults born before 1990; what was your favorite candy/snack growing up?
  66. Breaking prejudices
  67. Transgender kids’ brains resemble their gender identity, not their biological sex
  68. What did you eat on father's day?
  69. Happy Father's Day WF
  70. 11-year old with machete stops home invasion
  71. Arizona cops terrorize black family at gunpoint ....
  72. Olsen Twins.....Olsen disaster
  73. Comedians In Trouble
  74. Will We Ever See The Day When Fanny Packs Are Allowed To Be Worn Again?
  75. Anyone had this happened before with a job?
  76. Two tankers attacked in Gulf of Oman
  77. UK Conservative Leadership Race: Who Will Be the UK's Next Prime Minister?
  78. Should Public Execution or Punishment Be Allowed in cases of Rapists and Murderers
  79. Old School Pic Fed 80s early 90s
  80. America needs free healthcare and college
  81. Is there a way to block fake news (channels that aren't Fox News)?
  82. So, Virtue Signalling
  83. For all the gamblers out there
  84. Balls deep wrestling addicts
  85. Bakery awarded $11 million against Oberlin College over college's claims the bakery racially profiled students that shoplifted & assaulted shopkeeper
  86. Have you ever met someone with a mental illness?
  87. What time do you wake up?
  88. What would you say is your absolute favourite thing?
  89. Your favourite person from a certain country
  90. Walmart to deliver groceries to your fridge, Amazon to be delivering by drones 'in months'
  91. There's this thing called "transabled" and apparently it's real
  92. Snapchat was promoting pedophilia; quickly removed filter
  93. Me and my dad
  94. A teacher just got fired for asking Trump to deport undocumented students (no its not in Florida)
  95. Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Confronted By Inside Edition
  96. dating
  97. Tennessee prosecutor says gay people not entitled to domestic violence protections and Muslims have no constitutional rights
  98. Churches Wipe Out Millions In Medical Debt For Others
  99. Why do people tip waiters, but not mailmen?
  100. The ramifications of this new 'deepfake' video technology
  101. Jay-Z is officially a billionaire
  102. Friend Poaching.
  103. Protesters torch US embassy doors in Honduras
  104. Arkansas man arrested for refusing police order to turn off car. He was afraid if he put his hands down to do so cop would shoot him.
  105. Illinois votes to legalize recreational marijuana
  106. 8 Way Spelling Bee Tie
  107. Google Is Putting an End to Ad-Blocking in Chrome
  108. 13 dead, including shooter, in Virginia Beach mass shooting
  109. Valrico man charged with manslaughter following handgun foreplay
  110. The Direct Line Between Ben Shapiro And Violence
  111. Syria's White Helmets - First Responders Or Al-Qaeda's Paramedics
  112. Things people do without realizing it.
  113. Media trying to shame a landlord for legally evicting his 102 year old tenant
  114. "30 Years After Tiananmen, a Chinese Military Insider Warns: Never Forget"
  115. Burnout, gaming disorder deemed medical diagnoses by WHO
  116. U.S. Navy Infrared Cameras And Radar Recording Unexplained Flying Objects, Pentagon Confirms
  117. Krassenstein Bros get banned off twitter
  118. AOC says cauliflower is racist
  119. Miami bounty hunters use battering ram to storm and search home over $750 bond of man that didn't live there and it's completely legal.
  120. I Know This Is A Long Shot But Do Any Of You Live In Cooperstown Or Atleast Spent A Good Amount Of Time There?
  121. Man dies from attack after teen girl lied to her brother that the man sexually assaualted her on a bus
  122. Which social media platform do you post on the most?
  123. Chicago High School Spends Over $50,000 Replacing Yearbooks Because Students Did OK Symbol
  124. Pope Francis donates $500,000 to help Central American migrants in Mexico
  125. Man wrongfully imprisoned for 33 years thanks to a racist detective beating a confession out of him and a prosecutor withholding exculpatory evidence
  126. What would you change about yourself physically?
  127. How I would make America great
  128. Washington is 1st state to allow composting of human bodies
  129. What are your thoughts on reading?
  130. If you could re-do High School, would you?
  131. Creepy and uncanny YouTube video(s)
  132. Peter Kay Misheard Lyrics
  133. Favorite Knockouts ever doesn't even have to be a sport
  134. Over 150 colleges will factor in "adversity score" looking at SAT results
  135. Tucker Carlson: How Is A War With Iran In America's Interest In Any Way?
  136. Seriously what is your dream job/career?
  137. Stocks to Watch
  138. How many threads are you subscribed to?
  139. Jeremy Bloody Kyle...
  140. Elon Musk's Starlink Could Bring Back Net Neutrality and Upend the Internet
  141. Has someone quit all social media successfully?
  142. Coca-Cola heir arrested with 5,000 Marijuana plants aboard private Jet
  143. What celebrity deaths have saddened/affected you the most?
  144. Nakba - 1948 Palestinian Exodus From Israel
  145. Transgender suspect asks court to use pronoun ‘he’ in Colorado school shooting case
  146. Cubs ban fan for playing the circle game claiming racism
  147. Newer diabetes drugs linked to 'flesh-eating' genital infection
  148. Have you ever drank something weird in your life?
  149. Is Vladimir Putin Really That Bad Of A Guy?
  150. UN, Qatar, Egypt Offer Israel Cease-fire After Two Days of Hostilities; 4 Israelis Dead in Rocket Barrages; 23 Palestinians Dead in Strikes by Israel
  151. Bartender charged with serving to drunk man that later left the bar and committed a mass shooting
  152. The Strange Case of Elisa Lam
  153. First beer/alchohol you ever tried....
  154. What do you drink to start your day?
  155. Favorite Party Games? (Card and Board)
  156. Duane "Crack Rock" Johnson Throws Drug Fueled Death Party for Wife
  157. Dominos worker assaults co-worker over spoiling Endgame
  158. Cops say touching fentanyl is making them sick. Doctors say it's impossible.
  159. Coup underway in Venezuela
  160. Peoples Inability to Escape from their Echo Chamber
  161. Why Do People Call Donald Trump A Nazi?
  162. 19 Telangana students commit suicide in a week after 'goof-ups' in intermediate exam results; parents blame software firm
  163. America’s 3 wealthiest families have more money than 4 million average families combined
  164. Video surfaces of a cop forcibly handcuffing a 9-year-old
  165. NRA Advertising throughout the years
  166. US measles outbreak is now the largest since disease was declared eliminated in 2000
  167. papers
  168. What smart phone are you currently using?
  169. Conservatives: Myths and Reality
  170. Details emerge on San Diego woman who entered church with gun and toddler
  171. What youtubers do you subscribe to?
  172. Two Northern California Cops Shoot Each other (and Suspect) While Pursuing Suspect
  173. One living person you would like to meet.
  174. Glock Just Got A Permit To Carry A Chuck Norris
  175. Happy Easter WF
  176. More than 200 dead and 450 wounded in Easter Sunday church bombings in Sri Lanka
  177. Church offering miracle cure to 95% of diseases. It's drinking industrial bleach.
  178. Yemen risks 'massive resurgence' of cholera
  179. If you had to move to another country where would you move?
  180. What If There Was A School Shooting That Involved Every Single Person Being Killed?
  181. Myths about life-coaching
  182. Ohio, Kentucky doctors among 60 charged in pain pill bust 'acted like drug dealers'
  183. Fire breaks out at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris
  184. Congrats To Candace Owens And Her Courageously Defiant & Empoweringly Triumphant Engagement
  185. Deputy’s son arrested in connection with fires at historically black churches
  186. Man accused of throwing a child from the Mall of America's 3rd floor had been banned from the site
  187. No charges for cop that shot man in jail cell. He mistook his gun for his taser.
  188. Amazon reportedly employs thousands of people to listen to your Alexa conversations
  189. Logan Paul has Alex Jones on his show
  190. 3 naked women spotted at Pasco rest stop arrested after wild chase
  191. Miami Student Arrested For RKO Attempt On Principal (Video)
  192. 6,000,000 Jews Died In The Holocaust
  193. Julian Assange has finally been arrested
  194. A fucking BLACK HOLE!
  195. How much sleep do you get per night?
  196. What was your first job?
  197. Black Italians should leave the country if they have self respect
  198. Alex Jones / Sandy Hook Video Deposition
  199. Philly man found not guilty of murder after he shot five men and killed one that attacked him with guns and brass knucks
  200. Cardi B confesses she used to drug men and then rob them while working as a stripper
  201. Illinois trooper sacrifices his life to save others from wrong way driver
  202. What was the first vehicle you owned, and what do you drive now?
  203. Does chiropractic adjustment work?
  204. Cop sentenced to five years for assaulting suicidal man in hospital and drug dealing
  205. What is your home famous for food wise?
  206. Do you meditate in any way?
  207. Demonizing the Wealthy
  208. Michael Avenatti Is Charged With Trying to Extort Nike
  209. Why do British Asian girls stare so much?
  210. House security system?
  211. Antwon Rose's killer gets away with it
  212. Royal Navy officer caught on tape berating subordinate with PTSD
  213. UPDATE 2: Parkland shooting survivor Sydney Aiello, another unnamed survivor, and the father of a Sandy Hook victim have taken their own lives
  214. T series finally surpasses pewdiepie
  215. A customer at Taco Bell wanted more hot sauce — and it might have saved his life
  216. Online dating
  217. Miami cop found not guilty of negligence for shooting at autistic man holding toy truck and hitting his caretaker
  218. Alone in the Trap on a Friday Night
  219. Do you think shooting and violent games are more harmful than porn?
  220. Shooting at mosques in Christchurch.
  221. Greta Thunberg nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for climate activism
  222. Does anyone actually like the SquaredCircle sub Reddit?
  223. Connor McGregor Arrested
  224. Actresses indicted for bribing elite colleges
  225. How do our UK members feel about the upcoming UK porn block?
  226. Living / Working in China
  227. A weird situation: does she like me?
  228. Woman attacked by Jaguar while taking selfie at Arizona zoo
  229. Police search stage 4 pancreatic cancer patient’s hospital room for marijuana
  230. My first frozen pizza from 7 11
  231. Unvaccinated kid gets tetanus. After two months of recovery and $800,000 in medical charges, parents still refuse to give him vaccination.
  232. Who Knows About The Petrodollar?
  233. My girlfriend became my husband
  234. Kylie Jenner is officially the youngest self-made billionaire in history
  235. Something I want to share
  236. Kpop group BTS sells out Wembley Stadium in 90 minutes
  237. Repo Man seizes families dog, sells on ebay
  238. Driver sought in hit-and-run crash
  239. I want to introduce you to Dog park Debbie
  240. India and Pakistan are on a brink of war yet minimal coverage in the West
  241. UPDATE 2: Florida officer found guilty of killing man whose car had broken down. Sentenced to 25 years.
  242. Mother with mental illness killed her three kids and herself. The system failed them all.
  243. Women will now register for the draft it seems.
  244. #TimesUp CEO steps down after son accused of sexual misconduct
  245. PETA faces backlash over 'rage marketing' tweets criticising late conservationist Steve Irwin
  246. The Skateboarding Thread
  247. Judge rules prosecutors, including current Sec. of Labor, hid lenient plea deal from underage victims of Jeffrey Epstein. IMO to protect the powerful.
  248. R. Kelly has been indicted
  249. Texas Millionnaire Assualts members of a family for taking pictures of their daughter at a park
  250. Boy, 16, Guilty of Rape and Murder of Six Year Old Alesha MacPhail
  251. White supremacist gang indicted for racketeering, kidnapping, and drug conspiracy
  252. Need advice
  253. Russia's Putin threatens to target US if it deploys missiles in nearby European countries
  254. Self-Proclaimed White Nationalist U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Arrested in Insurrectionist Plot; Wanted to Kill Politicians, Journalists
  255. LGBT athlete organization severs ties with Martina Navratilova over her comments on transwomen athletes competeing against cis women
  256. Germany’s ban on arms exports to Saudi Arabia after Khashoggi’s killing is having a bigger impact than expected
  257. Boy called 'Little Hitler' for using hot chocolate stand to raise money for border wall, parents say
  258. Alabama newspaper editor calls for Klan return to "clean out D.C."
  259. Houston PD to suspend no knock warrants after cop lied to get warrant which resulted in deaths of couple, two dogs, and the wounding of four officers
  260. When you were a kid playing wrestling what was your intro music?
  261. NYPD commander being investigated for threatening 50 Cent's life
  262. What was your school experience like?
  263. Shooter kills five at workplace during meeting where he was being fired
  264. R. Kelly being investigated after the discovery of another pee/sex tape with 14-year old girl
  265. Amazon cancels plans to build a headquarters in New York
  266. Jussie Smollett, All Charges Dropped & His Record Expunged
  267. Chester Cheetah drops diss track
  268. Did Tupac FAKE His Death?
  269. Mental Stiffness VS Counterculture VS Common Sense
  270. Do you agree with the idea that a drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts?
  271. Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies
  272. 100 Germans die every year from dangerous masturbation practices
  273. Tom Brady says his wife is a witch
  274. Jeff Bezos accuses the National Enquirer of blackmail
  275. Sexual Abuse of Nuns: A Longstanding Church Scandal Emerges From Shadows Pope Francis meeting with nuns last year at the Vatican. --NY Times
  276. Idaho police claim they seized 7,000 lbs. of weed. Company that was shipping it says it's hemp.
  277. Pixar's Debuts Feminist short Film
  278. Liam Neeson in trouble
  279. Charges dropped against cops running inmate fight club after lead investigator's laptop was smashed with a hammer because it had a virus
  280. Dad secrets vs Daughter Secrets
  281. DNA testing - A Conspiracy?
  282. Virginia governor's college yearbook page contains photo of him in blackface next to guy in Klan costume
  283. UK police stop people for covering their faces from facial recognition camera. Man fined £90 for swearing in protest.
  284. Has People's Idea Of "Beauty" Changed?
  285. I'm taking time off from the forum.
  286. Which would be your favorite vacation spot out of this list and why?
  287. Woman sues hospital after they let her end life support for man hospital had mistaken for her brother
  288. Man spends 41 days in jail after cop claimed detergent was heroin. 10 others arrested by cop for "drugs" freed as well. Cop fired.
  289. Is tinder good in UK?
  290. North Korean govt. implements quota on all citizens. They must each produce 220 lbs. (100 kg) of human feces per day for fertilizer.
  291. Winston Churchill was a racist?
  292. YouTube Criticism - A Timeline
  293. 20 killed, over 80 wounded in Philippines church bombings
  294. UPDATE 2: Shooter kills 5 in Louisiana. Shooter kills 4 in Georgia. Not Connected. Both in custody
  295. UPDATE 3: Off-duty cop killed by on-duty cop in "accidental" shooting. Charged winvoluntary manslaughter. Cop claims Russian Roulette.
  296. MSM (At least online types) are reducing staff
  297. Florida GOP Sec. Of State Abruptly Resigns Over Blackface Photos Mocking Hurricane Katrina Victims
  298. Pakistani police arrested after killing family, claimed they were ISIS
  299. Gunman kills 5 in Florida bank shooting
  300. Miami PD & DA had evidence teen was innocent of murder, charged him anyway.
  301. Measles outbreak in Washington. Has spread to Oregon. Also, across the country, 130 infected in Rockland, NY.
  302. IS the Super Mario cereal avalable in the UK yet?
  303. Trying to connect with my dad
  304. More than 770 million emails and passwords exposed in a massive breach
  305. FDA chief threatens to take e-cigarettes off the market
  306. Freedom Thread
  307. Does anyone here make their own products at home?
  308. Official NoFap Thread
  309. Gillette's new commercial is interesting......
  310. Man arrested for criticizing police
  311. Personal Injury Lawsuit
  312. I [will] love my Instant Pot!!!
  313. Do You Get This Visual Joke Straight Away?
  314. UPDATE: Cop shoots 9 lb. chihuahua that was "acting aggressive". Owner claims cop was pissed at him and shot the dog. Cop has been fired.
  315. DE court rules gov’t can keep money seized in drug bust, even after suspect acquitted
  316. 2019 Predictions Thread
  317. Happy New Year
  318. Donald J. Trump is still President in 2019
  319. Want to see the data Google and Facebook have about you?
  320. New Jersey surgery center possibly exposed thousands of patients to HIV, hepatitis, other infections
  321. Merry Christmas! (THE MEGA-THREAD)
  322. What Christmas presents did you get this year(2018)?
  323. Saudi Arabia Helps National Escape Hit & Run Charges
  324. Christmas Holidays
  325. What do you want for Christmas?
  326. Doctor that botched 18 circumcisions, almost killed 2, due to lack of training/knowledge, suspended for 5 months
  327. Facebook allowed outside companies to read people's private messages
  328. Your Favorite Christmas Song, Special, Tradition, Movie.
  329. Have You Ever Been Star Struck
  330. Different religions in the same family
  331. I need your help
  332. Priest and former coach ruin funeral of teen that commited suicide
  333. Your favorite childhood Christmas gift you ever received?
  334. Obamacare/ACA struck down by TX federal judge as unconstitutional
  335. Australia possibly involved in supply of military equipment to nations waging war against Yemen
  336. Terrorist attack in Strasbourg (3 dead, gunman shot dead by police)
  337. Fortnite streamer arrested for abusing wife in live stream
  338. Is love a social construct?
  339. Is there anyone on here that studies and practices martial arts?
  340. Most tweeted celebrities of 2018
  341. Man that drove car into crowd at Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville convicted of 1st degree murder
  342. Meek Mill & Prison Reform
  343. Imperialist International Mafia kidnaps Huawei's CFO for disobeying the mob boss's orders
  344. Bake Sales
  345. "Lying In Rotunda"
  346. Woman booked into all male jail after lying nurse wrongly claimed she was a transwoman
  347. The Yellow Jacket Rebellion
  348. President George H.W. Bush dies at 94
  349. 4 St. Louis cops charged in beating of undercover officer during protest of police shooting
  350. White Disadvantage... [research question]
  351. U.S. life expectancy down as more younger Americans overdose and commit suicide
  352. Do wrestlers suffer from hair loss or baldness because of supplements?
  353. The Coddling of the American Mind
  354. Hackings/Hijackings, perchance
  355. Divorced parents custody dispute over whether their 6-year child is trans
  356. Video released of baby gender reveal explosion that started Sawmill fire which caused $8 million in damages
  357. Organised crime in the UK is bigger than ever before. Can the police catch up?
  358. Twitter now banning users who 'misgender' and 'deadname' others
  359. Your Obscure & Unpopular interests
  360. UPDATE: Family demands answers after police kill man mistaken for shooter of 2 at mall. Alabama AG declines to file charges against officer.
  361. Parliament seizes documents from American Facebook lawsuit
  362. Georgia woman sues after spending 3 months in jail for possessing cotton candy mistaken for meth
  363. Mother hired actor to pretend to be daughter's father for last ten years. Daughter doesn't know.
  364. Everyone laughs differently.
  365. FGM ban unconstitutional
  366. Black Friday
  367. Happy Thanksgiving WF
  368. Guilty pleasure?
  369. 78-year-old man in California claims he killed at least 90 people over four decades (over 30 are confirmed)
  370. 4 dead in Chicago hospital shooting, including shooter and police officer
  371. Chipotle rethinking firing manager who refused to serve black customers over ‘dine and dash’ fears
  372. University's Women's Resource Center cancels production of The Vagina Monologues due it being discriminatory against transwomen
  373. How old are you?
  374. Can bugs feel pain or emotion?
  375. CIA: Crown prince ordered journalist killing
  376. Nearly 400 join vigilante mob after losing trust in local police
  377. Batkid cancer free for five years now
  378. Fatal Call Of Duty swatter pleads guilty to 51 charges
  379. Stormy Daniels' Attorney Michael Avenatti Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence
  380. UPDATE: Cop kills security guard that had disarmed bar shooter. Police release dash cam footage of aftermath.
  381. Restaurants That Don’t Take Phone Orders...Is This A Thing?
  382. What is going on with the California Fires?
  383. Addressing the knee jerk reactions to the notion of all humans on earth disappearing.
  384. The best 24 hours of your life, then death
  385. Girl Scouts sueing....the Boy Scouts
  386. Snoop Dogg smoked weed outside the White House
  387. Mass shooting at Cali bar
  388. Saudi journalist Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Jasser tortured to death by Saudi government while in custody
  389. gammon face types mock grenfell tower disaster
  390. Anyone else ever have that phase where they choose not to socialize with anyone? Even friends?
  391. Incel shoots up Tallahassee yoga studio, 2 dead and 5 injured
  392. Is masking your weaknesses key?
  393. Private messages from 81,000 hacked Facebook accounts for sale
  394. Warren Buffett loses nearly $4 billion as Apple sinks
  395. Pakistani Christian falsely accused of blasphemy acquitted after 8 years on death row. Thousands protesting verdict.
  396. No nut november.
  397. Mexico's Supreme Court legalizes weed for recreational use
  398. Parkinson's disease 'may' start in gut
  399. Police union head relieved of duty after writing columns advocating police to be more violent, show less restraint, and less de-escalation
  400. You just won the lottery
  401. Daycare fight club caught on camera
  402. For the first time attempted murder has been charged in Antarctica. Engineer stabbed welder that kept spoiling the endings of books.
  403. Twitter to remove "Like" tool to "improve quality of debate"
  404. Canadian judge refuses to label woman convicted of molesting children as 'dangerous offender' because according to expert women can't be pedophiles
  405. U.S. Air Force spent $326,785 in the past 2 years on reheating coffee mugs, $1,280 per mug, that kept breaking.
  406. Father shocked at backlash after he dressed his 5-year old son as Hitler for Halloween and himself as an SS officer
  407. Oxfam estimates that one civilian is killed every three hours in Yemen
  408. Is youth really eternal?
  409. Shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue. 11 dead, 6 wounded. Shooter has surrendered.
  410. A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley
  411. Matthew Shepard Laid to Rest at National Cathedral Decades After His Murder
  412. Vox Argues For Putting Anti-Depressants In DRINKING Water
  413. Denver father pleads for help after Medicaid denies his son residential mental health care. "'My 8-year-old son is a danger to the community'"
  414. 1 year prison sentence for student that falsely accused two college football players of rape. Rolled her eyes and smirked during sentencing.
  415. 19-year old files suit gainst off-duty cop and his wife after cop beat the shit out of him for dating cop's stepdaughter
  416. European Court of Human Rights upholds Austrian woman's conviction for defaming the prophet Mohammed saying her free speech rights were not violated
  417. David Schwimmers hilarious response to a lookalike being wanted for a robbery in Blackpool.
  418. The "blackface" and offensive costume debate has gotten ridiculous
  419. Suspicious Packages Everywhere
  420. Black man killed White ex-girlfriend while on phone with girl's wife mother
  421. NJ mom helps stop KY school shooting after she reported man sending her racist threatening FB messages about her kids
  422. White man racially abused black woman on plane so Ryanair moved the black woman
  423. Measles outbreak raging in Europe could be brought to U.S., doctors warn. 41,000 cases, 40 dead.
  424. Ontario school board accused of pressuring teachers not to teach ‘racist’ To Kill a Mockingbird
  425. Trans woman wins women's world cycling championship. Bronze medalist cries foul.
  426. Why am I so lonely?
  427. US Created its own Honduran Immigration Problems through more than a century of para-colonization
  428. Being straight is a choice!
  429. Police officers in the US were charged with more than 400 rapes over a 9-year period
  430. Video released of off-duty Chicago cop shooting unarmed, autistic man
  431. Grand Theft Auto 'cheats' homes raided
  432. 'Golfcart Gail' filmed calling cops on black man cheering on his son at soccer game
  433. The Halloween 2018 Thread
  434. UK woman sentenced to 4 months after she intentionally goaded ex into attacking her new guy by sending sex pic. He stabbed him to death.
  435. Sears files for Chapter 11 amid plunging sales, massive debt
  436. Town wants lawsuit dismissed. Claims it wasn't sexual harrassment since both women AND men were humilated with dildo named Big Blue.
  437. UPDATE: Idaho Fish & Game official resigns after backlash due to posting pics of baboon family he killed in Africa
  438. Personal Statement Help
  439. The story of how Taylor Swift went from White Supremacist to Democrat Hero
  440. Man sues after spending 23 years in prison because dirty cop framed him when his mom refused cop's sexual advances
  441. 11 infant bodies found in ceiling of former funeral home
  442. White woman calls police on 9 year old black boy that she said groped her ass. CCTV footage showed his bookbag brushed against her.
  443. Pennsylvania prisoners now have to pay $150+ to read
  444. Turkey reportedly has audio/video of journalist Jamal Khashoggi being killed inside Saudi consulate
  445. The Pentagon’s Push to Program Soldiers’ Brains
  446. Police Called on Black Babysitter
  447. 5 Teen Girls Falsely Accuse Boy Go Unpunished
  448. No Charges in Deadly Police Shooting of Man Who Thought SWAT Officers Were Home Invaders
  449. Hurricane Michael Set To Head Towards The Florida Panhandle, GA And Carolina's In A Few Days
  450. Transgender student barred from shelter in locker rooms during school safety drill
  451. ‘Make them scared’ website posts uncorroborated sexual assault claims against male students
  452. Teen boy files suit against D.A., school, & group of girls that conspired to falsely accuse him of sexual assault
  453. Schenectady, New York pay out $360,000 in police brutality case
  454. Young Man Killed in iPhone Robbery in Virginia
  455. Michigan cheerleader accused of handing out marijuana-laced brownies as bribe to win homecoming queen
  456. Won't be good for legalization
  457. Former prison guard, now police officer, that killed prisoner with scalding shower, keeps getting caught having sex on duty
  458. New Rosetta image shows what it's like to stand on a comet
  459. Authorities: Rochester Shooting a 'Tragic Misunderstanding'
  460. Kanye West does it again.
  461. Another white person calling the cops for no reason.
  462. Let's Talk Politics! The Official Political Discussion Thread
  463. Underwater sculpture destroyed in the Maldives after being deemed un-Islamic
  464. After show short videos
  465. Man deported 6 times charged in California homeless killings
  466. Justin Schneider the Alaskan NOT SEXUAL PREDATOR!
  467. Mexican military disarms entire police force of Acapulco believed to be corrupted by drug gangs
  468. List some things you like and dislike about your country/region
  469. Van Dyke trial and 18 overturned convictions highlight Chicago police 'code of silence'
  470. Number of babies born in the U.S. with syphilis up 154% since 2013
  471. 14-year-old Millie Bobby Brown and Drake, 31, text 'about boys' and the internet is horrified
  472. Saving pets without a permit: young lady arrested after helping animals survive Florence
  473. It Was a Suspected ‘Birth Tourism’ Site. Then Came Late-Night Screams.
  474. Japan's Two Hopping Rovers Successfully Land on Asteroid Ryugu
  475. Sexy Handmaid's Tale Halloween costume pulled from stores after twitter backlash
  476. Comedy doesn't need to be funny... apparently
  477. UPDATE: 163 people exonerated after deputy caught on his body cam planting drugs. Deputy finally charged.
  478. Seeing well feels brilliant
  479. Scotland yard ends 3 year investigation of Croydon cat killer. Turns out it was just cars and foxes.
  480. Innocent man shoots cops (not fatally) after they got fake address from informant
  481. Victory against Big Pharma
  482. Goats addicted to human urine being airlifted out of national park after attacking hikers to get their savory piss
  483. What Would You Do If These DISGUSTING Feet Showed Up On Your Armrest?
  484. If you could be born in any decade in the 20th Century which one would you chose?
  485. The Official Donald Duck thread
  486. BREXIT: Radical Plan for US-UK Brexit Trade Deal Revealed
  487. Is “Arange” an urban legend?
  488. Elon Musk sued for defamation by diver he called a pedophile that rescued Thai boys trapped in cave
  489. Oklahoma police chief resigns over Neo-Nazi ties, gets job in neighboring police dept.
  490. Leader of Protect LDS Children ex-communicated by the Mormon church
  491. Texas radio host admits sexually abusing kids, paying $45,000 to have prosecutor killed
  492. Man Killed In Cape Cod Shark Attack
  493. 4 innocent people burned to death by mobs in Mexico after social media child abduction hoax
  494. When was the peak of Wrestling Forums online traffic?
  495. EU Parliament passes Article 11 and 13: New copyright rules for the internet
  496. Third person charged in connection to the murder of Leggett, North Carolina mayor, his wife
  497. Always fun to watch
  498. Labrador helps overturn conviction of man sentenced to 50 years for sexual abuse
  499. Police detain and cuff black teen riding in car with his white grandmother after alleged false robbery report
  500. Georgia school reinstating paddling to punish students
  501. What's your hair colour/eye colour combination?
  502. Deadly Ebola outbreak in eastern Congo reaches city of 1.4 million
  503. A teen who spent his free time speaking out against gun violence was shot and killed in Chicago
  504. Summer is practically over now, how much damage did the sun do to your skin?
  505. Potential disaster warning: Florence looks to make impact anywhere along the EC
  506. Cop forgets where she lives, shoots & kills someone
  507. anyone work at UPS as a package handler?
  508. Linda McMahon Denies Writing Anonymous New York Times Anti Donald Trump Piece
  509. R.I.P. Turd Ferguson
  510. It’s time to break up Facebook
  511. 3 dead, 2 wounded in Cincinnati shooting. Shooter killed by police.
  512. The New York Times Op-Ed By A Senior Official In The Trump Administration
  513. People destroying their Nike gear in protest of Colin Kaepernick as spokesperson
  514. Have you ever been a victim of discrimination?
  515. Woman in jail for traffic tickets dies after guard refused medical attention when she was detoxing
  516. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp World Wide Outrages
  517. Brazil museum fire: ‘incalculable’ loss as 200-year-old Rio institution gutted
  518. Nebraska Catholic Diocese Rocked by Old Abuse Allegations
  519. 10 Shot in San Bernardino Apartment Complex Mass Shooting
  520. Louis CK does first comedy set since #MeToo. Backlash is swift.
  521. What was your most memorable experience in a car?
  522. A Six-Foot Lizard Is Terrorizing a Florida Family. Trappers Can’t Catch Him.
  523. What's the weirdest thing you've heard someone say while sleeping?
  524. College Degree - Was it worth it?
  525. The End of History
  526. STDs continue rapid rise in U.S., setting new record, CDC says
  527. Is the left opposed to inheritance?
  528. Alex Jones caught with Transporn on his phone
  529. 'Iraq is dying': oil flows freely but corruption fuels growing anger
  530. Most inappropriate time you have laughed/smiled?
  531. Can I date Camila Cabello in future?
  532. Man charged for 2nd attack on female driver, calling women "incompetent motorists"
  533. Parents Outraged After Their Son Is Punished for Referring to His Teacher as 'Ma'am'
  534. Mass Shooting at Madden Tournament
  535. milo yiannopoulos has a meltdown
  536. US Senator John McCain Dies Aged 81
  537. 16-year-old killed in gun battle near high school football game in Fairfield, California
  538. Kind of funny
  539. NASCAR driver loses sponsor due to his father saying the n-word in a radio interview in the early 1980s
  540. Myers-Briggs personality test
  541. Indiana high school student arrested after posting zombie video game clip to Facebook
  542. San Francisco to create poop patrols
  543. Georgia county with majority black voters plans to close 7 of its 9 voting stations ahead of November election
  544. Mollie Tibbetts Case
  545. Massive earthquakes hit the Pacific's Ring of Fire in 48 hours
  546. Google will now filter out negative news and tell you ‘something good’ instead
  547. Astronauts Will Play the First-Ever Tennis Match in Space Tonight!
  548. Tennessee Man Arrested for the 115th Time, This Time for `Rubbing Himself` Around Kids
  549. Bosnian War survivor identified as victim in Walmart parking lot shooting
  550. Norm MacDonald trolling Lena Dunham on twitter