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  1. Pulse nightclub shooter's wife arrested in connection with the case
  2. Your Favorite Foreign Foods
  3. NATO pushing for Cold War style military build-up in eastern Europe
  4. Prime Minister Theresa May to Reveal UK Brexit Plans
  5. Ringling Bros. circus to close down after 146 years.
  6. The second-tallest basketball player in the world (currently playing)
  7. All You Can Eat Pancakes at iHOP Until February 12th!!!
  8. Teen Raises Over $13,000 for College After Parents Cut Her Off for Dating a Black Guy
  9. Ambushed Arizona Trooper Saved by Armed Passing Motorist Who Shot Attacker Dead
  10. Australian Newsreader Blasts Colleague For Wearing Similar Outfit (Leaked Footage)
  11. Vaping
  12. I don't like the blue color scheme. Maybe I'm just used to the red one.
  13. Germany Green Party pledges to pay for free sex with prostitutes
  14. What a crazy bitch
  15. I am about to go on a extreme diet.
  16. How often do you go to church
  17. What 2016 Taught Me
  18. Could you ever date a single mother?
  19. Meryl Streep: No Diversity in MMA/NFL and
  20. Man arrested after field test reads positive for 1/2 pound of meth. It was actually cat litter.
  21. seebotschat - Most hilarious thing you'll see all day
  22. China's "Airpocalypse
  23. New Report: Arrests Down in Baltimore, Chances of Being Shot and Killed Remain Shockingly High
  24. What does 4,331 and 762 have in common?
  25. 5 Dead, 8 Wounded in Shooting at South Florida Airport
  26. Will Marine Le Pen becomes French President.
  27. 4 arrested in Chicago after live streaming kidnapping and torture of mentally disabled man
  28. Rise of Global Terrorism/Refugee Connections Thread (All Discussion Here)
  29. Forida: Full of nuts...and ZOMBIES
  30. 37 Year Old Man Banned From Local Starbucks for Hitting on 16 Year Old Barista
  31. Former American Idol Runner Up Threatening to Sue Popeye's for Racism
  32. Things melting in reverse look awesome.
  33. Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News to join NBC News
  34. CNN uses screenshot from ‘Fallout 4’ to show how Russians hack things
  35. Florida and Christmas Sweaters?
  36. The refugee vetting process is broken: Refugees not being screened for TB
  37. Israeli Rabbis Approve Practice of Polygamy to Counter Demographic Threat Posed by Arabs in Israel
  38. You know you watch too much wrestling when...
  39. Cologne police defend use of racial profiling on New Year's Eve in response to last year's incidents
  40. Aurora Sounds "Spooking" People
  41. Someone altered the Hollywood sign last night :ken
  42. The Young Turks hire fake black guy Shaun King
  43. Happy New Year!!!
  44. I can remember when....
  45. Things you collect
  46. Solution To Instantly Defrost Your Windshield
  47. Reddit Co-Founder Engaged To Serena Williams
  48. The internet cycle of rebellion.
  49. How will the world problems will be eradicated by 2150
  50. 14-Year-Old Boy Arrested by Belgian Police, Found With Rucksack Filled With Explosive Material
  51. Your 2016 and 2017
  52. UPDATE: Man fights DUI charge. Only thing in his system was caffeine. D.A. has now dropped charges, but won't admit he wasn't impaired by drugs.
  53. RIP Carrie Fisher(Princess Leia)Dies at age 60
  54. What Do You Think The Huge Story Of 2017 Will Be?
  55. Anyone else feel their college education was pointless?
  56. Refugees set homeless man on fire in Berlin subway station
  57. 100's of Black Teen Mall Chaos All Across America
  58. Charged a fee for getting arrested, whether guilty or not
  59. Comedian Ricky Harris Died at age 54
  60. A world where you are superior to others
  61. A Christmas Gift To WF; Pick My MerRIH Gifmas
  62. George Michael dead at 53
  63. Masked Man Films Himself Carrying Islamic State Flag Across German Border
  64. Photoshop Job Offer
  65. Christmas Presents!!
  66. Russian plane down in the Black Sea
  67. Merry Christmas Everyone !!
  68. Can we take a moment to appreciate this lovely and well-prepared holiday greeting from the FBI?
  69. Feds indict two lawyers in alleged $6 million ‘porno-trolling’ extortion scheme
  70. Today is...
  71. The Death of Brian Carrick
  72. Australia Police: Possible Melbourne Christmas Day Attack Foiled, Five Men Arrested
  73. What does a teardrop tattoo mean?
  74. Avril Lavigne Tells Mark Zuckerberg To Stop Bullying Nickelback
  75. "Russia does real life Hunger Games TV Show"
  76. would it be bad to be stuck with Jennifer Lawrence for 90 years?
  77. Mom arrested after calling police to report that neighbor had choked her 7-year-old son. UPDATE: cop serves 10 day suspension w/o pay
  78. prankster "adam saleh" kicked out of airline for speaking arabic
  79. MTV is racist!
  80. Exploding e-cig battery caught on film
  81. A signature request,
  82. What did/are you going to school for?
  83. Vienna, Austria: Women to Receive "Anti-Rape" Pocket Alarms on New Year's Eve
  84. Florida woman stole hundreds of toys from Toys for Tots
  85. Santa Clause
  86. Andrei Karlov assassinated by a radical Muslim in Turkey.
  87. 12 killed, 60 injured in Berlin due to truck attack similar to the one in Nice
  88. Affliction "Goldberg Living Legend" T-Shirt For Sale
  89. [Poem] Mr. Officer
  90. DEA places CBD hemp oil on Schedule 1 narcotics list
  91. Weed-Infused Water Is Here
  92. "Bio-hacker" Invents Device To Turn His Penis Into A Vibrator.
  93. John Cena Theme (Remix) Live Performance
  94. Ever had a partner at work who never spoke to you?
  95. France: 11 Arrested in Connection to Nice Bastille Day Massacre
  96. Serious question: How do I get my crush's attention?
  97. This year's achievements.
  98. New English 5 pound note contains animal fat.
  99. Satisfying Videos.
  100. RIP Greg Lake
  101. Marxist Vegan Restaurant Closes After Customers No Longer Willing to Wait 40 Minutes for a Sandwich
  102. Istanbul explosions: 38 killed, 155 wounded in twin blasts
  103. If Windows 10 is telling you to update....
  104. Did you know that the human body is 98.6°? THAT'S HOT!
  105. Opioid Deaths Exceed Gun Homicides, Heroin Deaths Outnumber Traditional Opioid Painkiller-Related Deaths For the First Time in U.S.
  106. Burger King Serves Up Hanukkah Donut Whopper
  107. Question about steroids and actors and the effect on youth
  108. Pokémon Go-Gurt
  109. RIP: John Glenn dead at 95
  110. Do you think a girl and a guy can be "just best friend"?
  111. Possible Issue with New Laptop?
  112. Any cheap holiday reads I can get on my Kindle?
  113. Weird Dreams
  114. Fireball Whiskey Now Available In A Box
  115. Angela Merkel finally starting to recognize that there should be limits to "tolerance": Calls for Burka Ban
  116. China's Proposed "Social Credit System" Is the Most 1984 Thing Evar
  117. The Highest-Paid YouTube Stars in the World
  118. Amazon’s new grocery store lets you take items off shelves and walk out without paying
  119. Conciousness
  120. Guy talks about his experiences working in a UK job centre before and after the Conservatives came to power.
  121. Never knew Kane was a libertarian
  122. Man shoots up pizza place after believing Pizzagate conspiracy theory
  123. Judge declares mistrial in Walter Scott police shooting murder trial after jury can't reach verdict
  124. Army Halts Construction Of Dakota Access Pipeline
  125. The Creator of General Tso's Chicken Has Died at the Age of 98
  126. Life on other planets
  127. How do I let a girl down gently?
  128. Question to people who know christianity and jesus
  129. The Renzi Referendum of Italy
  130. Scary Times
  131. Confessions Thread
  132. ISIS Plot to Poison Children's Ice Cream Before Bombing Their School Unveiled in Germany
  133. German Intelligence agent arrested for Islamic plot!
  134. South Los Angeles: Parking Space Dispute Turns Into Brawl Turns Into Demolition Derby
  135. UK Becomes Most Surveillanced Country in the History of Western Democracy
  136. 18-Year Old Selling Her Virginity For Ł850,000 To Buy Home For Her Parents
  137. Horrible tragedy today. Plane crashes with entire soccer team.
  138. MMA Fighter Sam Alvey Interview
  139. Melbourne, Australia: 46-year-long dispute between neighbors ends with 83-year-old dying after fight with 90-year-old
  140. Attack at Ohio State campus
  141. Chicago's Weekend Of Violence Ignored By Mass Media
  142. Hackers are holding San Francisco’s light-rail system for ransom
  143. Rocket League at 5am
  144. Favorite Scent
  145. Why You Should Eat French Fries With Mayo
  146. Hungry Venezuelans Flee in Boats to Escape Economic Collapse
  147. Your dumbest ideas
  148. How many people enlist in the military because they have nothing else to do?
  149. Fidel Castro dead, age 90
  150. How have your significant others felt about wrestling?
  151. Siemens "Spiderbots" Robots Which Could Build Lunar Colonies Unveiled, 3D Printers Included
  152. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Threatens European Union With Possibility of New Migrant Influx
  153. Does talent exist?
  154. French terror suspects 'were planning attack on Paris'
  155. Survivor Series Highlights!
  156. What Could It Bee?
  157. Your Thanksgiving Traditions
  158. Study: Female monkeys use wiles to rally troops, manipulate male monkeys into fighting over them
  159. Happy Thanksgiving Family
  160. Man fined for punching a baby
  161. Porn websites in the UK will be banned from showing a huge range of sex acts under proposed new law
  162. Decent Speakers?
  163. Florida Man Runs Over Own Leg
  164. How old is everyone?
  165. Put up 173 ilbs. of venison today with my bro
  166. Tony Blair returns to try and prevent Brexit
  167. UTAH man arrested for burning kittens alive
  168. Little girl with cancer asks for Christmas cards
  169. The entire bee movie but every time they say bee it gets faster
  170. Happy International Men's Day!!
  171. Taxes get higher on newly legalized pot as California cities and counties move to take their own cut
  172. TYT Sports Gives Their WWE Mount Rushmore
  173. Not Going Well
  174. -
  175. So I just upgraded from Sky Fibre to Sky Fibre Max.
  176. Is getting into acting and being successful easier than being top 5 in sport?
  177. ISIS attack on Israeli soccer team thwarted, Kosovo police say
  178. UKIP "misspent" half a million Euros of taxpayer money on Brexit campaign.
  179. Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda Announces First Fixed-Rate Unlimited Bond Purchase Scheme, the Yen Goes Headlong; Action Attracted Zero Bids
  180. UK - Snoopers Charter passed by Parliament
  181. Saba Burger - Delicious or Disgusting?
  182. In Dubai, British woman arrested for extra-marital sex after reporting her gang rape to police. Attackers go free.
  183. Germany Bans ‘True Religion’ Muslim Group and Raids Mosques
  184. Will somebody please go check on Francesca Ramsey
  185. Your theories on "death".
  186. If you don't want to leave the EU, you don't have to – become an associate citizen
  187. McDonald's Italy Introduces Nutella Burger
  188. 7.8 Earthquake in New Zealand
  189. Mom found out 7 year old son voted for Trump at school and did this
  190. The creator of Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom tries to draw various Pokémon without knowing what they look like
  191. Have you ever taken a Personality test?
  192. So what was this experience?
  193. Behind every great man is an even greater women
  194. Wrestling moves on a PlayStation
  195. Trump should throw out every person who did not vote or support him including Myself.
  196. Will somebody please go check on Bill Maher
  197. President Donald Trump Thread (All Trump Discussion Here)
  198. California, Massachusetts, Florida and other states have legalized marijuana
  199. The Perfect Christmas Gift
  200. Why Are Fat People so Hated?
  201. Idaho mom charged and children removed after treating daughter's seizures with marijuana butter
  202. Go long!
  203. Explain this HHH meme to me please
  204. With all due respect to Die Hard, this is actually the greatest action movie ever.
  205. Can anyone help me with an article review?
  206. 8 Robots That Look Completely Human
  207. Penguin Comes Home To Find His Wife Cheating
  208. does coffee make you sleepless?
  209. Youtube, how long will it keep going and will it be a huge mountain of history? Plus earliest surviving film & audio footage inside.
  210. Two Ex-Chris Christie Allies Are Convicted in George Washington Bridge Case
  211. Can anyone lend me 10$?
  212. San Francisco: Complaints of Syringes and Fecal Matter in Public Rising Dramatically
  213. Faulty Radeon RX 460?
  214. The High Court has ruled that Parliament must vote on whether the UK can start the process of leaving the EU
  215. Dear Stephen Spielberg,.....
  216. Is defending the fat/obese healthy?
  217. Male COntraceptive Jab
  218. Woman Convinced Her 20 Boyfriends to Buy Her 20 iPhone 7s Which She Sold to Buy a House
  219. Are you pro-life, or pro-choice?
  220. Fire started during sugery when patient farted in path of laser. Patient seriously burned.
  221. Celebrity Roles, how much responsibility do you think these people have over kids & people who are influenced by them?
  222. What's the biggest win you've ever had?
  223. William Friedkin, Director of "The Exorcist," Attends Real-Life Exorcism, Films It, Takes Pictures and Writes About It
  224. The Irrational Downfall of Park Geun-hye
  225. Is being a fan of or worshipping a celeb only for kids?
  226. Female suicide bombers suspected in deadly Nigeria blasts
  227. Air Sex World Championships
  228. Cop's Wife Stages Robbery, Frames BLM
  229. WWE pics in HD
  230. Bundy brothers found not guilty in federal wildlife refuge takeover trial
  231. Texas school system needs new elemntary school due to overcrowding. Spends tens of millions on new high school football stadium instead.
  232. Vine (2012-16) Memorial Thread.
  233. Russia shows us a new missile!
  234. Why don't we vote for a third party candidate?
  235. How to change IP address on iPhone?
  236. Barack Obama to end 'non compete' clauses in workers contracts?
  237. Horrifying Video Shows Cop Torturing Restrained Woman With Mace Until She Falls Unconscious
  238. Anyone here have a mac with an android device?
  239. Islamic State Claims Responsibility For Major Attack on Pakistan Police Academy
  240. Do muslims read the quran?
  241. What would your reaction be if.....
  242. Flash mob of 200 descends on Temple University. Students attacked. Police attacked. Horse punched.
  243. The Issue of Media Consolidation
  244. 9,700 California National Guard soldiers forced to repay enlistment bonuses a decade after going to war
  245. Janet Yellen's Fed Possibly Nearing "Civil War"
  246. 13-year old's leg amputated after he was slammed/restrained by teacher
  247. wrestling dice game idea
  248. CDC: Three STDs Hit New Record High in the U.S.
  249. Philippines' Duterte, in China, announces 'separation' from US
  250. Russia Launches Biggest Military Offensive and Surface Deployment Since the Cold War as Russo-American Relations Reach Twenty-First Century Nadir
  251. Job Interview Help
  252. RIP To My Best Friend in 2006
  253. One-eyed matador Juan José Padilla gored in the eye — again
  254. NAACP Tells Black Parents To Keep Their Kids In Crappy Schools As Leverage For Tax Hikes
  255. Pedophile Gang-rape Rotherdamn crew found guilty
  256. Do you enjoy your job?
  257. Any tips/advice for someone trying to adopt a new diet?
  258. Strange Food
  259. Judge sentences man to 60 days in jail for rape of 12 year old daughter
  260. Buying a Gaming Laptop
  261. America's Favorite Halloween Candy By State
  262. Houston 911 Operator Accused of Hanging Up on Thousands of Emergency Calls
  263. Could you date a porn star?
  264. Kratom to stay legal after DEA reverses decision due to outcry
  265. The Wrasslin' Podcast
  266. Parents arrested & their child removed from home after they left 4-year old home alone while out scaring neighborhood in clown prank
  267. How to not suck at socialization?
  268. Trolls could face jail under new legal guidelines
  269. XWT Torrents
  270. Poll: Refugees Seeking Asylum - Poll
  271. Karl Becker Appreciation Thread
  272. Kansas library wants charges dropped for man arrested for trespassing after asking unpopular questions at event & for employee charged for intervening
  273. Boss kisses all his female staff every morning to Boost Morale
  274. Final hearing set for Christian woman facing execution for blasphemy in Pakistan
  275. The World's Biggest Anime Fan
  276. My Nephew
  277. Cassie Jaye's "The Red Pill": A Feminist's journey into the Men's Right's Movement
  278. Chemnitz, Germany on Lockdown as Police Hunt for Suspect Behind the Planning of a Bomb Attack
  279. Saudi-Led Coalition Airstrike Hits Yemen Funeral, Killing 82, Wounding Hundreds
  280. Carbon Monoxide Alarm Placement.
  281. Lawsuit claims Yahoo CEO tried to purge company of male employees
  282. Kunduz, Afghanistan Experiencing "Rapidly Deteriorating" Situation Due to Street-to-Street Fighting Following Taliban Incursion, Thousands Flee City
  283. Global Debt Balloons to All-Time High of $152 Trillion, or 225% GDP, IMF Warns
  284. Attack of the Clowns in the Carolinas, New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Elsewhere
  285. Looking for a Chris Jericho 'Shoo away' gif
  286. The Most Important Question of All-Time: Evolution vs. Intelligent Design
  287. White Georgia sheriff's deputy is fired over racist Facebook posts using N-word, mocking MLK Jr and targeting black motorists
  288. Iraqi Minister of Transportation says new airport was an ancient alien spaceport
  289. Norf norf rant
  290. 17-year old in critical condition after being beaten for posting pro police messages on Facebook in response to fellow students wearing BLM shirts
  291. Florida man accidently marries granddaughter
  293. Der Spiegel interview with Queen Margrethe II of Denmark 'I Would Not Say We Are a Multicultural Country'
  294. TX sheriff tied to rogue Navy Intelligence unit facing criminal probe.
  295. franchesca the hypocrite ramsey
  296. ObamaCare "Death Spiral" Continues as Even Blue Cross Plans Bail Out
  297. I'll be 36 in a couple of weeks.
  298. NaruSaku, SasuHina, ChoIno, ShikaTema, KibaTamaki, RockTenten, ShinoIsarabi Shipper Thread (only)
  299. Police in SD shoots and kills mentally ill man whose sister call the police for help with him
  300. Police release bodycam video of shooting involving a white father and his autistic 6 year old son. Victim had his hands up when shot
  301. Iowa man wins fight against order to pay support for child that isn't his
  302. Pepe the Frog = Officially a hate symbol according to the ADL
  303. First Case of Locally-Acquired Dengue Reported in Miami-Dade County
  304. Saudi Arabia never fails to amuse: Teen arrested for flirting with American
  305. NJ high schooler suspended for anti-gun control video class project, would have to take psychological examination to return
  306. John Cena -- Which female athlete has the best body?
  307. If you could hang out with one celebrity (alive or dead) who would it be?
  308. Daring Chinese telescope is poised to transform astronomy
  309. Have you ever read wrestling fanfiction?
  310. Disney possibly buying Twitter
  311. Restless leg syndrome
  312. ISP explains data caps to FCC. Using the internet is like eating Oreos.
  313. What's The Worst Fast Food Place In The USA?
  314. Women need to know there role in life and keep there mouths shut. Men and Women are not equal.
  315. New Youtube Gaming Channel Involving funny Challanges
  316. Goals Thread
  317. Michael Myers Mask
  318. First quadriplegic treated with stem cells regains use of his upper body
  319. Jordanian writer/cartoonist Nahed Hattar murdered for sharing cartoon on Facebook
  320. Girl touches 100 penises in public.
  321. (My Scary family emergency) is the reason why I haven't here for a long while.
  322. Food, Food, Everywhere!!! (Experiences at the County Fair)
  323. Have you met a psychopath?
  324. Black Men May Have Reason to Run from Police, Mass. High Court Finds
  325. UPDATE: 5 dead in mall shooting in Burlington, WA. Suspected shooter now in custody.
  326. Would You Want To Be A Police Officer In A Big City Nowadays?
  327. 15 Year Old Black Girl Arrested and Pepper Sprayed for Refusing Medical Attention After Bike Accident
  328. Measles outbreak in Romania. 675 infected this year. 3 children dead.
  329. Do You Like Indian Food?
  330. Graphics
  331. Between two ferns with Hillary Clinton
  332. Tattoos
  333. Ideal places for a honeymoon?
  334. Do you think that someone can live happily without love?
  335. Multiple Sources Promise To Reveal A-List Actor Involved In Pedophile Sex Ring Including The Rape Of The Late Corey Haim
  336. You're not the Sign you used to be ♒➡️♑
  337. Would you be offended by a woman, or a man who wouldn't go out with you because you were fat?
  338. Clash in Charlotte Between Police, Protesters Following Police Shooting of Keith Scott
  339. Swedish Police Quitting in Droves as Migrant-Related Violence Increases and Pay Stagnates
  340. Risk of ban on XWT.
  341. Another Innocent Black Man Shot and Killed for Literally No Reason
  342. Grim Milestone: 2016 Memphis Homicide Rate Reaches 2015's Total Number in Mid-September
  343. Police took $171 from a New Jersey man — and he has to pay $175 to get it back
  344. U.S. government mistakenly grants citizenship to 858 immigrants with pending deportation orders, additional 953 naturalized
  345. Think 2016 is bad?
  346. Is it racist to date someone based on skin color?
  347. WWE Crazy Dancing video)
  348. The Official Stand Up Comedy Thread
  349. World's Oldest Fish-Hooks Found on Okinawa, Japan
  350. List your 10 favorite DC Characters!!
  351. Anyone doing the 'Stoptober' thing?
  352. Suspect killed after injuring at least 6 in mass stabbing at Minnesota mall
  353. Man fatally shoots himself in the face while taking anti Trump selfie
  354. Should Social Media Addiction be a thing?
  355. New York/New Jersey Pipe bombs
  356. Pretty embarrassing question...
  357. American commandos 'forced to run away' from US-backed Syrian rebels
  358. Conan was beaten just like punk got beaten 10 days before!
  359. Post the screenshot when you "Google" your username.
  360. Please help me id these great set of breasts. Who is she?
  361. Patrice Brown aka "Teacher Bae" Controversy
  362. Donald Trump Child Molestation/Rape Case Discussion
  363. North Korea bans sarcasm
  364. Cop fired for not shooting armed man
  365. What'd I Miss?
  366. Bodega Bamz makes tribute song to wrestling "The Bad Guy" (Prod. by The Sparks Foundation)
  367. Is Australia Nearing a Housing Crisis?
  368. Traditionally dressed Muslim woman set on fire in NY
  369. A TWO-YEAR-OLD boy dies after shooting himself in the chest
  370. Wells Fargo exec who headed up division that set up 2 million phony accounts gets $125 million in severance
  371. Well, Florida.
  372. What are your favourite drinking games?
  373. Without killing, would you eat human flesh?
  374. How beautiful is Emily Blunt on a scale of 1-10?
  375. Takeaways .... the most unhealthy food but ... we love it!! ... What's your order?
  376. Today is 9/11
  377. WWE Fan Comments on Video
  378. Nine Months After Mass Shooting, San Bernardino Endures a Surge in Deadly Violence, Potentially Outpacing Chicago (Per Capita)
  379. The last time WWE trolled us, BAD. Hint, Fitting for today
  380. Oklahoma woman arrested for marrying her daughter. Daughter arrested too. Marriage to her son annulled in 2010.
  381. UPDATE: Congress Overrides Obama's Veto; House Passes Bill Allowing 9/11 Lawsuits Against Saudi Arabia
  382. WWE 2K16 Universe Mode: Smackdown - JOHN CENA TURNS HEEL?! (#4)
  383. Dutch Authorities Foil Amusement Park Terror Plot; French Police Thwart Likely Terror Attack Involving Three "Radicalized" Women
  384. Two families attacked in France because women were wearing shorts
  385. Innocent man spent year in jail and $300,000 on legal fees because US authorities extradited the wrong 'Carlos'
  386. "A Big, New Wall": UK immigration minister confirms work to start on Ł1.9m Calais wall
  387. WWE 2K16 Universe Mode: SMACKDOWN! - AMBROSE ASLYUM (#2)
  388. New ISIS Military Commander Gulmurod Khalimov Was Trained by the U.S. State Department in 2014
  389. Fav Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic drink?
  390. Extrovert or Introvert
  391. The ban on Kratom and a petition to try to stop it
  392. Prescription Drugs (prescribed by your Doctor)?
  393. Bodybuilder with massive gyno (pic).
  394. Man Jailed For Having Sex With His Pet Dog
  395. ITT Tech shuts down all its schools
  396. ISIS declares burkas a "security risk" and bans them in Mosul security centres
  397. GED Class Advice
  398. 2.5 million bees killed in SC spraying for Zika mosquitos
  399. Are you a heel or a face IRL?
  400. 40 school kids eat bhut kolokia peppers. School has to call emergency services. 5 hospitalized.
  401. Egypt MP says women have to accept female genital mutilation because men are sexually weak
  402. Abu Sayyaf owns up to Davao blast that has killed at least 14, warns of more attacks
  403. President Obama is hosting his own music festival. Lol.
  404. Do you believe it's possible to be transracial?
  405. Bought Joubert a new bed.
  406. HDMI help.
  407. Egyptian Strawberries cause Hep A outbreak in 6 States
  408. Leonardo DiCaprio urged to repay donations tied to massive Malaysian 'embezzlement scheme'
  409. Babysitting a kid, and showing him wrestling the first time.
  410. The alternative to Twitter, Facebook and Youtube
  411. Has your partner ever compared you to a fictional character?
  412. Joey's World Tour: What Is Your Favorite YouTube Fast Food Review
  413. DEA placing kratom, herb that is helping people quit opiates, on the Schedule 1 narcotics list
  414. Who is the GOAT poster in your opinion on WF
  415. Free Internet under attack again
  416. Eid al-Adha date on 9/11, muslims quite afraid of backlash
  417. Chris Brown Arrested After Woman Claims He Threatened Her With Gun
  418. friend arrested as "threat to the community"
  419. Surgeons Plan Head Transplant for Disabled Man
  420. Finland testing basic income with thousands of its citizens receiveing funds
  421. 83-year old great-grandmother beaten and burned in home invasion dies after weeks in hospital
  423. FUE Transplant Procedure
  424. Tropical Fruit Salad
  425. Would you date, make out with, or marry someone who had a sex change operation?
  426. Two US-backed groups clash in Northern Syria
  427. Body piercings
  428. Unblocked Netflix
  429. Sony vs. Samsung 4K Ultra HDTVs
  430. Does this really work?
  431. How did you become a member on this forum?
  432. Can blackface ever be ok if well intentioned?
  433. Anti-gay pastor who praised Orlando Pulse shooting charged with molesting boy in his congregation
  434. Feminist are at it again with Go Topless Day.
  435. Painting a RR logo on Joubert's new vest.
  436. Hotel room pranks?
  437. TSA hassles 9 year old with a pacemaker
  438. Earthquake hits central Italy
  439. scotch chocolate anybody?
  440. Man held in Dubai over sharing of Facebook post about charity drive for refugees
  441. Attempted Beheading, Virginia
  442. Prices for insulin and EpiPens skyrocket
  443. Bad english or bad writting
  444. K.F.C Scented sunscreen[?].
  445. The DEA: Judge and Jury on Marijuana
  446. Father loses custody battle for daughters living with mother and sex offender stepfather
  447. Do you take issue with friends seeing your partner naked/vice-versa
  448. Where's the money? Milo Yiannopoulos denies he spent cash for charity fund
  449. Massachusetts passes 20 cent tax on all ride sharing fares. 5 cents of each ride will go to taxi companies.
  450. Time travel: 80s or the 90s
  451. TNA's Tyrus' Life Outside Of Wrestling
  452. Gaziantep, Turkey Terrorist Attack on Outdoor Wedding Reception Leaves at Least 22 Dead, 94 Injured
  453. Rollins vs Balor Cartoon
  454. U.S. Army fudged its accounts by trillions of dollars, auditor finds
  455. JR interviews The Rock. Must watch.
  456. NASA has made all the scientific research it funds available for free online
  457. This Russian Girl Takes The Riskiest Selfies Ever
  458. Comedy...ruined by PC...or something else?
  459. The music map game.
  460. Comic Kurt Metzger "rape apologist" debacle. SNL's Michael Che in trouble too. Saying victims should report it to cops is rape culture.
  461. The 'Political Correctness Gone Mad' Thread
  462. Almost Halfway There.
  463. Known Islamic State recruiter finally convicted in Britain
  464. Moral Nihilism
  465. Man arrested for attempting to have sex with a van
  466. Do you avoid confrontation?
  467. South Carolina: Man Who Helped Two Teens Pull SUV Out of Ditch Allegedly Gets Robbed, Shot to Death by Teens
  468. Are you on any medication?
  469. The Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese
  470. Petition wants HS principal fired for pushing academics
  471. Suing a Debt Collector? Now They Can Buy Your Lawsuit: federal judge opens door for agencies to avoid accountability
  472. stephanie mcmahon getting whats she deserved by a certain male superstar
  473. Did you ever have "The Talk"?
  474. Oklahoma man accused of killing Lebanese neighbor after years of racist torment
  475. Olympic Sexism
  476. Girl uses Fifty Shades of Grey as basis for false rape claims against her father
  477. Nottinghamshire police (UK) to count wolf-whistling in street as a hate crime
  478. Bye, Bye Big Guy
  479. How Old Is The Oldest Woman You've Ever Had Sex With?
  480. New York's JFK airport in chaos amid reports of possible shooting
  481. Wrestling Jesus the Movie
  482. Is The Howard Stern Still Popular?
  483. Texas Baby Dies After 9 Hours in Hot Car
  484. Milwaukee police shooting: Violent protests. Several businesses burned. Sheriff asking for National Guard intervention.
  485. This has to be one of the stupidest commercials ever
  486. Are You Good?
  487. Do You Use A Lot Of Catchphrases?
  488. Funny WWE related video
  489. 16 year old facing 20 years in prison for brass knucks attack on 12 year old
  490. What your car color says about you
  491. Nearly 100 shot in Chicago, 24 fatally, in less than a week
  492. How Much Porno Can You Watch In One Sitting?
  493. Making a Murderer subject Brendan Dassey's conviction overturned
  494. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson: Bush Administration Pushed For War With Iraq, Directed Resources to Drawing Iraq/al-Qaeda Links, Ignoring Saudi Arabia
  495. Russian woman claims a Pokemon raped her.
  496. Beer Trading?
  497. DEA regularly mines Americans' travel records to seize millions in cash. Pays off air/rail employees for info.
  498. Would you get kicked in the nuts for $500?
  499. Claremont College Anti-White Racism
  500. Ukraine Massing Troops on Crimean Border
  501. What type of kinky are you?
  502. Some guy is climbing the Trump Tower with suction cups. Really
  503. What's your go to hot sauce?
  504. 62 year old Trump supporter beaten with a crowbar
  505. Dual Monitors for Windows 10
  506. Facebook to block ad blockers on desktop
  507. Investigating the 47% Increase in Violent Crime in Los Angeles Over Last Two Years
  508. New Jersey Six Flags to Offer Gargoyle-Themed Virtual Reality Coaster
  509. Dean Ambrose - Stone Cold Podcast (Audio)
  510. ISIS, Taliban Reportedly Call a Truce to Fight U.S.-Backed Forces in Afghanistan
  511. The Rock impression
  512. Suicide Bombing in Pakistan kills 63
  513. Broken Matt Hardy on Talk is Jericho
  514. The 'Why the fuck is there not a Project Murphy Thread yet?' thread.
  515. Have you ever gotten into a fight
  516. For the first time since WWII the annual La Braderie de Lille festival in France has been cancelled due to terrorism fears
  517. Should I become a Professional Wrestler?
  518. A few questions about college
  519. Rich Dallas housewife discovers new Secret Service sex scandals through FOIA requests and $100,000 in legal fees
  520. It's Up To Us To Keep Ourselves Safe...What Solutions Can You Offer?
  521. says farewell
  522. Hamilton College Caught Lying About 'Heartfelt Student Demand' for New 'Diversity' Requirement
  523. Black Lives Matter causing trouble in UK
  524. South China Sea Tensions: Beijing Warns of "People's War at Sea"
  525. George Zimmerman got punched in the face
  526. "Gingers Have Souls" viral star comes out as transgender
  527. "Gags of Green Bay", Wisconsin: Ominous Clown Wandering Around at Night
  528. Judge finds man guilty of rape in spite of evidence against
  529. U.S. Sent Cash to Iran as Americans Were Freed
  530. Have you ever used the services on backpage?
  531. Where do you go for your news?
  532. Muslims Firebomb Bus in Paris While Yelling "Allahu Akbar"
  533. This Was Almost The Intro For 'The Sopranos'
  534. German politician admits lying about ethnicity of sex attackers to avoid fuelling racism
  535. how many wrestling shows have you been too? when was the most current.
  536. How much do you usually tip?
  537. Rank the top 20 states of America
  538. I don't know what else to do...
  539. Charleston Gardens Amusement Park
  540. If you had a theme song, what would it be?
  541. Can someone inform me about admins and particular characters on WF
  542. Ted Baker- London --any experience? UK
  543. Cartoon Lesnar vs Orton
  544. Luke Aikins lands safely after jumping 25,000 feet from an airplane without a parachute or wing suit.
  545. Muslims Feeding Homeless People
  546. Belgium: Priest Stabbed by Migrant He Allowed in His Home; Approximately 25 Asylum-Seekers Ejected from Festival for Previously Assaulting Girls
  547. Why millennials are forgoing college for blue-collar jobs
  549. How tall are you?
  550. Where to buy this long sleeved tshirt