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  1. UPDATE: The ongoing saga between the post-op tranny and my roommate
  2. Dreams
  3. My husband is my slave
  4. A question about BDSM
  5. Pro gun control state senator charged with trafficking guns.
  6. Imagine if everyone had to get the same haircut as President Obama or PM Cameron?
  7. 8 Things That Only Truly Miserable People Do
  8. Shirtless Man With Gun Tattoo Wakes Up Surrounded By Police
  9. 23 Year Old Woman Faking Her Age To Have Sex With Teens
  10. AQA Physics/Biology/Chemistry EMPA 2014
  11. Exciting Things About Seattle? (Like Places To Go)
  12. Paranormal Activity (not the movie)
  13. Qatar World Cup Construction Has 1,200 Already Dead
  14. How do u post videos on here?
  15. Do You Believe The Tupac Alive Theory?
  16. Giraffe 'kisses' dying caretaker to say final goodbye
  17. Deep fried Twinkiess are RIDCOLOUS!!!
  18. Belgian Newspaper Accused Of Racism For Picture Of Obama And Michelle As Apes
  19. WWE Live Event
  20. Britain recognizes Sharia Law?
  21. What has everyone been upto today?
  22. Who would you bet on in a fight: Piers Morgan or Jeremy Clarkson?
  23. Does anyone use the 5 second rule?
  24. Employee Quits Job; Gets Buried
  25. Any way around a mac address block?
  26. Russian Force Takes Over Ukrainian Base Next to Airport in Crimea
  27. What is your job and how do you get there?
  28. What's good for insomnia?
  29. YouTube enrolls 'super flaggers' to watch for offending videos
  30. Turkey bans Twitter, FB & YT next
  31. Who was the better commander: Alexander the Great, or Genghis Khan?
  32. Favourite wrestling move GIFS
  33. Anyone agree or disagree with Verizons decision to distribute porn
  34. Bridgend teacher banned over Cardiff home cocaine laboratory
  35. Cow Monkey's
  36. 100 years from now...predictions?
  37. Favorite Spring/Summer snack
  38. How much longer do you suppose the DVD market will exist?
  39. Walmart ready to face off against...Game Stop?
  40. What Are Some Good Jobs That Pay Well?
  41. Voice Impressions
  42. This Is Why You Should Never Trust People On The Internet....Hilarious
  43. Peter Schiff: "Bottom will fall out before Obama finishes his term".
  44. New Biotech Would Allow Prisoners to Serve 1000 Year Sentences In Their Minds
  45. What is Depression?
  46. Playboy model suing radio dj over miss hit golf shot
  47. Fred Phelps has died
  48. Man Survives losing three limbs and believes only good can come from it
  50. My roommate just fucked a post-op tranny and didn't know...
  51. The grand story of the mall ninja
  52. Is it possible to not lust once married? Is lusting considered cheating?
  53. what's the nerdiest shit you do?
  54. Teen Girls torture mentally ill boy, force him to do sex acts with animal
  55. Road Closed To Search For Missing Penis
  56. WWE Network help.
  57. Ban the word Bossy campaign,
  58. Woman Says Acclaimed Film Frozen Is Brainwashing Children To Be Pro-Gay
  59. Are you tough enough...
  60. Who's on your Ignore list?
  61. Why was Maurice Papon not jailed for war crimes?
  62. What is Russia Doing?
  63. Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined
  64. Picture
  65. Congratulations Kim Jong-un
  66. would you bump uglies with flo from the progressive insurance commercials?
  67. John Cena Prank Call
  68. Who's up for hosting a weekly podcast?
  69. PE Teacher Shouting At Children
  70. Female WestJet pilot receives sexist note from passenger: ‘No place for a woman’
  71. Malaysia airlines plane missing
  72. Earth Hour 2014
  73. Lettuce, Tomatoes, etc on Hamburgers, why do we need them?
  74. Earth Hour 2014
  75. Beans: Why do we eat them?
  76. Who gets to vote for scottish independence?Y
  77. English People: Are You Living Under North Korea-style Dictatorship?
  78. Nation's largest office-supply retailer to shutter 225 stores
  79. Massachusetts court says 'upskirt' photos are legal
  80. Where to buy wrestling gear from in states
  81. Moron educators cause a girl to get frostbite.
  82. Would YOU Be A Gigolo? (Also Is It Legal?)
  83. Opinion on NHS? (HELP)
  84. So what side of the spectrum is the daily mail then?
  85. Having the worst panic attack of my life.
  86. Teenage chick sues parents over college tuition
  87. I was unblocked ... or was I?
  88. The Mysterious Case of the Sodder Children
  89. RadioShack closing 1,100 stores after sales tumble 20 percent
  90. Girl costs father $80,000 with 'SUCK IT' Facebook post
  91. How do other forums you visit compare to this one?
  92. Dan Kolov - One of the best wrestlers that ever lived
  93. Leonardo Dicaprio = Daniel Bryan ?
  94. Ukraine mobilizes troops after Russia's 'declaration of war'
  96. Is Stand Up Comedy Really That Hard?
  97. One topping for a pizza, what do you choose?
  98. Fucktard to sue McDs for $1.5 million cause he only got 1 napkin.
  99. How over are you IRL?
  100. I am now bi, is that wrong?
  101. Wrestling Simulation program or league?
  102. Is Seattle A Good City To Live In? (Moving There After College)
  103. Anyone on here do martial arts?
  104. Man is suing McDonald's for $1.5 Million for only getting one napkin
  105. Online Dating: Men Want Asian Women and Women Want White Men
  106. Got Kidney stones for first time, hurt like a mutha!!!
  107. petition to fight censorship
  108. Gentleman Arrest
  109. Thoughts on death?
  110. Jeff Gordon Takes Skeptic For A Ride.. (Hilarious!)
  111. Flag review thread
  112. LOL "you wanna talk some shit?"
  113. Who is the ONE "celebrity" you'd spend the night with?
  114. Thoughts On Porn Parodies? (Yes I'm Serious There's A Such Thing)
  115. Habits/randoms things about you that other people my find weird or odd
  116. Relating WWE Network!
  117. Does anyone else look at a GIIF and just get stuck/?
  118. Does anyone else experience this "warm fuzzy" tingling sensation in their head?
  119. The 18 Worst Things About Hawaii
  120. Have You Dated Someone Well Known?
  121. Name one celebrity/person you would punch in the face
  122. Marijuana, Tobacco, and the New Prohibition Coming
  123. who has a roku?
  124. America's #1 Public Enemy...CAPTURED!
  125. A Hunk of Planet Dissolves Before Our Eyes.
  126. Celebrities That Were Unfriendly/Jerks To You?
  127. Go without your phone for clean water
  128. Savvy Girl Scout sells cookies outside weed dispensary.
  129. Any weed smokers in here?
  130. 96 year old man writes song for dead wife
  131. Ted Nugent apologizes for using term 'subhuman mongrel'
  132. From a recently deleted craigslist ad.
  133. Which country has the best national anthem?
  134. Recording a ppv on DVD help?
  135. Teens carve Swastika into Classmate's head
  136. What grinds your gears?
  137. Would You Guys Go To Your High School Reunion?
  138. Utah mom buys all of store's 'indecent' T-shirts
  139. what is your worse nightmare come to life?
  140. So...I met someone who thinks gay people should be executed...
  142. What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?
  143. Is 'travel and tourism' a feminine course to take in college?
  144. Who is your favorite US President?
  145. Neknomination can land you a manslaughter charge in UK
  146. Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Zipping by Earth on Close-Approach
  147. Anyone know anything about jury nullification?
  148. Where did Cleavage get that sig?
  149. I Think we all live in a society with too many distractions,how can we deal with it?
  150. What Would Your Reaction Be If Video Games Were Banned?
  151. What are your thoughts on grade inflation?
  152. Norwegian police: Boy driver, 10, claimed to be a dwarf
  153. Do You Personally Know Anyone Famous?
  154. Ugandan President Says He Will Sign Tough Antigay Measure
  155. Have you ever lived in the Coconut Zone?
  156. Homosexuality question
  157. Climbing Shanghai Tower
  158. What is your favorite McDonalds breakfast item?
  159. The State of Kansas Passes Controversial Bill
  160. Survey says online trolls are everyday sadists
  161. What is more popular than porn and sex
  162. At what age did you lose your virginity?
  163. are you a man or a woman?
  164. Teenager Arrested Faces Charges for Nude Selfies
  165. Digging Deep
  166. Am I a good user?
  167. My first youtube video
  168. Things you regret about High School
  169. Doing bad for greater good. Justified?
  170. English man draws dicks on snapchat pic he took of police, fined £545
  171. Where are you from and what countries have you visited?
  172. Article states men are becoming obsolete
  173. Scottish Independence Referendum Thread
  174. A better alternative than Deporting Bieber
  175. Beards
  176. Would you bring back the death penalty?
  177. Things We Have Done In Real Life That We Wouldn't Tell Anyone Else
  178. Countries, where you would like to travel
  179. Wrestling DVDs for sale
  180. AV/SIG: Constant or Change?
  181. Stretch of Dan River in North Carolina Becomes Gray Sludge After Coal Ash Spill
  182. I think I Did A Good Deed - Update! (Found The Homeless Man)
  183. Should the world have a unified age of consent law?
  184. Bill Nye lays the Smackdown on Ken Ham's Candy Ass!
  185. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert.
  186. Advice please!
  187. Three Things You Can Not Live Without & Why
  188. Your Facebook Movie
  189. Are you addicted to anything?
  190. FINALLY got my tattoo over my scars!
  191. 10 things that irritate you?
  192. Woman Attempts to Kill Husband... With Poop.
  193. I'm cutting and I am craving pizza after smoking 5 spliffs
  194. Finally Kenny89 is back on wrestling forum!!!
  195. What's it like having a girlfriend?
  196. Favorite Wrestling Gimmick
  197. Wrestler Ideas Thread
  198. Crazy Coincidences
  199. Girl Scout Cookies
  200. DMX wants to give Zimmerman a golden shower
  201. Maxim Hot 100 list for 2013
  202. I love ecstasy.
  203. A Story To Share With You All
  204. Will God Determine Super Bowl Outcome? [SURVEY]
  205. I think I did A Good Deed
  206. Man crashes into chicken shop. Chokes chicken
  207. Do you watch the Superbowl every year even if you don't like the teams?
  208. Not sure where to post this at, hopefully this is okay..
  209. Cheerios Says "Fuck You" To Bigots; Gracie's Revenge!
  210. Atlanta looking like the Walking Dead in real life
  212. Sign the petition: Deport Justin Beiber.
  213. Who would like to help?
  214. DDP Yoga
  215. The best forum member with wwe/tna ideas and predicting?
  216. China's imperiled moon rover
  217. Logical question about kim jong un killing his uncle
  218. What's the highest prescription can contact lenses go up to?
  219. Sheriff Joe Arpaio: 38 Arizona inmates who defaced flag to eat only bread, water
  220. How many people here are actually wrestling fans?
  221. Sperm donor must pay child support
  222. What smart phones and tablets do you guys currently use?
  223. Justin Bieber finally arrested for something
  224. Stupid murder thread
  225. Mother Kills Two Children For "Exorcism Purposes"
  226. Arnold Works at Gold's Gym
  227. what's your favorite ots bbq sauce.
  228. Woman beaten to death for accident photobomb
  229. Cat thread
  230. Man With 2 Penises... Not kidding.
  231. Anyone Plan on Wrestling?
  232. Why are India's tigers killing humans?
  233. Biting Into Another Wrestler's Neck: Crossing The Line Or Wrestling Angle?
  234. fess up, did you wear zubaz back in the day.
  235. South African preacher makes congregation eat GRASS to 'be closer to God'
  236. Ukip Councillor blames floods on gay marriage
  237. My fellow fisherman!
  238. "Feel your palms sweat"
  239. Sir, you can keep your pipe bomb. Please board the plane.
  240. What is the craziest thing you've seen on the Internet?
  241. Obama doesn't want to watch you while you sleep
  242. About to have a kid...which name sounds best?
  243. Hidden gems in Youtube
  244. Microsoft word 2013 Activation?
  245. Desserts Popular In Your Country
  246. Has anyone here ever experienced a "panic attack?"
  247. $1.6 million settlement for man forced by cops to have enemas, colonoscopy
  248. If you won the lottery what would you buy?
  249. RAB - The Road to Redemption (Green)
  250. 8 Year Old Gets Porno DS For Christmas
  251. 'Dwarfs' in Egypt vote in force
  252. Does money really buy justice?
  253. What's the best and/or smartest decision you have made in your lifetime?
  254. United States federal court invalidates net neutrality
  255. Has anyone ever trained (lifted weights) high?
  256. Pimp sues Nike for him being sentenced to 100 years in prison.
  257. Who is the hardest SOB on this forum?
  258. Cops Raid Justin Bieber’s House
  259. Devil Baby Prank Ad Campaign
  260. This school is a dump, the prinicpal sucks., and the kids are probably doomed.
  261. Man Destroys Printer With His Pick-Up Truck!
  262. Former cop kills another man over texting in movie theater
  263. Super Scorpion City
  264. The silent treatment?
  265. Most popular WF user phrases
  266. Santino Marella's Battle Arts Academy
  267. Most missed Banee
  268. Who here cracks their neck?
  269. He hid it... up his ass
  270. Twerking teen flash mob robs store
  271. Understanding how Fraudsters do it? (Help)
  272. The SEE Hydro, could WWE film TV here?
  273. What Are You Guys Doing This Weekend?
  274. Interesting moments at work.
  275. Target's data breach could affect up to one-third of the US population.
  276. Great Grandma Shoots, Kills Armed Teen Intruder
  277. how to
  278. Digital Streaming Taking Over Physical Media???
  279. How go upload gifs
  280. Creative Oxi: A Mostly Picture Book
  281. Genealogy
  282. WWE vs UFC: Who's more profitable?
  283. Woman's house not flooded because late husband built flood defence
  284. Dennis Rodman turns heel(?)
  285. Australia police free naked man stuck in washing machine
  286. What do you who live in the area think of Amsterdams King and Queen?
  287. Can people "turn heel" in real life?
  288. Erin Wotherspoon Serial Dating For Free Restaurant Meals
  289. Original Trifle Recipes
  290. What are your thoughts, experiences of meeting girls and boys from the internet?
  291. That one person?
  292. Morrissey strikes again, "Eating meat is like pedophilia."
  293. To All who Know their History; Question 'Bout Earth & Humans?
  294. Holy S#IT!! Weirdest. Dream. EVER... WHY?!
  295. Do I have a concussion?
  296. What's the Most Unusual Meat You Ever Ate?
  297. Las Vegas Cop in hot water for helping Guns N Roses guitarist with wedding proposal
  298. Getting hours cut at work
  299. Any Writers On Here?
  301. Uncle Phil From Fresh Prince, James Avery, Dies at 65 Read more: James Avery, Uncle
  302. Marijuana legal in Colorado
  303. The I Told You So Thread
  304. street fighting/street brawling
  305. Crop Circle appears on California farm in Salinas Valley
  306. Elf Yo'self fool
  307. One-third of Americans reject human evolution
  308. Masturbating meth-head fights off 15 cops
  309. Since my previous thread sparked this debate...
  310. New Year Eve Countdown
  311. Your 2013 End of the Year Awards (list)?
  312. Eastern Europe Discussion Thread
  313. Discipline: What has more effect, a clip behind the ears/butt or banning?
  314. New Years Resolutions
  315. 2014 Predictions
  316. Whats your opinion on morals?
  317. My cat is dying and I feel guilty
  318. It's such a perfect day.
  319. Anne Hathaway Leaves Dog Shit on Paparazzo’s Car
  320. People who had their wisdom teeth extracted
  321. What generation are you?
  322. Are you a person who has evolved with the times?
  323. Vito Rizzuto dead
  324. Online Studying & Studying Abroad Help
  325. Test Scores Sink as New York Adopts Tougher Benchmarks
  326. Mikhail Kalashnikov Dies at Age 94
  327. Estimated BAC heading into the start of 2014.
  328. DDP Yoga
  329. Science proves Girls mature faster than Boys
  330. What did Santa bring?
  332. Billionaire Tim Draper launches 'Six Californias' ballot measure
  333. Chief O'Brien At Work
  334. Treatment for most of your diseases
  335. Does Love Conquer All?
  336. Got any Holiday plans
  337. Do you feel bad about killing bugs
  338. An Xmas Message from Ebenezer Fruge
  339. The smarkiest comment you've ever read on WF
  340. Best place to buy WWE Action Figures?
  341. French Fries
  342. Obamacare and Heroin?
  343. Justine Sacco hilarious
  344. Would you date someone taller or shorter than you or bigger?
  345. Fountain of Youth: Progress in Slowing Aging, at Least in Mice
  346. Tell me true or false?,,,,,,why?
  347. how do you get huge like a pro wrestler?
  348. Steak and Shake has the best burgers, period.
  349. do this you putas[if you have the testicular fortitude]
  350. Poll lists countries with the worst lovers
  351. Which gender is more unfairly crticized?
  352. Why do WWE fans say they are the only company that matters?
  353. Florida teacher fired for being a model goes into porn
  354. Do you wear contact lenses?
  355. Brian Boitano is Gay
  357. Watchmojo 2013 Year in Review
  358. Funniest poster
  359. How many holidays did you get for christmas?
  360. 'Duck Dynasty' star suspended for anti-gay remarks
  361. This year was huge for (weird, insane) Florida stories, how about your state?
  362. Have I just found the best search engine ever?
  363. Some happy stuff
  364. A world without rules and consequences to your actions.
  365. Keeping Your Patience
  366. If a zombie apocalypse happened what would you do
  367. ZOMBO Reviews - The Official Thread
  368. You ever had expiriences with crazy chicks/guys?
  369. What is a selfie?
  370. Do you have all your teeth?
  371. Hand Attached To Ankle In Emergency Procedure In China
  372. Are you a member of any other Wrestling Forums?
  373. Funny/Disturbing mug shots!
  374. What if there was no death?
  375. Girls with Mosutahces
  376. Man fired for putting out a car fire.
  377. The Christmas Wishlist Thread
  378. Crazy black names
  379. Post-op: would you hit it?
  380. Chinese spacecraft lands on moon
  381. 3 teens arrested for waiting on school bus while black
  382. Have you ever texted/rang a wrong number?'‏
  383. Grey's Anatomy
  384. 'Principal and at least two children shot' at Colorado high school.
  385. How many times you been pulled over by the Po Po?
  386. Snow In Egypt For The First Time In 100 Years
  387. What keeps you hooked on WF?
  388. Fox News host says Jesus and Santa are white
  389. Women are destroying the West (but continue to blame Bush if you wish)
  390. Affluenza = VINTAGE 'Murica
  391. Uruguay becomes first nation to legalize Marijuana
  392. What's your favourite animal?
  393. Book an Event! Need your help.
  394. 6 year old boy suspended from school for sexual harassment.
  395. Man Reportedly Jumps To His Death In Chinese Mall After Girlfriend's Shopping Spree
  396. Spies Playing Video Games
  397. Baffling 400,000-Year-Old Clue to Human Origins
  398. How long have you had your profile pic/avatar?
  399. Obama hitting on all the women at Nelson Mandela's funeral
  400. Introduction
  401. job training
  402. "Santa, Bring me a PS4 or my sister's kitten goes in the blender"
  403. Kenyan fan 'commits suicide after watching Manchester United lose to Newcastle'
  404. Dancing Taters
  405. Tech companies to US Congress: Leave the internet alone
  406. Post Your Rep Thread
  407. AceStream
  408. A wrap-up of 2013s apparent sexism and patriarchal media
  409. Police in Thailand are awesome
  410. Hotfile shut down, Must pay compensation
  411. What is the big difference between Canada's gun laws and the usa's?
  412. Shoplifting Dog Caught Red-Pawed Stealing Treats
  413. Wilmington, DE wants CDC to do study to find out why it has so many shootings
  414. Pay Phones
  415. Kardashian Kollection
  416. Nationality
  417. What would you prefer?
  418. People who don't watch wrestling anymore: what would it take to get you back into it?
  419. Top Places You'd Love To Travel/Visit
  420. "Honey and antibiotics"
  421. Unarmed Man Is Charged With Wounding Bystanders Shot by Police Near Times Square
  422. Nelson Mandela has died at the age of 95
  423. Need advice on something
  424. FB Wrestling Pages
  425. Nottingham teenager furious after paying £450 for a photo of an XBox One on eBay
  426. Woman tweets live about the death of her husband on the road
  427. Houston cops cuff 13-year-old white girl, 2 black men visiting city for dance video
  428. Stop and let me kiss you!
  429. Man wrongfully in prison 25 years. Prosecuter gets five days in jail
  430. My Sister's Superhero Ornaments
  431. Is this a real photo of Steve Irwin?
  432. Top 10 Sex Legends
  433. Refuting Bad Boy Propaganda
  434. Warning Zimbabwe is racist
  435. Cat is summoned for jury duty in Boston; court rejects disqualifying him
  436. Miami Police arrested a man 56 times at work for trespassing.
  437. Educators That Don't Care
  438. 300-pound robot is new breed of crime-fighting machine, Robocop here for real
  439. Dr Pepper 10 for Men
  440. I was just threatened in public...
  441. Amazon testing delivery drones
  442. did the sign guy actually do this?
  443. What is your Religion ?
  444. What are you wearing on Christmas ?
  445. What Britain with the Death Penalty would look like today
  446. Passed out woman gets stripped naked by husband on PS4 live broadcast
  447. What are you addicted to and do you plan on stopping?
  448. Man Buys House Next To Ex-Wife, Erects Middle Finger Statue.
  449. Parents get baby rape question excluded from exam
  450. Would you eat a monkey?
  451. Scary fuck*ng story!
  452. What are your thoughts about Black Friday?
  454. Rise in Unprotected Sex by Gay Men Spurs H.I.V. Fears
  456. Vigilante jailed for killing man he mistakenly thought was pedophile.
  457. Help me out with name and ideas?ue
  458. Why the hell do girls look up to Marilyn Monroe?
  460. Rabbinical court fines woman NIS 500/day until she agrees to circumcise her son
  461. Drunk Indian man eaten by Python
  462. owmaygawd
  463. How did you come up with your username?
  464. Helping the Homeless
  465. Do You Believe In Magic?
  466. Academic Books & much more
  467. easy free way to make money for review music
  468. Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life -
  469. Do you believe psychics?
  470. WWE Wrestler Iron Sheik Challenges Mayor Rob Ford To A Fight
  471. How was highschool for you?
  472. NYC Boy Spend 3 Years in Jail For Basically No Reason
  473. Would you kill to save
  474. High School Student Teaches Teacher How To Teach
  475. Urban decay to be replaced with farmland in Detroit
  476. Miami Gardens store owner films a year’s worth of outrageous behavior by local cops
  477. Permanent enjoyment through erasing your own mind
  478. Is anyone creeped out when there is a big age difference in partners?
  479. Charles Manson has a girlfriend
  480. Anybody remember the marikana massacre?
  481. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich is Racist, Says Portland School Official
  482. UFO? Space debris? Exactly what was in the skies over Portland, Oregon?
  483. Girl mocks judge & flips him off, gets her fine doubled & 30 days in jail!
  484. Devastating Arguments Against Christianity (Courtesy of the Internet).... Refuted
  485. what other hobbies do you have besides wrestling?
  486. Faith In Humanity Restored Stories
  487. Zimmerman: "She Went Crazy On Me"
  488. My Name Is Beth Davis And You Were Masturbating In The Womens Restroom
  489. Psychic Sylvia Browne dies
  490. Woman builds herself a Lego prosthetic leg
  491. Ex-Marine 'turned into cannibal, ate heart and skull with beans
  492. Any of you guys check out Channel 101? Freaking Awesome.
  493. Jersey Shore
  494. GRAPHIC: Woman in Belgium sleeps next to her dead husband for entire year
  495. Teenager went for drunken night out in Oldham... and woke up in a toilet in PARIS
  496. Just saying Hello
  497. Daydreaming
  498. Have you ever answered the phone during...
  499. Police use Taser on grieving father mourning son's death
  500. Do college professors deserve their salaries?
  501. Mom's idiocy = Cop shooting her minivan full of kids
  502. Rob Ford: The Man, The Myth, The Legend
  503. What do really rich arabs own? Lions What do they feed lions? Sharks
  504. Solo, partners or as a team?
  505. Aliens
  506. Florida Mother Outraged After School Puts Son on Honor Roll
  507. What Are Some Scary Things You Think May Happen In The Future?
  508. Kshama Sawant – First Marxist to win a city wide election in USA since 1916.
  509. What the best way to get a Belgian or Dutch Girlfriend.
  510. Exorcism Of Ex-Wife Gets Husband, Son Arrested
  511. Who is your hero?
  512. McDonald's professional burgers reviews
  513. Dogs death in a movie
  514. JCVD can still split it!
  515. San Francisco becomes Gotham City for Batkid
  516. Where would you rank this forum in terms of quality?
  517. Don't Bet Your House on a Sporting Event
  518. Janet Yellen
  519. The Dumbest Thing Anyone Has Ever Said
  520. Florida Man Impersonates Police To Get Dunkin Donuts Discount
  521. What is this?
  522. Cigarettes
  523. Seattle company launches bacon-scented deodorant
  524. Subway ticket machine in Moscow accepts 30 squats as its payment.
  525. Canadian neo-Nazi learns he's part African (source)
  526. How much coffee do you drink?
  527. The Hentai Thread
  528. How to be the best salesperson ever.
  529. Man who fakes seizures to get out of dinner tab is at it again
  530. Which is a better name for a series?
  531. Anyone Need a Writer?
  532. Man pays $100,000 to look like....Justin Bieber?
  533. Church of the Almighty Booker
  534. How many of you do manscaping?
  535. Favorite Sub?
  536. Would you sell a kidney?
  537. Over 10,000 feared dead in Typhoon Haiyan
  538. The Lame/Corny Joke Thread
  539. Comic book women you would do
  540. What are your opinions on conspiracy theories
  541. White Conservative Republican Wins Elction By Pretending To Be Black
  542. Chicago Woman Files Suit After Police Brutality (With Video)
  543. a girl i love
  544. Who's the Most Notorious Serial Killer of All Time?
  545. Man Dies In Jail After Misdemeanor Pot Bust, From Food Allergy & Gross Negligence
  546. Dad Calls Cops on Son to Teach Him a Lesson, Cops Shoot Son Dead
  547. Home Cyst Surgery
  548. When was the last time you laughed a lot?
  549. How To Make A Good Rant
  550. Would You Ever Date A Stripper