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What are the weirdest dreams you've ever had?

I've read dreams are of different natures, and have their source from influences either in the body, in the mind, or from the realm of the soul and spirit.

The subconscious mind, exists in timelessness, I've read. An hour in the dream state can seem like only a few minutes in the material world. People cannot remember dreams because their awake mind did not have the dream.

What are the weirdest dreams you've ever had?
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Re: What are the weirdest dreams you've ever had?

So what's your weirdest dream OP?
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Re: What are the weirdest dreams you've ever had?

Originally Posted by 7x0v View Post
I've read dreams are of different natures, and have their source from influences either in the body, in the mind, or from the realm of the soul and spirit.

The subconscious mind, exists in timelessness, I've read. An hour in the dream state can seem like only a few minutes in the material world. People cannot remember dreams because their awake mind did not have the dream.

What are the weirdest dreams you've ever had?
Dreamed I was one of the six Power Rangers from the original series. The blue ranger in fact. This was such an awesome dream because it was one of those dreams that felt like you had control and your mind was 100% sure the whole experience was legit.

Well....the dream kinda just started with me and the rest of the power rangers chilling in this random outpost in some desert....all the sudden the red ranger screams out "They're here!!!" and he points to a distant sand hill where those little gray weird looking grunts from the show began to storm our outpost.

The Red Ranger says "Alright guys it's morphing time!" at that moment, I reached a level of excitement that I haven't ever experienced. I was actually going to be a Power Ranger and as a 7 year old kid, I was about to experience the ultimate thrill ride and become a super hero.

All of us reached and grabbed our morphing devises and when I grabbed mine and raised it in the air with my heart beating in excitement....I raised my arms the air with my morpher directed straight up into the sky and ....................nothing happened. I tried again and the same thing.....I looked around me and all the other power rangers where already transformed but where getting overwhelmed. The where screaming out for my help but I couldn't transform....so I decided to run into combat as my normal self and that big gold looking son of a bitch (Forgot his name) just flew down on me form the sky and was about to attack me and I kinda just woke up out of almost shitting my pants at that point.

*Added Bonus*

Not a dream but when I used to smoke daily to deal with some ADHD problems, I built up a high tolerance to weed so of course the highs I was getting weren't that intense. I rarely went more than 3 days without smoking because it helped me so much to focus smoking on my breaks at work.

Well after a while I took about a year long break from smoking and randomly decided to smoke bowl at my friends house. I left my friends house to go do some shopping and once I entered the store the effects started to hit me but because it's been so long since I smoked, the cerebral effects where 10x more intense than what I normally got. That combined with the fact that this was during the early stages of when marijuana became legal in California and my buddy had access to some potent strains and you get the picture.

I soon found myself in my own little mission impossible movie as I started looking around the grocery store feeling like everybody was watching me as the anxiety and hulucinations began. I had absolutely nothing to hide other than being stone out of my mind but still was losing it. It started to feel like everybody in the store would just focus their eye on me and when I stared at them....their eyes would just stare me down as if they know something. I started to feel like maybe some of these people might have called the cops on me for acting too suspicious because I was truly going paranoid and walking around the store with my eyes looking around rapidly seeing who else is staring me down. I know this all sounds so ridiculous but

I left the store without getting any groceries and just said fuck it and just decided to go home. As I turned on my ignition in the grocery store parking lot, there was a black sports car with tented windows sitting about four spaces to the right of me. The windows where tinted just enough so I could see an outline of the person but not make out enough details about hey ley looked other than a man with shades on. Thoughts started creeping in my head that this might be an undercover cop watching me (Like I'm that important). I began to console myself and back to reality for a bit as I kept telling myself that all of this is in my head and that the car next to me was just someone who was getting ready to enter the store. I turned my car and passed the black car on my way to the parking lot exit.......

As I am about to hit the street on my way to the gas station as I'm exiting the parking lot, guess who decided to leave the parking lot at the exact same time as me? Yep, that black car. I began to sweat and my heart began to race as this car was now behind me directly. I was too afraid to check my rear view mirror to get a view of the person because I was too afraid to appear suspicious and I was so focused on driving perfect because I didn't want give this person, who I believed was a cop to have any reason to pull me over. Turn for turn, this car matched my every move for over 2 miles and at this point I was convinced I was fucked.

I approached a red like and noticed that the black car went to the lane on the right of me so now we are side by side at this read light. I was about to do a U turn to go to the gas station so at this point, the way we're lined up it's as if I'm doing the U turn and the black car is going straight and I felt a little relief. I got the courage to look to my right and see the driver and it turned out to be a young skinny girl with shade on haha.

So not exactly a dream story but a story showing how powerful our minds can be whether its conscious or unconscious. I learned a valuable lesson that day. I popped the U-turn and went straight home where I immediately called my friend so I could smoke another bowl.

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Re: What are the weirdest dreams you've ever had?

I remember I once dreamed of being a snake.

But not just a regular snake: I was a 3 headed snake. I dreamt the entire lifespan of the snake, from the moment I hatched from the egg to full adhulthood. At first there was just one head, the growing up two more developed. I remember clearly how I would be on my own all the time, trying to hide from predators by slitherting over trees.

Funny detail: I wouldn't feed on regular animals, but on Pokèmons. What scared me the most about this dream was the moment of the hunt: I distinctly recall feeling like I had my mouth stuffed with warm blood and flesh for a few minutes after I had woken up. That really freaked me out for days.

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Re: What are the weirdest dreams you've ever had?

I distinctly remember having a dream where I was skiing (I have never skied btw), I went over a hill and it was sheer cliff edge with a massive drop on the other side. Im falling through the air trying to wake up before I hit the ground and I land legs first onto the snow and feel all my legs break etc. I remember still feeling that pain run through my legs as I woke up.

anyone who says that if hit the ground during a fall in a dream, you die in real life is talking nonsense.
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Re: What are the weirdest dreams you've ever had?

not the weirdest dream I've had, but last night I deadass had a dream about Rollins and I trying to hunt down the fiend Bray Wyatt in my old apartment building while my grandmother was watching her shows in her bedroom like it was a normal day. We found Bray, and then Seth and him went like DBZ levels of bullshit in the living room... yes, the living room. Bray eventually dragged Seth to some shadow corner, and that was it for ol boy. He was gone, like gone gone. So I dipped hella quick to the hallway and what do you know, that fucker Bray was in the hallway and for some reason I couldn't see the end of the hallway because it was dark and creepy as fuck, and Bray was looking like he was tweaking, shaking and twitching all over the place while making demonic noises. So I just ran back in the house, and into my grandma's room to watch some tv, and act like Bray wasn't out there when he deadass was still out there waiting for me.
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Re: What are the weirdest dreams you've ever had?

I grabbed the mic, made myself comfortable and told you people that my WF contract ends on October 26, after 15 months of activity.

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Re: What are the weirdest dreams you've ever had?

I have dreams quite a lot about trying to pack a suitcase or a bag but I can't fit everything in there and I'm trying to squeeze it all in. It probably means something cos I'm always having them but I don't know what lol.

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Re: What are the weirdest dreams you've ever had?

I once shot Tom Cruise with a BB gun. Yes, that's the one on the top of my head.


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Re: What are the weirdest dreams you've ever had?

I remember getting shot in the head with a gun once, and feeling a sensation of blood trickling down.

Funny this is asked though because night before last I dreamed I had sex with and then struck up a relationship with Janet Jackson. Very strange, I have never found her hot. It's one of those things where you don't remember what she looked like or even if her looks came in to the dream, you just know it was her.

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