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Do you study or work? Where?

I work in a grocery store.
I take in and set merchandising, serve customers, receive providers, etc.
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I usually do temp work revolving around the meat industry or Warehousing store work.
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Re: Do you study or work? Where?

Neither. I'm unemployed and looking for work. But when I am working, I do data entry, cos my typing speed is like 115 words per minute. I like it cos it means I don't have to interact with people, I am not a customer service person

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I teach English in the special needs department of a secondary school. I work with kids who’re unable to cope in the classroom, mainly. The pay is shit but the job is fun.

I also write freelance for a couple of magazines. Again, the pay is shit but I like doing it. I do it less and less these days, though, because it’s tine consuming.

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Re: Do you study or work? Where?

I worked as a janitor for the local senior center for the past two years. They decided to take up a company that had dedicated cleaning equipment (waxers and the like) so I lost that. I did get a job offer yesterday to be a bagger at a grocery store, but I also was told 5 years ago by the same company that I was accepted but they never followed up on it, so I'm not counting my chickens till they hatch.

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Re: Do you study or work? Where?

I study at my desk.

I work as a practice educator for nursing staff and a part time ICU nurse.

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Re: Do you study or work? Where?

I work as an ENL teacher in a K-3 charter school in the Bronx. Finishing up my Masters this semester.

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Re: Do you study or work? Where?

I'm a wholesale lumber trader.
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Re: Do you study or work? Where?

I'm currently doing random work for people around the area, its mostly cutting wood for older people who can't do it anymore. I also do basic handyman stuff like repair/move things, paint walls, help with renovations etc. With winter coming I'll probably work on heating systems or bathrooms which I look forward to, I am sick of cutting wood and doing yardwork. Other jobs I worked were:

- Caretaker at the zoo
- Patient transport at the hospital
- Butcher
- Morgue Attendant
- Exterminator

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Re: Do you study or work? Where?

I'm a full time EMT of 5 years.. Nursing school is next.

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