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Do people actually consider others "losers" or "winners"?

All my life, I've heard people call others losers. Never went to college? Loser. Not married at 30? Loser. Live with your parents? Loser. The list is practically endless.

Do people actually believe in this stuff?

I'm sorry, but if you work a retail job, I'm afraid you just work a retail job. There's no added loser or winner involved.

"Loser" and "winner" are made-up. I could claim that, if you aren't a movie star, then you're a loser, but it would be a made-up thought and not real. People can live their lives how they want, it doesn't make them a word like a loser, winner, etc.

Trouble is... people seem to believe this stuff is real. They really do think they are losers if they don't go to an elite university or have a beautiful girlfriend.

How come people can't see through this stuff? How come people are living their lives based on someone else's lies, rather than living their own life how they want?
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Re: Do people actually consider others "losers" or "winners"?

If someone scrounges off benefits and does drugs then they are a loser.
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Re: Do people actually consider others "losers" or "winners"?

For me personally it's less about what job or things people have and more about what type of person they are. Bigots, career criminals, gangsters etc those guys are losers. Anybody who lives a life of hatred and aggression or negativity for me will always be a loser.

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No, people are just people. No winners, no losers, just people. Not everybody wants the same things in life, nor does everybody have the same opportunities. Where I grew up, just having a full time job and not being on benefits was considered a success. Not going to prison, or being a drug addict, and not spending your whole life on the estate was considered hugely successful.

Different backgrounds and different communities have different ideas of success. My wife has two brothers, both went to private school. One is an accountant on about 80,000 a year, the other is a plumber on about 45,000. The plumber feels like a loser, though, despite the fact that he earns a good wage, has his own house, works hard and has a good family. Because he went to private school and all his old friends are working in finance in the city, he feels like a failure because he does manual labour. If he’d come from the estate where I grew up, he’d feel totally different. It’s all about perspective.

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Re: Do people actually consider others "losers" or "winners"?

I'm more perplexed by what native English speakers, Americans in particular, define as "being successful". I see a lot of Americans describing people they know irl with the word "successful". This young girl once referred to her 19-20 year old boyfriend as "successful". What the hell is being successful for a college aged kid?! Having a part-time job?

Also, when I see the word "successful" I feel like people mean "rich" and "owning their own business". That seems like a very high standard to expect average people to meet. The world isn't like TV.
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Re: Do people actually consider others "losers" or "winners"?

One of my favourite angels and airwaves songs is called "rite of spring", there is a lyric in there that goes "it's all success if it's what you need, do what you like and do it honestly" and can't agree more.

there is no measurement for "success", if people call you a loser then they are simply inflicting their opinions and ideals onto you. No-one should feel bad for working a certain job or living a certain life it makes you happy.

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I hate when people have high expectations and set a standard they can't accomplish but for some fucked up reason expect me to achieve that standard myself otherwise they frown upon me, It's basically hypocrisy.
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It's all subjective & subject to change. The guy with the nice car & the beautiful girlfriend is the winner, the guy who lives with his parents & takes the bus is the loser. Then the guy who lives with his parents lands his dream job & starts earning tons of money, while the guy with the nice car goes into debt with his loans. The roles reverse. They are just temporary labels for the most part.

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