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Re: "Being nice is not important." Agree or disagree

Niceness and work ethic are not mutually exclusive things. You can be good or bad at a job and be nice OR a dick.

However: One should always STRIVE for niceness unto their fellow man...always. We really undervalue the lasting importance of even the smallest kind or unkind act.

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Re: "Being nice is not important." Agree or disagree

You need both. Sometimes nice people keep the workplace in check and are glue people. Useful assholes however are capable of great ideas if you can get over how shitty they are as people.

If everyone in a workplace is an asshole, it can implode with all the egos. If everyone is too nice and not bold enough, you can get stale.

It is up to a boss to see the value in EVERYONE, and put them in the right positions to make use of their individual personalities and talents.
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The Sundance Kid
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Re: "Being nice is not important." Agree or disagree

Be diplomatic while representing your own interests. Don't be "nice".

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Re: "Being nice is not important." Agree or disagree

You have to be competent at your job in order to keep your job in any field. In wrestling, it really does not matter if they are nice or assholes. I do believe mic skills and gimmick is slightly more important than in ring performer but I tend to like in ring performers more. In life, being nice is important toward moving huminity foward. In America, we are having too many shootings due to it.
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Re: "Being nice is not important." Agree or disagree

I think this varies in your work area. For example I worked in retail 6 years and let me tell you being nice gets you very far with customers. Showing respect and as well showing knowledge gets you far the charisma let alone will draw the sale.

However even if your not nice, but very talented than that also work. But that depends in what environment you work in. For example if you are talented, but rude in programming you don't need much interaction just make an excellent program and your set.

So in a way I would disagree with your boss I think being nice is very important in life overall. However sometimes being a a dick well can get you far just depends on your situation.

As well why do people like Punk (I dont know about Sasha Banks shes like whatever to me) he just has great charisma. He is good at the mic can't deny that so that appeals to you and knows how to work a crowd.
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tombstone blues
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Re: "Being nice is not important." Agree or disagree

Incorrect, unless you're being nice to a serial killer

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Re: "Being nice is not important." Agree or disagree

I'd disagree, but I can see where your boss is coming from. I'd say that being kind is a talent for some and I do think it's important in terms of establishing any sort of strong interpersonal relationships regardless of context.

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Re: "Being nice is not important." Agree or disagree

talent and charisma trump everything. I made an intentional pun. Donald Trump is the president because of his charisma.

People will always look the other way or excuse shitty behavior if you're interesting or giving them what they want.
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Re: "Being nice is not important." Agree or disagree

I prefer to work alone for this exact reason. I don't have the patience to put up with stupidity or shittiness. Kill me before I ever have a job that does team building exercises.

If I were forced to choose, however, I'd go with nice and dumb over asshole with talent. Dumb can be trained. An asshole is always going to be an asshole. Most all animals can be trained to a certain extent. Even dumb humans. Except for cats. Because cats are assholes.
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Re: "Being nice is not important." Agree or disagree

I certainly think from experience that assholes tend to get more respect from people because they know they can't walk all over them. I honestly think that my biggest flaw is being too nice to people, you assume that because you care about people and look out for the interests that they will hold you in high regard......they don't, they just see you as a push over and therefore purely treat as a backup rather than a priority. Plus the minute you stop taking shit from people they look at you like you are a psychopath because they don't expect you to tell them to fuck off.

Generally speaking I think there is a good middle ground, you should treat people with respect but ultimately look out for yourself primarily. You need to make yourself happy at the end of the day. If someone compromises that then its time to tell them where to get off.

I certainly can't be arsed these days in faking politeness to people if they have shown no respect towards me.

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