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Re: Blockbuster Video - Do you miss it? Should it come back

No, Blockbuster (or Xtravision) shouldn't return at all as they're quite pointless nowadays. Why go into a store to rent a movie you may like when it's perhaps easier to find a stream, and the stream is free, or you can pick up DVD's quite cheap nowadays? It served it's purpose but they don't need to return.

I used Xtravision once whenever the South Park movie was released before my Dad used to have an account with them - returned the film when it was finished and never really felt the need to use them again.

Credit to CJ for the avi.
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Re: Blockbuster Video - Do you miss it? Should it come back

Originally Posted by UniversalGleam View Post
I think a main problem with many of these big companies is that they build themselves into a success based on a model and stick hard to that model under the belief that "if it aint broke don't fix it"........problem is that doesnt work, time moves on, newer technology becomes available and they get left behind and start struggling.

Thats pretty much what happened with toys r us. They basically didn't look at the online market, they stuck to primarily selling out of stores when people were predominantly buying online (and getting better deals at that). They basically pushed themselves out of the market by refusing to evolve. People are not going to drive to a store and pay more for a product that they can buy on amazon cheaper and get it delivered to their door.

whether going to a store is more "fun" doesnt matter, people are busy and generally lazy so want the most convenient method possible. Online streaming and shopping therefore trumps driving all the way to the store. If online is cheaper than the store (it usually is) then they are doomed, there is no upside there besides getting a "classic experience".

I know streaming is more convenient and I have already stated how Blockbuster's former execs screwed up, but a revived Blockbuster would work with first or exclusive rights for a few months on new releases for movies, games, television series, and with a low price tiered membership. If you take the Disney example mentioned earlier, you will see how much Disney now owns. Large companies such as Disney with distribution, production, content could easily do it, and do it for cheap. I understand streaming is cheaper, but in the long run that might not always be the case when you realize that large content companies such as Google, Disney, etc are now renting out abandoned factories, caves to house data. You also have large telecom companies (ISPs) claiming unlimited internet only to eventually throttle their customers bandwidth at times.

With the right execs, marketing, philosophy, technology, exclusivity, locations it can be done. If you can wait 20 minutes at a drive-thru for a cup of coffee then you can go to a new video store and get that physical copy of that new release.

It's going to come to a point in a couple or so years when $20/month for Disney+ or Netflix might not be worth it and instead just rent 10 videos, series, games for like $15 a month from a revived Blockbuster knowing they have first rights on new releases. If people want a new release and they can get the physical copy for cheap then yes they will go out of their way to rent it knowing it can only be at a revived Blockbuster first.
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