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Re: How much money you got?

I don't make much but my income keeps growing and I'm good at saving. I'm doing alright.

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Re: How much money you got?

I have savings and debt but can't move the savings to pay the debt as I'll get 25% extra of my savings balance towards my first house if I don't move it (5k in debt but £3200 in savings). Hopefully i'll be debt free by the end of 2021 but who knows. There's also technically minor student loan debt but I don't really count that as its not on your credit report.

I have serious FOMO and end up spending money I don't have on holidays. I went to Shanghai, Gran Canaria and Canada this year when in reality probably only the middle one was within my budget. I also lack the ability of picking a sensible hotel or flights.

But hey we're here for a good time not a long time eh
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Re: How much money you got?

I don't have any debt.... So that's nice never owned a credit card or got a student loan

Job doesn't pay amazing but I get a house allowance and get free meals so saving is easy. My parents were in a tough spot in the last few years so I was sending them half my salary. But tried saving a little. I've got about $4k USD saved. My parents are more independent now so don't need to send anymore.

Don't have any major plans for the future though.
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Re: How much money you got?

I am 32 right now and I have enough money to basically live off without working for several years. Thats gambling that I dont get a very serious disease, but I try to take care of myself as much as I can. I am also debt free (other than my credit card, which its just monthly debt I use and I pay off every month). I am working right now 2 jobs, but if if I stopped I can guesstimate I can be protected for 3 to 4 years. In a strict budget.

I am not rich I just worked hard and everything is just paid off as of now. Living a very frugal life really does a lot.
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Re: How much money you got?

Right now....

37 dollars and 67 cents.
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Re: How much money you got?

around $250 in my wallet right now. I play new games online to win some cash. It's the easiest way to get money fast while playing. Love slot games.

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Re: How much money you got?

I manage the fitness department of a private health spa and also work as a personal trainer both here and privately, so I do OK, but got a little bit more debt than I'd like even though it's fairly minor.
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Re: How much money you got?

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Re: How much money you got?

About £30K in cash + £10K in equity.
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