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Re: How much money you got?

I still have like over 700 dollars. My job let me go, though, months ago. I live with my parents and brother. My money had to buy some groceries a week ago because my parents didn't have enough, so my money isn't likely to stick around forever.

I think my dad gets like almost 2,000 dollars every month from social security. My brother is either trying to get his warehouse job back, or go on disability (he has scoliosis).

As you can see, my family isn't poor, but the particular amount of money we get would be considered lower-income, and the money mostly has to buy groceries and pay the electric bill, water bill, etc, and not much else.

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Re: How much money you got?

Originally Posted by Captain Edd View Post
Currently sitting at -200 and thats the best my account has looked all year
I read it
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Re: How much money you got?

I've got enough money last time from my starting investment ( it was about 400$). You should invest money into something more optimistic. Try to look at an institutional-grade alternative investment crypto SEC fund that seeks to capture alpha from uncharted parameters in digital assets

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Re: How much money you got?


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Re: How much money you got?

Getting laid off so I actually took a deeper look into my finances since it had been a while... actually doing better than I thought when I first posted. But then I have few expenses, no kids, no significant other, and have barely need to pay for gas since work had been relatively close to home. This lay off is not stressful at all at this point.

And god damn I needed this upcoming break. This job was driving me nuts.
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Re: How much money you got?

Not much. I often take short term loans with prepaid card to pay off all my debts. That's fast kind of loans and the whole process can be done within an hour. Very convy. This service helped me a lot!

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Re: How much money you got?

I could last a year or so of not working.
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Re: How much money you got?

I'm in decent shape financially...only bill we have is our mortgage. Good thing because we're going to have to shell out close to $1000 for repairs to my son's car.

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Re: How much money you got?

Just started following Dave Ramsey’s financial advice. He recommends a 3-6 months base living expenses emergency fun.

I have about 3 months. I’m saving for 6.

Probably going to find a second job to work about 60 hrs a week for a year.
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Re: How much money you got?

I'm in a good spot. Cleared my credit card debt and students loans like a year and a half ago so I'm able to save as much money as I possibly can. Could save more if I didn't go out on events or vacations but YOLO.

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