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Re: Why do people care so much about material things, if they are temporary?

I happen to believe there is a middle ground in all of this.

First, I will give you an example of something. My nieces and nephews (whom I love very dearly) have many toys so many in fact that they are absolutely everywhere. In the yard. They are all over the house, and they are all over the rooms. Often time they buy toys when they cannot afford rent, or pay their bills. Their Christmases are the most lavish I have ever seen. Spending more than a few thousand dollars on my nieces toys are a given, and a gift of around $8000 is spent over a course of maybe a week or two.

What is my point? My point is when you are paying and buying things you don't need at the expense of things you actually can use and need, and when your family is helping pay the bills, I view this as greed.

Now, I have lots of films, toys, books, and comic books, and also lots of shirts. I have gotten rid of some of them to save room, and a lot of the horror films I had gotten rid of because I do not believe that they glorify God.

But I have to say I collect at times because to put it simply, it gives me joy, joy I found from my childhood, and in the things that I watch, it gives me sufficient rest from a hard day, and an escape from reality. I do not over do it, and I am always within my budget. I use what I have, and it gives me something to do. The world is your oyster. What's wrong with enjoying it?

So if you want to get into a hobby something like heroclix, or collecting Pokemon cards, or joining signing up for a martial arts class, I say do it (these are things that sound fun to me at least). Yes, you can't take it with you when you die. That is why you give it to somebody else when you die so they can enjoy it. You're not going to take the food, the house, or the drinks either if you think about it.

OP enjoy your life. I believe that's what God wants. Just have a budget, and if it's something you enjoy, and if you're not spending your hard earned money on something really bad like pornography, or bad music, or immoral movies, then I say do it.

You don't seem like the type of person where these things would take you away from God, so why worry about it?

After all you only live once, and these little things just might develop you into the person God wants you to be because when you're happy God's happy. The world is your oyster. Enjoy it like a fine wine. You will regret it if you don't.

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Re: Why do people care so much about material things, if they are temporary?

I have never been materialistic. I will admit I have nice things in my house but nothing crazy. Got a nice house, decent car, etc. I see no need to but a 60k car when I can buy the same car but a "honda" model for 20k. That is only making a I have money statement. I spend most of my extra money on concerts / vacations. I think my most expensive things I have in my house are my golf clubs.

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Re: Why do people care so much about material things, if they are temporary?

I have reached a stage in my life where I have more than I need, and I find that I now give far more careful consideration when it comes to the things that I own and whether I actually do need something or not. Possessions make my life easier or more comfortable but when it comes to things that I can't live without, that is reserved for my kids and my partner.

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Re: Why do people care so much about material things, if they are temporary?

Originally Posted by 7x0v View Post
When I was working, I would often have money to buy certain things I wanted. And occasionally, I did. Rather it be a DVD, video game, etc.

There was a problem, though. I realized it instantly. The problem was... I didn't need them. They just took up space. They weren't food nor water.

Why are people are materialistic? A lot of people actually care about things like college rankings, what type of job you have, brand name clothing, what kind of car you drive, etc.

It reminds me of a Bible verse I read before. It basically said something similar to "to set the thought on the physical is death, but to set the thought on the spirit is peace."

Truly... that quote reminds me of today's American society. It is full of people thinking they need to make ridiculous amounts of money, live in mansions, etc. And for what end goal? To buy more things you don't need? As long as you have shelter, food, and water, you have it made basically. To want more is actually pretty greedy on your part.

It's not going to buy you happiness. That is for sure. Happiness doesn't result from purchasing tons of material objects. I would say happiness is about being with your loved ones, being outdoors in nature, and simple things like that. These are types of things that money has zero to do with.

So what's the problem? Why would people care so much about material things, if they are temporary?
Everything is temporary. Why go outdoors? You'll just have to go indoors at some point. Why spend time with your loved ones? One of you will die eventually.

What matters is your experience. If you get a buzz or a sense of pride from buying some brand name clothes or a fast car or whatever that's all the reason you need to do it.

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