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Re: Horrible First Dates?

A few years ago, I got out of a 13 year relationship. I've been with the same person since college so I'd never really done the true adult dating thing, so I went the online route to get started. I linked up with a girl that was absolutely gorgeous, so we arranged to have coffee. The day of, she asked if she could bring her kid along because she said she couldn't get a babysitter. I thought this was odd, but this was a daytime thing and I hadn't expected it to end up with sex anyway, plus she really was a 10, so I said OK.

She shows up with a kid in a stroller that was 10 days old. 10 days old. 10. Days. Old.

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Re: Horrible First Dates?

Originally Posted by WalkingInMemphis View Post
I was in my early 20's, which would make this in the late 90's. 98-99.

I had recently flunked out of college, came back home and was just working. A friend of mine set me up with this girl and we went on a double date with a girl his girlfriend knew.

We did the usual dinner/movie type of shit. Fun was had. She actually was fine as hell. Super attractive with a good personality. All went well. She told me she had a child, which at the time, didn't mean anything. I had never dated a woman that had a kid, but I wasn't looking to commit and I figured I'd probably get to smash one day soon, so whatever. I met them at the movies, so I asked if I could drive her home in my car. She said it was cool.

So, she gives me turn by turn directions to her (mom's) house and I notice that we're getting deeper and deeper into 'the hood' (South Memphis). My neighborhood was kinda rough, but in Memphis it's a no-no to venture into unfamiliar places.

Pull up at the house and her mother was sitting on the front porch. As the gentleman I try to be, I got out and walked her to the door (mistake). As we approach, the mother says "X just came over here". The mother then gets up from the porch, goes inside the house and retrieves a baseball bat, and then sits back down on the porch. Red lights, sirens and flags start to go off in my head.

The babydaddy appears from nowhere from across the street, already cursing us out. "WTF IS THIS SHIT?" So I say my goodbyes and head to my car, while the mother looks on. I get in my car and crank it up, and this fuckboy is outside of my window yelling at me. I'm already in the mothafucking hood and a random dude is about to confront me on some fuckery, so I haul ass up outta here and head back home.

The girl calls the next day, apologizes and explains to me that the "baby" in question is 2 motherfucking months old. No wonder this mf was so upset. I told her things were cool, but then she says "So I probably won't hear from you again, huh?" I told her "It was not likely". We probably talked once after that, but I burned her number and told my homeboy he almost got my ass killed over some fuckery.
Jesus christ what a fucking nightmare

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