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Things people do without realizing it.

One subject I've found very interesting lately is... things people do without realizing it. I've read about this topic before.

For example, people judge by appearance, without realizing it. They don't even know they're doing it, not on a conscious-level anyway.

One interesting news article I read, is that people with short names are more likely to get hired. It said each extra letter your first name has, reduces the likelihood of being called back. It said employers do it and don't even realize it.

It truly makes me wonder what other things people do, without thinking. It's not so much what they do. What interests me is what drives them away. Longer names apparently do.

I believe people do many things without thinking. It might even influence almost every move they make. But like I said, what interests me is what unconsciously drives them away. What they dislike but don't even realize. What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you have examples of things people do without realizing it?
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Re: Things people do without realizing it.

Shaking their leg
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Re: Things people do without realizing it.

Scraping their teeth with a fork!

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Re: Things people do without realizing it.

Choke my chicken.

I think I'm doing it right now.

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Re: Things people do without realizing it.

of course people judge by appearance because the end of the day, its the only piece of readily available information about a person until you can physically speak to them. You're brain has to build up an assumption in an attempt to understand something that is unknown.

if you want to speak to a woman (or a man) its because you find them physically attractive for example. Ther personality doesnt even factor in until that intial visual interest has happened. Therefore you are judging people by appearance, they either do it for you or they dont.

at the end of the day, if a man comes into a room dressed in smart suit, you are going to think differently about his background than someone who is sat there in clothes that are ripped and stained.


one thing that fucking annoys me more than anything is people dragging their teeth across the fork when they put food in their mouth, it actually enrages me because its just irritating and is totally unnecessary, you dont need to bite down on the fork and scrape it back out. Every single bite is like someone flicking your head. It just pisses me right off.

Its one of those things where if you turned around and said "can you stop doing that?" they probably wouldnt even know what Im talking about.

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