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If you could re-do High School, would you?

Thought I would make a thread asking a question that many of us may not have even considered or thought about. A friend of mine asked me as a what-if question, and it actually had me thinking for a minute. Of course, this is for those that HAVE graduated High School already, in which I'm assuming is most of us lol.

High School. The time in our lives that most of us hated and dreaded and couldn't wait to get the hell out of that place, and for some, had met many friends and created many fond memories that they will cherish forever. Being a teenager and very likely going through an awkward or weird phase that you can look back on now and laugh, being baffled by how much you have changed compared to who you are now.

So, if you could re-do those 4 years, would you and why? What would you do differently?

Personally, I would. Although there was ALOT of drama that I had to either go through or witness during my time there, I did create alot of fun memories that I still think about or laugh about to this day. I was a care-free teenager at the time that had no worries in the world.
If I could do anything differently though, it would be caring more about my grades and getting involved in sports. I flunked algebra 3 times because I either slept in class everyday or didn't show up to class at all. Some tests, I just wrote my name on the paper and turned it in, with the "I'm never going to use this shit outside of school" mentality. I'm not the type of person to regret things in life, but I do wish I had gotten into sports during my time there. I just wanted to do my time and go home.

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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

Hell no, my high school was full of cock faces.
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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

Fuck no! High School was terrible for me.


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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

Yes if I could focus on actually learning this time over partying and having fun.

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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

High school is 5 years in my country, lol.

And I might do it again, but I don't really want to sit through all those boring Maths and Science classes all over again or do PE tbh. I do miss seeing my friends constantly cos we barely see each other these days due to having busy lives. I'd also get to relive a part of my life where I was very promiscuous, which was fun

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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

Yes. i had some amazing times back then

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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

I loved high school....would do it again in a heartbeat.

I would play football this time. That's my biggest regret I wrestled, and threw shot put, but just was too lazy for football.

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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

Hell no. I don't miss it AT ALL.

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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

I'd like to relive that age again for maybe a day or two but other than that, not really, I'd rather go back to my college days.

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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

Absolutely no chance!

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