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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

I'd re-do my entire life
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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

Originally Posted by michael_3165 View Post
In some respects I wish I could go back and choose a different path in life. In my mid-30s I make an ok wage but to go back to the beginning would be nice. I would also kick the arses of my bullies, something I was scared to do!
whilst there are choices I sometimes question and wonder what wouldve happened if I had of made different ones.......I am somewhat thankful for the shit I have been through, I have learned so much from it, more so than the good stuff. I know for a fact that Im a better person because of it.

I think we always look on the alternative in a positive light, eg "If I had done that one thing my life would be great", chances are it wouldnt be, you wouldve just made different mistakes and maybe even look across at the life you live now and think "it wouldve been amazing".

Think the biggest skill to learn in life is accepting things for what they are and moving on, too many people spend so much time worrying about stuff in the past. Im ok with what has happened, I have lived every second I have been here, bad or good. The world keeps spinning regardless and one day I will part ways with it, at which point none of it will matter anymore, enjoy it while you're here.

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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

As long as I could be a heel.
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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

I would I won't lie I enjoyed my HS years they were very good moments. My school wasnt that bad overall. Some bad eggs some good ones. I was way to shy in HS wish I wasn't. Wish I would of dated more, gone out to more dances, more sports. I didn't, but would of been nice to do.
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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?


I hated high school as I was going through it but knew I'd never be that free again, alas I never took advantage of it. I absolutely loved sports but had no idea how to get involved with them and would absolutely love to go back and have another go at that

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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

Fuck No, loud fucking kids who acted degenerate as fuck much prefer college atm.

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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

This thread makes me think of this


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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

Personally, I would have taken AP classes and been more involved. Back in HS I was taking average courses and never involved myself in anything. My grades weren't bad but I wish I would have tried to challenge myself more. Luckily I found writing service at https://anonymous-essay.com/college-essay.html that helped me to get good grades in English. These guys are real professionals.

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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

With the current me? Yes, absolutely. I made a lot of mistakes and the opportunity for self-improvement would be a literal goldmine. Holding on to certain relationships, taking school more seriously, having the nutritional info I have now and understanding how to workout properly would all be game changers even if I live comfortably now.

With high school me? No.

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