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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

I visited my old secondary school this week to look at the gym they have there, was really weird being back but the place had changed so much that in many ways it didn't even feel like the same place.

overall, it didn't make me miss it. Didn't even feel nostalgic. It just felt odd as school seems like another lifetime in some aspects, but in others it feels like yesterday.

Its just a shame how quick time goes by, I think back to all those years at that place thinking I would never end up leaving and now its just a distant memory. Time has a habit of not moving for ages then you look back at some point and realise just how much time has passed.
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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

Originally Posted by MarkOfAllMarks View Post
Go back in time and start Amazon.
Nah fuck that it would be tons of hard work and business savy I don't have. I'd just fuck it all up. Instead, invest heavily and early in a bunch of stock options for things like Amazon, twitter, Instagram, whatever. Cash in on some crazy sporting bets. Just become ridiculously absurdly rich. In high school.

Fuck this whole "live your high school years again" scenario. High school's lame compared to being a billionaire at 15 who owns half the world with his investment genius!
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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

Yes, and then I'd go back to college too. Fuck real life.
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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

I probably would. I did enjoy high school as I got along with most everyone, I could hang out with the jocks (played baseball) and then chill with the drama and band kids. One time I was helping build sets for the school play and baseball practice ran late. The drama teacher lost his shit as I had my uniform still on and the cleats distracted the performers from practice as well as scratching up the floor.

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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

I would go back but only for Year 10-12 as they were my best years. The only thing I'd do differently is actually stick with the sports I use to play. I absolutely regret quitting sport.

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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

In some respects I wish I could go back and choose a different path in life. In my mid-30s I make an ok wage but to go back to the beginning would be nice. I would also kick the arses of my bullies, something I was scared to do!
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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

I would for sure.

I've always had confidence issues and I was always overweight. I've dropped like 100 pounds in the last couple years and I feel like a new person. If I felt like I did now then I would have had a much better experience in high school and in college. Like I'm happy where I'm at now in life but yeah I would redo that part of my life again if I could.
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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

I guess.

When I look back, there was definitely some shit I feel like I should have never shy'd away from. And I should have put a lot more focus into the studies that meant a damn to me after grade 10 rather than treating everything equally.

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Re: If you could re-do High School, would you?

I was totally unaware how many sporting teams there were in my high school until I was in my senior year where I joined the fencing team. I enjoyed the sport but I only got to experience it in my last year of school so I didn't get to develop into a more skilled fencer. My only regret is that I wasn't more active in sports teams in high school. Other than that, I had a great experience.

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