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Re: Jeremy Bloody Kyle...

This show needed to be put out of it's misery for years now. They were at the point they had so many returning guests and just stupid segments and JK clearly hated what he was doing. This guest suicide was just a excuse to pull the plug on the show. Sure two guest on Love Island committed suicide yet they didn't cancel that.

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Re: Jeremy Bloody Kyle...

Originally Posted by BulletClubFangirl View Post
That's awful. I thought every guest on the show was an actor like with Jerry Springer.
The guests on Jerry Springer were mostly not actors

Sometimes they were (like the episodes about LESBIAN LOVE TRIANGLES and shit like that where the girls always said "how about a threeway?" "Sure!" then all three start making out at the end of their segment lol and surprise surprise the "love triangle lesbians" were always way, way, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more attractive than the usual Jerry Springer guest), but most of them weren't
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Re: Jeremy Bloody Kyle...

Only reason it stayed on air is because it's really cheap to produce. If there wasn't an audience for it, it wouldn't have lasted 15 years. It'll just be replaced with another show exactly the same in the end anyway. Maybe he should stick to being the grumpy old fuck on Good Morning Britain when Piers Morgan is unavailable. Expect him in the jungle on I'm a Celeb too.

I have no sympathy for anybody who goes on it or Love Island for that matter. They know exactly what they're signing up to. And should realise they're yesterdays chip paper.

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Re: Jeremy Bloody Kyle...

About fucking time! The TV equivalent of cancer, the fact it’s been so popular unfortunately says it all...

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Re: Jeremy Bloody Kyle...

tbh i used to watch it loads years ago when i was a student, some of the episodes were hilarious

one of my ex's best mates was on it actually lol

but ultimately it was - since it's now been done in - a sneering cunt insulting the absolute dregs of society and properly vulnerable people with mental health issues
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Re: Jeremy Bloody Kyle...

It was vaguely entertaining for the first couple of years. It ran its course a long, long time ago though, and as ive gotten older the exploitative nature of it bothers me more and more. Theres nothing constructive about it at all, its just a hypocritical prick hiding behind security guards while verbally dressing down underclass scummers for our amusement. I think its actually worse than Springer was in that sense, Springer wasnt as ill natured and was half fake anyway. And the shows JK replaced ie Trisha and the Vanessa Feltz thing were much more light hearted.

I hope Jezza is going through hell right now and never works again tbh. Fuck 'im.
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Re: Jeremy Bloody Kyle...

Originally Posted by Ultron View Post
Can we also cut love Island?
And The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent, Eastenders, Coronation Street, I'm a Celebrity, Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away etc? Most shows on BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 are absolute cancer and have been for a long time!
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Re: Jeremy Bloody Kyle...

the jeremy kyle show is the modern day freak show in many ways.

studio executives wheeling out the confused and the bewildered to be laughed at.......its as simple as that. I perfectly understand that no-one forces people to go on there and air their problems to the nation so the guests themselves can hardly be absolved from blame, they likely know exactly what they are getting but when you really boil it all down, its rather weird and something society doesnt need. Some of the guests on his show likely had some serious mental health problems and therefore shouldnt be put before a studio audience to be used as comedy.

Im sure the same will happen with X factor before long (if it hasnt happened already), their act of bring people out on stage to be laughed at by multi-millonaires is rather questionable. I have always found it uncomfortable......look at susan boyle, she was completed mocked before she started singing because of the way she looked. Other people are purely put through to the auditions so they can be mocked and spat at for the sake of "good TV".

these kinds of things just seem like a pressure valve for people to think "at least my life isnt that bad, let me laugh at that fucking idiot". It really is the pits of entertainment.
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Re: Jeremy Bloody Kyle...

Not a huge loss for this show to be cancelled really. Was always depressing as fuck watching it.

I did laugh at the odd clip, but mostly for all the wrong reasons. I feel like it was only a matter of time until something like this happened, so the news of it didn't shock me too much.

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Re: Jeremy Bloody Kyle...

Originally Posted by Punkamaniac View Post
It shouldn't have took someone committing suicide for the show to be cancelled by ITV.
I completely agree, but there was no way ITV would have cancelled the show without this happening due to the daytime ratings.

Ratings will always be more important than exploitation of stupid people if you're a TV exec.

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