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College Degree - Was it worth it?

I'm curious.

For those of you that have a college degree of any kind, do you feel it was worth it? What did you study and where has your career led you thus far? Is your degree related to the work you do? Is the degree you hold a requirement for the positon you work?

I was having a similar discussion with a friend recently and I just felt like hearing some other thoughts. I have a Bachelor's degree. I studied Business Administration with a minor in Health Science. The position I currently hold does not require a degree, but it definitely made it easier. I'm only 27 and have had had quite a few jobs because I'm the type of person who will not stay in one place if I'm unhappy. I've worked in healthcare administration, payroll, insurance and, most recently, the veterinary and animal welfare field which is where I have found what I truly enjoy. I work in a managerial administrative role so it gives me a chance to combine the business aspect from school with the animal-loving side of me. But, as mentioned, my position doesn't REQUIRE a degree. It's a great job with good pay that I actually enjoy. However, to answer my own question - was it worth it? I would say the ROI on my degree has been less-than-satisfying at this point. I can't say for certain that I would be where I am career-wise without it, but it wouldn't have been impossible to achieve without a degree. Maybe just a little more difficult.

With all that said, college was some of the best times I've ever had and I made amazing life-long friends. Thus, if I had to opportunity to go back, I wouldn't change anything. But still, not sure it was totally worth it from a financial standpoint.

What about you?
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Re: College Degree - Was it worth it? degree is in Social Science and Education. I enjoy what I do and have met some great, professional people in my years doing this. College was ABSOLUTELY the best years of my life. I played a sport in college but still had all the free time in the world. I miss my biggest decision being if I was going to go to my 8am class. The school work wasnt too bad either. I try and tell former students after they graduate to stay in school as long as possible. If its possible go get a reg degree, masters, specialist, phd, md, jd, dds, whatever just stay in and enjoy. I also encourage former athletes to try and get on as a GA with whatever program, get a free masters degree and some experience coaching/asst coaching. I have a couple students that are working on their grad degrees now while a GA.

I will also say that it is not required. I do teach students that I know will not go to college and I do my best to encourage them to find a skill that they enjoy and take as many vocational classes in high school and to take whatever low paying or free even internship they can find while in high school. I have former students that are working in a ship yard down here as welders or electricians that are now making more money than people I know with college degrees. I have talked to business owners who cant find enough employees to fill whatever they need because kids arent learning skills like electrician, construction and so on in school.

If I could go back I probably would do something different. I would probably like to get into advertising of some sort especially for a sports team or company or some sort of sports medicine. But I do enjoy what I do and summers, thanksgiving, xmas, and spring break off is a nice benefit.
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Re: College Degree - Was it worth it?

Well worth it. My degree means I can walk into thousands of high paid jobs other people have little shot at. My degree has nothing to do with the work I do but "1st class honours" from Cambridge University is basically writing your own ticket to success in the UK tbh.

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I’m a lawyer and you can’t go to law school without a BA so it was a requirement. I majored in criminal justice and practice criminal law so it was related.

But I could have gone for anything in college and have my current job.

I knew what I wanted to do when I went to college and I have the job that I wanted when I was in college so I’m happy with it. I’m not making 6 figures but I’m 27 and pay all my bills with no issues so I’m happy with it.

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Re: College Degree - Was it worth it?

I chose nursing so yeah, my brother chose politics and he runs a football magazine called Mundial. He's very clear that whilst the 'degree' is a waste, his time at University was not as he changed as a person and met a lot of his friends who now work with him.

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Re: College Degree - Was it worth it?

Likewise for me. I won't tell what I studied, where, and whatever though. Back then I was thinking of changing course but I just couldn't let go of my friends. That was the most likeable stage of my life and I had real friends. They say high school is the best but I say college is the one. That was the time I could go to places with them to watch some musical/band shows for example.

In my situation, it wasn't quite worth it specifically financially, if I could go back I would just take a one or two-year technical course instead of a degree which would really be practical for daily life as right now I am technically "retired" due to health problems at a young age. After graduating HS and during my college tenure I did not know what I really wanted so I took something close to my father's field. School was very tough. Again if I could go back I would still take one closer to his field but vocational/technical would do. I would really love to go back to see and talk to him again.

If you are a degree holder, it is a very powerful achievement. You could be hired quite easily because of it especially in other countries. So it could be a valuable asset when the time comes, who knows.

Anyway I wouldn't recommend to anyone to control their children what to take in college, my parents allowed us to decide for ourselves.
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Re: College Degree - Was it worth it?

Recent graduate from the UK, so while I have "student debt", it's more of a graduate tax. I've thought about this and mine was absolutely worth it, both personally and professionally. I graduated in mathematics and *shock* I'm in an academic role as a mathematician. I really enjoy the work and really want to continue in academia so for me the degree was the only way in.

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Re: College Degree - Was it worth it?

Yes it was worth it. Got my degree in mechanical engineering. I would not of got my first job without my degree. Started out as a engineer working with a high end team in NASCAR. From there worked my way up to engineering manager.
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Re: College Degree - Was it worth it?

I studied Journalism. The fuck do you think
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Re: College Degree - Was it worth it?

Worth every penny I paid for it
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