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Re: Anyone else feel their college education was pointless?

The only thing I regret is my choice in major, and not being able to stick with it.

I attended an HBCU and would not take the experience back for anything. I did not finish at that particular school, but the relationships made, marching in the band and the social development was priceless.

I have a Music Buisness degree and I actually worked in music business for 10+ years until I was let go. Being in that corporate setting, I got a chance to see that the real money makers were in IT/IS/programming.

College experience aside, if I had to do it all over again, I would take up a trade. I've always been good at working with my hands, building things, etc. I would've probably been an electrician. I would've made a ton more money - EARLIER IN LIFE - doing something challenging.

As for having a Bachelors degree, I merely see it as a gateway to an upper-level tier of jobs (salary wise). Most times, the major doesn't even matter, they only care that you have a degree. Something that I found out once I got back on the job hunt.

I won't push my daughters to "go to college" like my parents did me. If they don't want to go to college immediately, I would recommend that they get a trade. I currently work for a trade school and some of the programs are in such high demand that they usually start work as soon as they finish school.

My wife is pursuing a Bachelors in Nursing and wants to be a traveling nurse. I will probably find a job that telecommutes and travel with her once the kids are out of the house.

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Re: Anyone else feel their college education was pointless?

I feel your pain... i actually think the whole education system is a bit messed up (in the US). They tell us college is to make us more well rounded but I think that should have been achieved in the 13 years of education leading up to college. There should be more of a vocational school approach to how people are prepared for jobs during and after high school. Too much time is spent retreading the things we should have already learned in the first few years of college. Theres just way too much filler

Obviously this kinda varies based on different career fields but for the most part we should cut to the chase and encourage kids to become serious about their career prospects early so our 4 years of high school (in the US) can kinda mimic a bachelorís program. Enough of telling kids to fuck off in high school because their young, we have to teach kids to be more realistic because weíre producing too many loser adults
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Re: Anyone else feel their college education was pointless?

It really depends on what college you join and what you choose to do. Someone I knew chose "fashion" and has literally never had any use for it.

engineering for example is very strong on the idea of higher education so anything you can do for that is only going to help you.

I think some people want to go to university (or college) because they want to have the social aspect of it. Its only when they leave do they realise that they just pissed a load of money and time up the wall for something that wasnt even that valuable.

in short, do something with level thinking, not just because it will be "fun". "fun" is temporary.

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Re: Anyone else feel their college education was pointless?

Mine was, except for the exchange semester in Australia I did during my fourth year.

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Re: Anyone else feel their college education was pointless?

In my case it's pointless money wise. I'm an architect and I've been working for 3 years in the same company (10 fucking hours a day) and my salary is literally nothing despite busting my ass and being the best at what I do. Next week I will start working in another company with a better salary but it's still not much. When I was a kid I thought by the time I'm 26 working as an architect I'd be a millionaire, man was I fucking wrong and stupid.

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Re: Anyone else feel their college education was pointless?

It depends on what you went to college for. If you only focus on the courses you took in relation to the line of work you wanted and youíre not happy with where you are now, itís probably pointless. It felt like it to me at first, since what I studied (history) never really went anywhere once I left college. My unhappiness partially stemmed from me expecting too much from it.

In hindsight, I donít look back on what I studied as a waste per se since there was a reason I was studying it to begin with, and the skills and knowledge learned from it are useful. But I now also take into account the experiences of everything that happened during those years, like forming new relationships with others and the social development aspect. It makes me realize that college was a good thing for me in the long run. These experiences helped to build me up for a new path in life that I am far happier with now (digital marketing) than when I graduated.
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Re: Anyone else feel their college education was pointless?

Feeling more like this every day man
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Re: Anyone else feel their college education was pointless?

degrees are like the ratings system

they've given out so many 5s, 9s and 10s that they are meaningless

and no matter how many degrees they give out the job market will continue to shrink
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It's insane that we're going to applaud a wrestling company for doing this.
It should be 100% standard across pro wrestling.
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And the minute you compromise that for a check, I can't feel sorry for you. You got what you wanted, therefore you got what you deserved.
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Re: Anyone else feel their college education was pointless?

If anything the experiences were good. Helped me mature. If I had to do it over again, I might just go for an Associates rather then a Bachelors degree.
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Re: Anyone else feel their college education was pointless?

Originally Posted by Greatsthegreats View Post
degrees are like the ratings system

they've given out so many 5s, 9s and 10s that they are meaningless

and no matter how many degrees they give out the job market will continue to shrink
This is very true. Even for CS majors the bar has been raised from "If you have a Bachelor's we'll hire you" (about 3-5 years ago) to "If you have a bachelor's and an awesome internship we'll consider hiring you but it'd be better if you had a Master's". I graduated just in time, but looking down the road a couple years at all these people majoring in CS, it's gonna be a tough road for them if they can't get into grad school or if they aren't really gung-ho about getting internships while in school. Just having the degree doesn't cut it anymore. This will of course benefit colleges more than anyone, because they'll be (and already are) absolutely rolling in all of the federal grant/loan money from people desperate to break into the industry.

The sad truth is that college right now is way too accessible in the sense that the government will largely subsidize you if you're poor, but in doing so they actually devalue the degree you'll be getting not just for you but for everyone else pursuing the same degree. Without that accessibility more people would look into trade schools and pursue more realistic goals and not bankrupt themselves for degrees that aren't going to get them anywhere in life.
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