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Re: Jim Cornette

Cornette will never forget that fateful day where Kenny Omega engaged in a wrestling match with a 9 year old girl, and he hasn't been able to bring himself to compliment him on anything since he saw that video.

Then again he is the guy who punched Santino backstage at an OVW show because he thought Santino who was an audience member at the time was laughing at the Boogie Man when he should've been acting scared in his opinion
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Re: Jim Cornette

Originally Posted by BlackieDevil View Post
Please tell me more about those FACTS.
Young Bucks can't draw
>2018 was the peak in ROH history when it comes to attendance numbers and merchandise.

>Selling out ALL IN, Double or Nothing and ALL OUT in less than a day.

Kenny Omega
>Sold out Osaka Jo-Hall three times when he main evented (13.000) venue btw
>Co-Main and Main evented the Tokyo Dome three times selling +30.000 tickets

Bullet Club sold 500.000 t-shirts in 2018.

I'm not spoon feeding you anymore. All those numbers are out there to check for yourself. AEW at this point has drawed more money than Jim's run on Smoky Mountain, ROH, Impact and MLW combined.
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Re: Jim Cornette

So, the OP complains about Cornette for saying awful things to stay relevant, so then makes a thread making him relevant in the current conversation in the process.

Do the words "ironic" or counterproductive" come to mind?

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Re: Jim Cornette

Originally Posted by V-Trigger View Post
I'm not spoon feeding you anymore.
Chill man, you don't have to be such a prick about it.

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Re: Jim Cornette

It's clear he has an agenda against Indy promotions and to some part aew, however when you listen to his podcast the same with Russo it's not all bad and to some degree they both make valid points and give good suggestions to get the casuals views up. Personally against others opinions I think both are a good hand to have back stage as agents as long as not directly booking.
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Re: Jim Cornette

Originally Posted by Tilon View Post
Who expects that? In the 'old days' wrestling was exactly like that. You went out and had to get over. You didn't start out over. And whether you do or not determines your success. That certainly appears to be how AEW is doing it.

The promotion can't come out and get you over for you. The performer has to get over.

Did Bret or Austin or Rock get huge cheers when they first started their character arcs?
Go get over is one thing, but give the guys an actual chance to build their character. Orange Cassidy just goes out and does his thing, no one knows why (unless you are an indy fan that follows him.) AEW is missing the why. There's a major lack of storytelling. For example if Impact Wrestling just brought out Eddie Edwards with his kendo stick every week talking about how hardcore he is, no one would give a rat's ass. But there's a story, he's got ongoing struggles in his marriage, now someone else on the roster is trying to get in the middle of that and it's creating a feud you can actually care about. Wrestling is bland without storytelling.

The main event scene in AEW is doing an ok job with that, but I still don't really get why Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega hate each other. Everything Jericho touches turns into gold, I get that, but now he's got this random group that doesn't really fit (although Sammy is starting to grow on me.) I guess Jake Hager in his role makes sense too, seems like they just threw LAX in there as the random tag team though. I guess my biggest gripe is you've got Moxley's feud and Jericho's feud as the two main stories each week but there's no other storylines. Every title should have feuds and storylines involved with them regularly. And there should be a couple non title feuds as well, like Moxley/Omega. That's what gives the wrestlers stories and meaning.

Rock/Austin also joined established brands. I guess the lack of star power (minus the few guys at the top) is what startles me. At least use guys like Dustin Rhodes in storylines with non established mainstream guys (90%) of the roster to put them over and establish them.
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Re: Jim Cornette

Keep in mind that Jim Cornette is a career heel. So, some of you are definitely getting worked
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Re: Jim Cornette

I think Cornette is entertaining to listen to but I dont agree with his taste in wrestling at all. Frequently shits on guys that are top stars and became top stars. He,s stuck in the 80s southern rasslin terrotories style and is as out of touch as all the other relics from that era. One examplee is his philosphy on heels and babyfaces. There is no middle line for him. Heel cheats and cusses the crowd. Face is a plain vanilla whitemeat babyface. People are over that shit and will not boo a wrestler for cheating if he,s talented. Thats where aew does it perfectly with gray area characters such as mox and mjf but he shits on them.
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Its still real to me damnit
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Re: Jim Cornette

Originally Posted by Psychosocial View Post
At least I can listen to Cornette talk. Meltzer can't even finish a thought without stuttering into another one. It's impossible to listen to that guy speak, I don't know how some people can listen to his podcast.
And y know bbbut the thing is... I mean.... When he first came in he was hot butt then y know hah things happend and I mean bbut (Repeat 100 times) and you have his show. A boxer with 500 pro fights sounds more coherent
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Its still real to me damnit
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Re: Jim Cornette

Originally Posted by Ger View Post
Not really. It looks like that, because he tells a lot of things, which are common knowledge anyway. Therefore, his wrong stuff (Harper is done) seems to be a minority.
No I'm talking about stuff that nobody saw coming. Not his idle speculation which, again, he does not present as facts or legitimate predictions like Harper being done. I'm talking about when nobody saw Finn Balor's push coming and he reported it minutes into the show because someone told him what was going to happen. Stuff like that, when nooooobody thought Finn was going to fight Brock and he throws it out there just before it happens. The idea that he doesn't have sources is laughable

Originally Posted by jroc72191 View Post
only problem i have with meltzer is that his criteria for a 5 star match has greatly decreased over the years. the inflation of the rating system makes a 5 star match matter less than it once did.
Yeah his star ratings are a joke. I never really cared about them but 2019 fucking kiiiilled that whole system. Some of those Gargano matches

Originally Posted by RapShepard View Post
What I'm talking about is very simple. The fact that he's made so much money off of wrestling, while not actually being in the business is amazing. The fact he has no 1st hand experience in the wrestling business, yet has made a name for himself is amazing to me. He's so unessential to the business, yet so unavoidable it's damn near baffling.
I guess I just don't get the complaint. Every entertainment property has people like this. You don't have to be a politician to be a political pundit who makes money from listeners. Nate Silver never ran for president. Ariel Helwani has never had an MMA match. I'm not sure Roger Ebert ever made a movie (could be wrong)

So I don't really get your complaint. He makes money because people like him and don't care that he's never "been in the business"
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