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Re: Jim Cornette

The omega stuff has nothing to do with called out and everything to do with exposing the business. Cornette holds grudges. Hell he just admitted on his show that his only real beef with triple H was his not being sorry about the curtain call. Is he abrasive? sure. But nowadays he's toned way the fuck down, and he's a fountain of information.
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Re: Jim Cornette

Meltzer is a stupid idiot
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Re: Jim Cornette

I watch his youtube videos. Cornette is hilarious even though I disagree with almost everything he says at least 90% of it. I don't take my opinions that serious that I will hate everyone who disagrees. I don't agree with Cornette but I can still listen and laugh at his humor and not take it so seriously. It's wrestling talk at the end of the day not politics. It's not that serious. Kenny Omega is my favorite wrestler and I love the Young Bucks. Cornette despises them and I am fine with that. It's not like Cornette doesn't think Omega and the Bucks are not talented. He says they are great athletes and wrestlers he just doesn't like the structure of their matches and the way they carry themselves.

Cornette is a dumbass but a funny one. That's the good kind. At least you can laugh at them.
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Re: Jim Cornette

He's great when it comes to fundimental wrestling psychology. However, i wouldn't trust him to book a show from top-to-bottom. His Kayfabe Commentaries: Rebooking the WCW Invasion was a downright embarassment.

I do agree with him on several points pertaining to the AEW product. Of course Dave would have issues with that since he's in bed with them.

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Re: Jim Cornette

hes a terrible person to work with and already caused PR problems to NWA with his stupid comments.

ROH during his regime was fucking awful. the very much loyal fanbase they used to have almost abounded the product and top guys weren't happy. he thought Young Bucks, Steen and Generico were useless yet pushed guys like Bennett and THE FUCKING HEADBANGERS.
hes obviously a great talker (as manager, can't stand him on commentary tbh, talks waayyy too much) and very passionate but his vision about pro wrestling is outdated.

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Re: Jim Cornette

Did anyone actually read what he said about Cornette? Basically complimented him in a bunch of ways but then just said he doesnt give credit to new stars and isnt giving AEW a chance and that it's too early to say the shit he does after just a month of TV.

All of that is absolutely correct. Cornette doesn't want to like the product so he glosses over stuff that is clearly over and worked just cause he didnt like it personally. Look this new era of wrestling isnt presented for people like Jim, give Dave credit for adapting and respecting both the old school and the new.

People just slamming Dave aren't really paying attention or fall into that same category as Jim.
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Re: Jim Cornette

I love listening to Cornette, dude is hilarious and knows his shit about wrestling. I don't listen to Meltzer at all and didn't know who the fuck he was until I signed up on this forum.

With that being said I don't really care for NWA power, not my cup of tea. It's patterned after the 1980s style of presentation of wrestling and that's not what I grew up watching. Still love listening to Cornette though.
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Re: Jim Cornette

How dare anyone talk shit about a guy who's only known because he talks shit about everyone.
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Re: Jim Cornette

Originally Posted by Gh0stFace View Post
Like Dave Meltzer confirmed, this guy comes across like a complete hater. Fuck his 300+ year wrestling experience, he's a fucking idiot trying to remain relevant
I totally understand, if people dislike Cornette. But starting such a thread with "like Dave Meltzer confirmed" is a joke! Cornette got the credibility and experience in wrestling, which Dave is dreaming of. Cornette did everything (incl. sh$t) and saw everything (incl. sh%t) from all perspectives in wrestling. Dave is still an outsider, living from the few informations the promotions drop to him.

Also, Dave is the one who tries to stay relevant with making up stories or copy/paste them from other guys. His contacts to WWE dropped to zero meanwhile and he is totally pissed over this. Therefore he plays nice guy for AEW. (Which is not AEW`s fault.)

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Re: Jim Cornette

Dude loves Cody, Jericho, MJF, Page, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus among others and I definitely remember him giving AEW the win in their first head-to-head with NXT. Some parts of AEW he's a big fan of so he can't be a hater.
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