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Re: Jim Cornette

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Re: Jim Cornette

Corny usually at least has some kind of a valid point, but he's also quite clearly playing up his hate for the sake of drawing money and attention from his fan base. He's got his little world and it seems to make him happy so I won't begrudge him that, but this culture of "hate watching" is something I don't get.
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Re: Jim Cornette

Originally Posted by lesenfanteribles View Post

While Cornette did co-found the promotion, isn't it Rick Rubin's idea to have this movie gimmick in the first place? Then again he approved of it too so I guess that's on him too. They had a guy who was wrapped in bandages that could barely move, who was claimed to have been resurrected with magic and doesn't "expose the business"
Wait wait wait wait...

Are you telling me that WCW ripped off Smokey Mountain Wrestling to create The Yeti?


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Re: Jim Cornette

I sometimes agree with him(like his opinion of Joey Ryan I agree with) but sometimes I don't agree with him(as pointed out, he's stuck in the 80s and that stuff doesn't work anymore.) he's fun to listen to no matter what tho, just him ranting can leave me laughing. I mean hell I even laugh at the stuff I disagree with because of how dumb I think it is, but him ranting about it makes it great.

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Re: Jim Cornette

Cornette and Meltzer can both kiss my ass, brother.
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Re: Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette is a life long heal and is working the fuck out of everyone and loving every minute of it.

He's worked out how to be a real heel in this era.
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Re: Jim Cornette

I like Cornette, think heís just hilarious. Do I agree with him on everything, certainly not. You can still like and respect people you donít agree with. Jimís type of wrestling, like whatís being presented in NWA is boring the crap out of me, I really love what AEW are doing. I would still love to sit down with Cornette over a sprite or two and listen to him tell stories.
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Re: Jim Cornette

I am always interested in what Jim has to say as his experience and overall knowledge of Wrestling in general is second to none. it might be just me but he seems to have his mind made up on certain individuals.

For example -

Joey Janella , Chuck Taylor , Kenny Omega, Bucks, Orange Cassidy - They could change their whole style and be the type of wrestler that Jim craves tomorrow and he'd still find something he didn't like about them.

He has his favorites too. God forbid anyone say anything bad about Seth Rollins' latest run but according to Jim, he's a top level talent.

I think some of Jim's comments about wrestling and how to do certain things, still carry a lot of weight in today's current style but I find his constant, personal vendetta's against certain wrestlers, drag it down somewhat .
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It was their attempt to capitalize on pop culture and also rip.off the undertaker/Paul Bearer gimmick.the only person who got over with the larger than life gimmick was Jim mitchel
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bird Re: Jim Cornette

Originally Posted by TripleG View Post
Wait wait wait wait...

Are you telling me that WCW ripped off Smokey Mountain Wrestling to create The Yeti?
The possibility is there.

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