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Re: More Promos Needed

Originally Posted by Jedah View Post
They're doing fine, honestly. No need for constant in ring promos. Do it for big deals and short clips or interviews for the rest.

Like we saw with Mox, Omega, and PAC tonight, you don't need to talk to build an angle.
My sentiments exactly.

Send lawyers, guns and money.

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Re: More Promos Needed

I remember there was one episode of WCW when Buff Bagwell cut a promo on his way to the ring and during the match.
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Re: More Promos Needed

I agree with what some said,They will have more promos once more feuds start and more characters are progressing.

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Re: More Promos Needed

Yeah when you think about it what is there really for anyone aside from Jericho to say? Most of the talking was done with action tonight and that's fine. Not everyone needs to run their mouths for 20 minutes.
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Re: More Promos Needed

Mox needs to talk more but they are killing it with in-ring storytelling so promos haven't been needed.
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Re: More Promos Needed

Originally Posted by AEWMoxley View Post
Agreed. They'll understand this when their viewership drops after the wrestling-heavy episodes they've delivered.
You'll see we have the same ratings.
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Re: More Promos Needed

I'm sure that will come with time. But Jericho's promo was enough this week, and and it REALLY did it's job with showcasing his team.

You also had the opener video package in which both teams gave their introductions. and you had Pac talking on commentary, and the post match interaction to help elevate that angle.

So even tho you got one promo tonight, they still did their job effectively with all angles. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

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Re: More Promos Needed

If I wanna see a bunch of people talk then Iíll watch a debate. 1 promo is fine, maybe 2. 3 becomes overkill.

Use platforms like YouTube to do that stuff.
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Re: More Promos Needed

They need to get Scott Steiner as a promo coach for some of these new guys


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Re: More Promos Needed

Originally Posted by RubberbandGoat View Post
Wait. People complain when thereís talking segments all
The time and now you want a bunch of them? Thisíll get confusing for them to please everyone
No, people complain when there's a 30-minute promo opening RAW with some bunch of geeks who can't talk for shit or some authority figure.

When there's someone good who can talk - people want to see more of that. Nothing contradictory about this, I think AEW understands that.
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