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Fantasy Booking the first TNT show

A boy and his dinosaur def Lucha bros
Tag team tournament - start off hot and with an upset.

Jon Moxley def Dustin Rhodes
Assuming Mox is healthy. This can start a Dustin retirement story. Is he too old to compete...

Steiner brothers introduce tag titles
Like Bret did at Double or Nothing

LAX def Private Party
Tag team tournament

Cody def Sammy Guevara

Riho def Nyla Rose
For the woman’s championship

Chris Jericho, Jack Swagger,and Wade Barret def Omega and Young Bucks
A lot of people expect LAX to be the mystery but they already debuted.
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Re: Fantasy Booking the first TNT show

Six matches and a title presentation to go with commercials and promos? Not happening.

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Re: Fantasy Booking the first TNT show

Barrett is retired, Private party vs Bucks has already been annouced


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Re: Fantasy Booking the first TNT show

Cody v Sammy Guevara - First ever TNT match

Shawn Spears backstage segment

Lucha Bros v Strong Hearts - tag tournament 1st round match

Creepy interview with The Dark Order

Best Friends v LAX - tag team tournament 1st round match

Mox in-ring promo

Women's title presentation

Riho v Nyla Rose - Woman's champ match

Omega/Bucks v Jericho/KazXL and nZo - Main Event

Jericho/nZo post match promo time permitting
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Bucks are announced for the 6 man tag unless Iím misunderstanding you.

Originally Posted by Death Rider View Post
Barrett is retired, Private party vs Bucks has already been annouced
How many quality matches you think they can fit in a two hour show?

Originally Posted by ceeder View Post
Six matches and a title presentation to go with commercials and promos? Not happening.
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Originally Posted by anolderfan View Post
Bucks are announced for the 6 man tag unless I’m misunderstanding you.

Originally Posted by Death Rider View Post
Barrett is retired, Private party vs Bucks has already been annouced
Bucks have announced they will be facing private party in the first round of the touranment on a different show.


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* Justin “Thunder” Liger beats Brian Pillman, Jr. Pillman’s dad beat Liger on the first TNT show in 1995, now Liger beats Pillman, Jr.

Goals: Liger! What a legend! Pillman, Jr.? Kid’s got potential. We remember things. We’re not going to insult your intelligence.

* Tony Shiavone interviews Camp Rhodes

-Cody sets up the first main event — a 2/3 Falls Match between him and Shawn Spears. Cody tells Shawn that if he thinks he’s really ready to be a main eventer, he can step up in a match they used to have to crown champions. Arn Anderson and Tony Shiavone have an emotional moment about how good it is to see each other back on TNT. Arn puts his head up to Tony’s. Arn is here to enforce AEW and make sure wrestling gets back, and he’s got no problem taking his old friend out if Tully gets involved. MJF accuses Shawn of biting the hand that feeds him. Thanks to Cody, MJF is a richer MFer than most people watching, especially those under 50.

Goal: This is your main event. Cody is here. Arn is here. DDP is here. MJF can talk. There’s some emotion and reality to this.

* Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus vs. SCU

-Daniels & Kazarian beat the babies. Prior to the match, Daniels gets heat by warning Jungle Boy to ask Stephen Amell what he does to actors, and telling Luchasaurus that he’s going to be dead meat just like Jungle Boy’s daddy. Jungle Boy shows fire, because he’s mad. He makes a mistake and gets beaten down. They explain why Luchasaurus wears a mask. Daniels & Kazarian sneak one out. Stephen Amell is at ringside and Daniels gets in his face. Amell jumps the rail and gets in his face, but security escorts Amell.

Goals: We have promos. We have heat. We’ve got fire. We’ve got psychology. We’ve got a ripped dude with a mask and his adorable and spunky little buddy. We’ve got celebrities that want to be involved with us, and something’s going to happen.

* Nyla Rose vs. Britt Baker

-Pre-taped interviews tell us who each woman is. Nyla tells Britt Baker that it’s a shame their little golden gold can’t perform oral surgery on herself. Nyla slips on a banana peel and Baker squeaks our victory.

Goals: These two women are going to be our centerpiece women stars. We have the preppy blonde and the bad-ass bitch, but the bad-ass can lose and Baker is smart and more seasoned. Things aren’t over between these two.

* Scarlett Bordeaux promo. She is super-hot and her segment deliberately subverts the athletic contest we just saw. What a bitch.

Goals: Introduce a women’s personality that is probably going to play shit-stirrer in the division.

* Chris Van Vliet interviews Team Spears

-Spears doesn’t need to pay people to hang out with him. He doesn’t need other people. He’s got Tully and he’s going to give Cody a good hand tonight, and probably another concussion.

Goal: Shawn Spears is a jerk.

* Chris Jericho promo

-He’ll know what to say.

Goal: We’ve got someone you know and they’re still fucking great.

* Hangman Adam Page pre-package

-At All Out, Jericho busted his eye and gave him a concussion. He’s hot and wants to get some back on Jericho, but Cody’s asked him to calm down and do some PR, because he doesn’t want things getting out of hand just yet. He respects Cody, so fine. But he’ll be in Charleston, West Virginia on *insert date*. He’ll be ready to cause some “Cowboy Shit.”

Goal: Page’s best attribute is his presence. This uses that, sells what happened on your PPV, would have allowed you to put Jericho vs. Page earlier in the show and saves crowning a World Champion as a draw-card. Page is mad. He has a catchphrase. He’s good to his friends, but bad to his enemies. We know when he’s getting back and have something to look forward to.

* Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Bros. & PAC

-The EVPs have to be on the show, right? Sigh, I guess let them have this and try to tear it down. I put over the faces here. I think there is more upside in the heels, but I think the official unit would benefit, and I think Omega should win until it is proven that he doesn’t get over on the major level. If he is perceived as someone that can move up, go with it.

Goals: Look at this action! We’ve got flippy guys and some of them are bastards.

* Before we go to the main event, Tony Shiavone appears on the screen and announces a major main event for next week. It will be Tessa Blanchard vs. Gail Kim (buy out their TNA contracts). It will be to crown AEW’s first champion, the AEW Women’s Champion. Normally there would be a tournament for this sort of thing, but the experts all agree that Tessa and Gail are far and away worth of being put in this spot and bringing legitimacy to the Women’s World Title of Professional Wrestling.

Goal: Use the prestige of your announcers to put over women’s wrestling and advertise crowning your first champion. These women are hot and kick ass.

* Daniels is out with security, and maybe Billy Gunn, and he asks Amell to be removed from the arena for attacking him earlier. Amell puts his hands up and says this is bullshit, and Billy acts like he knows it is, they’ll get him tickets to Full Gear but to just go and they have to set precedent. Daniels sings goodbye to Amell as security goes back with him.

Goal: Furthers a program from earlier and makes Daniels look like an even bigger jerk. There’s also a functional reason for this coming up.

* 2/3 Falls Match: Cody vs. Shawn Spears

-Cody wins the first fall after a standard match. Cody draws “first blood” and looks like the superior wrestler. Tully whispers something into Cody’s ear and the action will commence, as JR lets us know, when we get back. But they’re already fighting when we do. They couldn’t help it. Cody breaks the advantage, shows some fire, but when he goes out after Spears, Tully distracts Cody and it’s another chair shot from Spears. Tully has handcuffs. Arn is hit in the back as Cody watches. Dustin runs down with DDP. Jericho shows up and he and Shawn beat DDP and Dustin down. JR says he knows security is busy sorting stuff out with Amell, but demands to know where MJF is. He comes hobbling out with his own steel chair. He grabs Tully and has the keys. He swings a chair around and the heels bail to ringside. MJF goes to unlock Cody, but then withholds the keys. Jericho and Spears are shocked, but they have a new ally. MJF makes Cody watch as they break Dustin’s arm. MJF has the chair as Cody looks at him, pleading and cursing him out. MJF thwacks him with the steel chair across the head as Cody is silenced and we go out. Omega and The Bucks make it out half-dressed, explaining why they weren’t there earlier. The show goes off the air with JR begrudging reminding us that we’re crowning a Women’s Champion next week, but there better be some damn consequences for that young man and those sons of bitches!

Goal: Big angle. We’ve got some heat. We’ve got three jerk heels. We’ve got babyfaces who want revenge. There’s blood. There’s swearing. There’s mayhem and real stakes. Also Spears getting DQ’d subverts the idea that you expect 2/3 Falls Matches to go 3 falls. Nope. We’ve got a hook for next week and hopefully some interim programs.
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Re: Fantasy Booking the first TNT show

Jon Moxley defeats Dustin Rhodes.

Riho defeats Nyla Rose to win AEW Women's Title.

Jericho and LAX defeat Omega and the Young Bucks.

Hikaru Shida defeats Jazz.

Omega/Moxley and Dr. Britt Baker/Bea Priestley confrontations.
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Re: Fantasy Booking the first TNT show

Have only 2-3 matches with promos and characters being the key.

Running story for show.

Have cliffhanger.
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I would expect Cody and Guevara to be the opening match, although I could see them starting the show with the 6 man tag to get it off to a hot start showcasing Omega/Young Bucks and the champion Jericho. The added surprise of revealing Jericho’s partners will add some intrigue, and it could also feature a run in by Moxley to attack Omega after the match. I think it is probably more likely that the 6 man tag closes the show with a Moxley run in at the end just like DoN. I would imagine the women’s title presentation (featuring Brandi) and title match will kick off the 9 o’clock hour.

In between those three segments, I would expect a Shawn Spears promo, a tag match of some kind (probably Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus), a women’s division promo with Baker/Priestley, and a short match between a couple of mid-card guys (Janela, Allin, Avalon, Sabian, Orange Cassidy).
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