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Re: Cody Rhodes to Challenge Chris Jericho for AEW Title at 'Full Gear'

Makes sense as Cody is the most credible due to his previous wins, the match will be great but he's obviously losing. Jericho won't lose the title that soon and he shouldn't anyways. I'm here for a long Jericho reign which we are more than likely getting.

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Re: Cody Rhodes to Challenge Chris Jericho for AEW Title at 'Full Gear'

Should be good.

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Re: Cody Rhodes to Challenge Chris Jericho for AEW Title at 'Full Gear'

Cody has been booked perfectly balanced. Like everything should be.

He's not overly booked strong in squashes and looking like superman.
He's not been booked weak as if he's never going to win a match and will retire quietly.

He's been booked at the right level of a high level wrestler who's just come from NJPW and opened his own franchise and "battled hard" to earn his championship match.

Can't wait. The TV feud build with Jericho/Brandy/Cody even potentially Bucks getting involved
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Re: Cody Rhodes to Challenge Chris Jericho for AEW Title at 'Full Gear'

Calm down OP.

This match was clear as day as soon as Jericho won.

They are tearing down and re-building Omega for a long storyline that gets him to the title. It wouldn't be right to win now.

Mox shouldn't be Jericho's first feud, because whoever that is, is laying down.

So the ONLY logical opponent is Cody. People know him, and he will lay down for Jericho.

LOL at people thinking this is Nash 2.0. This is SMART.
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Re: Cody Rhodes to Challenge Chris Jericho for AEW Title at 'Full Gear'

This should actually be their best main event yet.

Just on Omega being torn down so he can be built up though: Why? Why would you tell that story? Why not just present him as a world class talent from the start? The journey back isn't as exciting as the journey there. It feels labored and like the long way to get to where you want to go.

I'm not the biggest Omega fan, but that's just got me puzzled. My guess is that Omega wanted to get a call from New Japan so he's booked himself out of the title picture and they just haven't called. Either that or it's mock humbility to put everyone else over since he's the EVP. He may have put himself early in the show (killing its flow completely) so he could "coach" the women's match, too.

Just a bit messy and there's no way AEW is going to win "Best Booker" at the end of the year in a just world. That has to go to New Japan.

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Re: Cody Rhodes to Challenge Chris Jericho for AEW Title at 'Full Gear'

Originally Posted by CHAMPIONSHIPS View Post

Guys, this is what's going to make AEW different.

So now is about the time where you decide if you want a different wrestling product or if you want WWE lite.

WWE is the company that makes title matches on the basis of who has personal beef with the champion, rather than on the basis of who is the most credible challenger for the champion. WWE will just have Samoa Joe, who is a 50/50 jobber, beat down Kofi after a match and then boom, all of the sudden he's a title contender. No logic and no suspense because Joe has no credibility. That's how WWE "creates a match" through weeks of Will They/Won't They interactions and contrived personal beef

AEW will be the company where records matter. Cody has the best record right now. He's the most credible opponent, so they booked the match. That's how AEW "creates a match". Now Jericho and Cody have a REASON to start interacting and to let their personal feelings bubble to the surface over the course of the next few weeks of building. It's not just going to be some guy bumping into some other guy in the hallway and now they have a PPV match just because they had a personal interaction. The momentum and credibility of the competitors is what determines the matches and the personal animosity comes into focus AFTER the guys have a reason to fight.

To me, this is a breath of fresh air. We know what the title match is, we have a LOGICAL reason for it to be happening, it has continuity with the booking thus far and it gives the wrestlers an actual reason to develop a rivalry. It's closer to sport than soap opera. AEW always said that was the goal and y'all been acting like you wanted that.

Now we find out if you really do. Or if you're too used to the Vince McMahon formula
Funny, I recall one of the columnists of Lords of Pain back in 2016 talking about how it would be good if either the WWE or another promotion implemented a seasonal ranking system a la sports leagues to more or less determine the loose picture of their title pictures (no pun intended) and steer somewhat the general direction of the product. I also recall lots of comments laughing at him for suggesting "such a nonsensical idea that would ruin the product because wrestling is soap opera and as such it should have the same logic and narrative consistency as a soap opera". Fastforward to now and... Imo, it would be a good idea because, for starters, it would force the promoters into putting some long term thought into the booking of almost every single member of the roster. Yeah, it also means that the title picture is going to be seasonal and more or less spread among a small circle of competitors, which means that low carders getting a super push out of nowhere is going to be a super rare thing now (if not outright impossible) but on the other hand, don't people bitch about how folks like Jinder, Kofi or other long time midcarders are shoved into the title picture out of nowhere? Well, this way, if they want to push someone into the title picture, they are going to have no other option but to actually build their credibility for a certain amount of time, which would actually be a good thing.

And if they don't want the same two dudes having title matches one after another, have it so that losing title bouts in definitive fashion makes one lose half of their ranking points or something. That way, the title picture ain't going to feel monopolistic all the while still being out of reach for jobbers and other small fries at the same time.

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Re: Cody Rhodes to Challenge Chris Jericho for AEW Title at 'Full Gear'

Boy talk about reaching by some people in this thread. I have no issues with Cody Rhodes challenging Chris Jericho for the AEW Championship at Full Gear. He has the best Win and Loss Ratio/Record. He is most likely going to put Jericho over and have his first lost there. He is not winning the title, don't know why other's are getting bent out of shape of this.

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Re: Cody Rhodes to Challenge Chris Jericho for AEW Title at 'Full Gear'

Okay, I love wrestling being treated like a sport more than most people. That's not what AEW is doing, by the way. You can't treat it like a sport on a show where you've got Best Friends vs. The Dark Order featuring Orange Cassidy and psychology shit enough that JR can't call it because it'll destroy his credibility as a voice you can trust. And as much as I want a serious presentation to my wrestling, win-loss records aren't the end-all, be-all.

Wrestlers can get into programs for personal issues. Wrestlers can jump into different positions very quickly. It's one of the best things about it being a work, right? You don't have your outcomes and angles dictated to you. When you do, it's called "booking yourself into a corner." I'd rather see someone with a 0-3 record challenging for a belt in a hot program than someone 3-0 challenging for it in a cold one. If credibility is an issue, make the challenger credible. Or make that the story. Maybe they have bought the title shot? Maybe it's in their hometown? Maybe they sent a dick pic to the champion's wife? Tell a fucking story.

That being said, Jericho vs. Cody is not AEW booking themselves into the corner. It's not just that Cody beat Shawn Spears and Dustin Rhodes, right? It's that he's been the hottest act in the promotion and knocking it out of the park. He brings far and away the most gravitas to his programs. If you're trying to do something that feels important, he's the right guy right now to do that. I fully expect Jericho to consult Tully Blanchard on how to fuck with a Rhodes, and I fully expect the first TV to feature an angle where Jericho breaks Dustin's arm and promises to do the same to Cody. It's Wrestling 101.

Well, maybe it will be Arn's arm. Or DDP's. Or maybe he kicks Pharaoh. Or maybe it's MJF and that fucker shows up with a cast at Full Gear...

You get what I'm saying though.

Jericho vs. Cody is happening because it's the best card they've got in their deck right now.
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Re: Cody Rhodes to Challenge Chris Jericho for AEW Title at 'Full Gear'

Cody v. Jericho was definitely the most logical direction to go in next. Personally, I don't really care if Cody goes for the belt or not. He is over so of course he deserves to be positioned in the main event. Plus who else would they set up for Jericho next. Pac? There is 0 chance Cody wins the belt or Jericho drops the belt before holding it for at least like 6 months. I can guarantee you AEW wants there titles to matter. They need to build up credibility for it. I do however, feel like most people are overplaying to what extent they are more sports like.
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