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Re: Cody Rhodes to Challenge Chris Jericho for AEW Title at 'Full Gear'

Originally Posted by Shaun_27 View Post
Definitely the latter. I keep hearing about this ranking system but am yet to see one or have it explained to me in a logical way. It would be a million times easier to have a neutral onscreen GM who uses W/L records as a guide.
Cody has the best W/L record besides Jericho (who is the champion) and Hangman (who just lost his shot at the title).

So, I'm not sure what the confusion is. Cody didn't have to win a Top Contender's match because as of right now he's the only Top Contender in their short existence as of right now. If he loses at Full Gear, we'll go with the next man up based on wins and losses.

Maybe Moxley wins his matches coming up on TV and his match at Full Gear against Kenny. Combine that with his win over Janela at Fyter Fest, he has a good claim to be the next #1 Contender. Maybe PAC keeps winning and he becomes the #1 contender.

Point is, you win, and you're in. And I don't think they need a GM to proclaim that. They can make up a "Championship Committee" or some other off screen authority make the obvious match. Hell, even WWE barely uses an onscreen authority figure to announce matches anymore. They're usually either done on Twitter or when someone challenges someone else.

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Re: Cody Rhodes to Challenge Chris Jericho for AEW Title at 'Full Gear'

Originally Posted by Darkest Lariat View Post
Cody has the best win loss record. They said from the beginning that this is how they were doing it. It cuts out having to have useless #1 contender matches. If people want a shot they need to stop sucking.

It'll be interesting to see how this works when these stats really start piling up. A guy that gets too far behind could potentially never get a shot. And a guy that's too far ahead might be seen ad nauseum. Hopefully the stats reboot at a certain point. With Tony's football background, I could see that happening.

Anyway, I sincerely doubt Cody wins.
Surely getting title shots wont be based on a wrestlers overall win/loss record but more to do with with who has built up the best win/loss record over a two or three month period and riding momentum rather than the wwe way where a guy can lose a title match at a PPV but then still feature in another title match again on the next PPV.
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Re: Cody Rhodes to Challenge Chris Jericho for AEW Title at 'Full Gear'

I don't see the issue with cody being place so highly in aew, he's one of the biggest stars outside of wwe and he has been putting on consistently good matches on aew ppvs, some wrestling fans love finding any old excuse to moan.
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Re: Cody Rhodes to Challenge Chris Jericho for AEW Title at 'Full Gear'

Originally Posted by CHAMPIONSHIPS View Post

Guys, this is what's going to make AEW different.

So now is about the time where you decide if you want a different wrestling product or if you want WWE lite.

WWE is the company that makes title matches on the basis of who has personal beef with the champion, rather than on the basis of who is the most credible challenger for the champion. WWE will just have Samoa Joe, who is a 50/50 jobber, beat down Kofi after a match and then boom, all of the sudden he's a title contender. No logic and no suspense because Joe has no credibility. That's how WWE "creates a match" through weeks of Will They/Won't They interactions and contrived personal beef

AEW will be the company where records matter. Cody has the best record right now. He's the most credible opponent, so they booked the match. That's how AEW "creates a match". Now Jericho and Cody have a REASON to start interacting and to let their personal feelings bubble to the surface over the course of the next few weeks of building. It's not just going to be some guy bumping into some other guy in the hallway and now they have a PPV match just because they had a personal interaction. The momentum and credibility of the competitors is what determines the matches and the personal animosity comes into focus AFTER the guys have a reason to fight.

To me, this is a breath of fresh air. We know what the title match is, we have a LOGICAL reason for it to be happening, it has continuity with the booking thus far and it gives the wrestlers an actual reason to develop a rivalry. It's closer to sport than soap opera. AEW always said that was the goal and y'all been acting like you wanted that.

Now we find out if you really do. Or if you're too used to the Vince McMahon formula
My post had nothing to do with creating a soap-opera like reason for two people to feud.

I give shit to the WWE when a nš 1 contender come out of nowhere, so I'll do the same with AEW.

Now, as I said, Cody is the right man to go for the title, as he is the top babyface and has a clear record.

They told us, through interviews that wins and losses matter, that they'll have a winning record, etc. Why don't they formally explain it to us in their TV show, why don't they use the tv show to introduce the ranking system that no one really knows how it will work? After that they could (and should) introduce Cody as the nš 1 contender based on said ranking that they have just explained. Than they build the feud up on the following weeks. That way you clear all doubts of your audience and you present your ranking system, not only to your already stablished fanbase, but also to the people that will be exposed to the product for the first time when AEW gets to TV.

The way they did it, it just looks like they dropped the announcement to get early seat buys.

It is not a sin, it just could have been done better.
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