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Re: AEW Full Gear 11/9/19

I’m going to watch Full Gear on FITE. But FITE needs to step its game up when it comes to streaming AEW shows. Considered I have had no problem streaming ALL IN, WK13, and the G1 Climax 29 finals on FITE live, that I’ve had trouble with the AEW shows on there when I’m trying to watch them live bothers me.

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Originally Posted by V-Trigger View Post
Good shit. This PPV looks great if we go by logic.

CODY vs Jericho
Tag Team Championship match
Women title match
Kenny vs Moxley
Pac vs Page
That right there seems awesome so far

Originally Posted by NXT Only View Post
Big Match Kenny gonna fall short again.
Which is perfect because he may turn heel

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Originally Posted by AEWMoxley View Post
All right. I was wrong about it taking place on TV, but right that they would have to announce it prior to tickets going on sale.

Now I'm confident in a quick sell out.

Told ya it wasn't gonna be Moxley/Jericho title match

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Re: AEW Full Gear 11/9/19

YAY for Mox vs Omega being confirmed (again lol). I hope we get some firey promos from them on the weekly shows I can't wait to see Mox unleash some great mic work!!

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Re: AEW Full Gear 11/9/19

Fuuuuuuck me, I really CANNOT afford to try and go to this PPV... but the thought of seeing Omega vs. Mox in person might just be too good to pass up. I'm less than 2 hours from Baltimore too...

Christ AEW is spoiling me so much right now I love it.
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Re: AEW Full Gear 11/9/19

I'm glad we're getting Mox/Omega but can't say I'm nearly as excited this time around for the announcement. I'm sure that'll change once tv comes and we get proper build up. We're probably also going to get PAC/Hangman here too, and as excited as I was for that match announced at DON, again, out of their control, but that same excitement ain't there until I get some build up on tv. Jericho/Cody seems like the only plausible World title route to go here as well, but we'll see if they choose any other route.

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Re: AEW Full Gear 11/9/19

If anyone is near or around the Baltimore area, there is a restaurant named Jimmy's that does WWE bus trips, I am sure they may have something available for this.

Just an idea if you don't get tickets day 1

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Britt v Bea
Brandi & Awesome v Allie & Aja

One of them likely to be on the Buy In - probably the tag match

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Re: AEW Full Gear 11/9/19

I wonder how quickly this will sell out/if it will, they are returning to the same market pretty quickly, but I imagine it'll draw relatively big with the traveling crowd.
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Re: AEW Full Gear 11/9/19

I'm going to try to be there live. Def in my hometown.
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