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Re: AEW Full Gear 11/9/19

Originally Posted by DetroitRiverPhx View Post
Three judges are only there to decide the winner or loser after 60 minutes. They're not outside enforcers or anything like that. I mean of course they'd have to take the interference into account should the match go the distance, but Jericho wouldn't plan on that, and would try to cheat to win in much shorter time.
In the press release about the 3 judges.

It says " The three judges will also ensure that the blatant assists Jericho has received thus far from The Inner Circle will not be tolerated during the title bout"
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Re: AEW Full Gear 11/9/19

What time does the buy in show start in the UK? Fite lists Full Gear for midnight but I'm not sure whether this includes the buy in show. I've decided to purchase the PPV but also want to watch the buy in show.
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Re: AEW Full Gear 11/9/19

Ok wager time. Who turns tonight? MJF? Page? I'll put up a half oz of my finest sticky and a dozen of double chocolate chip cookies on MJF. Who do you have?
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Re: AEW Full Gear 11/9/19

OK, prediction time:

*Bea vs. Britt:

I've made the point before that it's kind of weird that the women's match with the most heat and and build is on the pre show while the other one, while being for the title is on the main show despite there being virtually no build.

Now the champion should be on the main show, I just think they could have worked the division better. All my bitching aside, not quite sure what to expect here. I think they'll have a good crowd for it with it being the 1st thing fans see. In the end, I think Britt will be so focused on getting revenge she'll burn herself out and Bea will get the win.

Winner: Bea

*Spears vs. Janela:

Janela has gotten more over and impressed me more and more with every performance he's had so far. Whenever they introduce a mid card title, I could see him being the 1st champion. Spears on the other hand hasn't really done anything for me. The only interesting thing he's done is bash Cody with a chair. Since then, he had a disappointing performance against Cody at All Out, and really hasn't done anything to captivate me or the crowd yet. Like, Tully feels much more credible and much more interesting, and he's the manager. That's a problem.

So while I would like to see Janela get the win here, this seems set up to just give Spears a big win and put Janela down again only to rise back up eventually. Who knows, maybe Janela with his daredevil antics will be the 1st to Spears someone he can really work with. I hope so.

Winner: Spears

*SCU vs. Lucha Bros vs. Private Party:

So, I feel like people will get on me when I ask this, but why are the Lucha Bros in this match? Like, they lost the tag title finals and they lost clean. So, it doesn't feel like they should be given another title shot so soon after losing in the title math. Private Party however with their resume and the fact that they didn't lose in the title match feel like they fit.

That aside, this will be your wild, spot festy match. Wouldn't surprise me if this opens the main card. Private Party have no chance, it's not their time. And I know some people have picked the Lucha Bros, but I don't see the point in having SCU win the belts only to lose them 1 week later in their 1st defense.

Winners: SCU

*Riho vs. Sakura:

Like said when talking about Bea vs. Britt, I find it hard to get invested in this match when it was just made and the other women's match not for the title has much more heat to it. That said, based off what I saw last week on Dynamite in that tag match, as long as this match is in a good spot in the show (aka not right after one of the big matches), I think they can deliver something solid. Way too soon for Riho to drop the belt, and she's not dropping it to Sakura.

Winner: Riho

*Bucks vs. LAX:

The story of the Bucks vs. LAX has kind of been wrapped up in the whole Inner Circle vs. The Elite storyline so there's not that much to say about the build other than these are 2 teams who don't like each other, and that works.

Obviously will be a fun match. LAX pretty much has to win their 1st big match.

Winners: LAX

*Hangman vs. PAC:

Now, this is one of the more interesting matches of the night. Hangman, after starting off hot in AEW, lost 2 big matches in a row to PAC and Jericho. And since then, or even before then actually, you've seen some problems with him and the rest of the Elite.

He wanted the Bucks to corner him against Jericho, they said they couldn't. They tried to console him afterwards, he wasn't really interested. He and The Bucks have argued since then. Kenny and Cody have tried to console him and talk to him, only to pretty much get brushed off.

So yeah, Hangman seems to be going down a dark path. So this match with PAC will go one of 2 ways. Either Hangman wins, overcomes some of his demons and his relationship with The Elite is better. Or, he loses again to PAC and continues down a dark path.

It's honestly hard to pick one side or the other and that's what makes the match so intriguing. And as a match, I hope they can do better than their DC match which just felt lacking to me. In the end, I'll pick PAC to win after a mistake from Hangman that just drives him closer to the edge.

Winner: PAC

*Jericho vs. Cody

Now to the main events. What else can say about this build. Jericho is a great dick. Cody is a great babyface. Now it's just time to see if their styles mesh.

With the judges gimmick (please don't get close to 60. Hell 30 is pushing it) and the Inner Circle and Elite factions in play here, in the end I'm expecting this to turn into a cluster. And I hope it does, a good Attitude Era like cluster when done right can be amazing to see.

Despite Cody's stipulation, I'm picking Jericho to win here. It's just way too soon for him to drop the title and it would kind neuter the Inner Circle.

Winner: Jericho

*Moxley vs. Omega

Now time for the unofficial main event. Just to be quick, Dean Ambrose was my favorite wrestler in WWE (along Beck Lynch) for years while Kenny was my favorite outside of WWE for years. This was my dream match. And now, fucking finally, it's happening.

Now obviously their 1st match got cancelled at All Out. And since then the rivalry has only heated up more and more to the point where AEW has decided to make this match unsanctioned. Now, on one hand this works. These guys have put each other through glass coffee tables and threatened to use barb wire on each other. It's only fitting their 1st match should be in a hardcore match. But on the other hand, I kind of wanted a mostly clean wrestling match for their first encounter.

But on the other hand, I like how Mox has reacted to this match technically not even counting because he feels like he's being put into a box again, like he was in WWE. But on the other hand it does feel like they are overusing the unsanctioned gimmick.

So yeah, this match has me thinking and feeling many different things. But as for the match itself? I'm gonna be glued to the screen waiting for magic to happen. I think we are going to something epic tonight. In the end, I see Mox getting the big win.

Winner: Mox

If they play their cards right, this will be a great show.
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Lets go to the old mill anyway, get some cider!
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Re: AEW Full Gear 11/9/19

I dont care what they said about the judges, that match is definitely going to have a dusty finish no matter what.
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Re: AEW Full Gear 11/9/19

Originally Posted by looper007 View Post
Good god you just deserve to put on ignore for shitting on the tag teams lol.

Those matches will be MOTY contenders.

Sakura/Riho will be one of the matches of the night, those two can go and with a bigger crowd it should be a great match. shame the bookers didn't put enough into promoting it.

I agree that Cody vs Jericho match shouldn't be over 20 minutes imo. Jericho struggles through matches that aren't gimmicked. Cody is very good, he's no Omega when it comes to carrying Jericho. This match needs to be Sport Entertainment to the limit.

I had to laugh at the Bea vs Britt one, I think it's one of the reasons it's on pre show, if Britt was a better worker it be on the main card. Bea is a good worker but she can't carry anyone yet. I be shocked if this isn't the worst match on the night.

I was disagreeing with the majority of her post, then I got to what she said about the Lucha Bros.

I immediately stopped reading.
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Re: AEW Full Gear 11/9/19

I'm pretty sure that two of the judges will be Arn Anderson and Terry Funk. Maybe Bret Hart as the third. If not. It's Bill Watts.

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Re: AEW Full Gear 11/9/19

Originally Posted by PavelGaborik View Post
I was disagreeing with the majority of her post, then I got to what she said about the Lucha Bros.

I immediately stopped reading.

Stopped reading because the truth hurts.

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Re: AEW Full Gear 11/9/19

Knowing that Mox and Kenny are going on last I'm 90% sure that Hangman is turning on him and the tag matches the past couple of weeks were a red herring. Kenny needs to do something after losing to Mox.

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Re: AEW Full Gear 11/9/19

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AEW Roster = Kevin Smith movie cast
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