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Does AEW need some hosses?

I think for this promotion to really catch on and get a wider TV audience that it needs to round out the roster with some less ‘indie-rific’ talents. They have plenty of ‘workratz’ guys and spot monkey types.

One thing that always struck me with Cody in ROH was that he basically towered over everyone whereas he was pretty much average-sized for WWE.

I’d like to see more variety on the roster and that includes having some big men who can go. Obviously WWE has signed up a lot of this type and has them in developmental or whatnot, but surely there are others out there.

Who could AEW sign — I’m talking 6-5/6-6 or above and 275 pounds and up types — and build into monster roles? Who would work? Who is available? Or do you think that as the ‘alternative to WWE’ they need to avoid big men?

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Re: Does AEW need some hosses?

They have one of the best things ever: Luchasaurus!
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Lance Archer has expressed interest in going. Everyone seems pretty certain that Jake Hager will end up there eventually. There’s Harry Smith.

Jacob Fatu is one of the most impressive things in wrestling right now.
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As long as they are good hire them. Don't hire someone just cause they are tall. Lance archer, david hart Smith and Jacob Fatu would all be great additions to the roster


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Re: Does AEW need some hosses?

Some more big beefy dudes would be cool, as long as they are actually decent performers and all.

No reason to get a guy like Khali or something who can't do much.

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Re: Does AEW need some hosses?

I'm not really that concerned by size. If they can go and tell a story I'm not too concerned with height. Having said that, they could do with a big guy for sure, if nothing else but variety. They need someone who can come in, be intimidating and draw the eye.

I've heard these guys talked about on here;
Lance Archer
Jack Swagger
Davey Boy Smith Jr
(EDIT: Forgot Fatu who I have never seen so can't comment on)

Out of those I'd be most interested in Swagger. He is probably the biggest name and has that legitimate background but I'm not sure of his status or contract with Bellator.

Luke Harper would be my dream pick over all of them, but I have no idea what's happening with him. I think he is amazing!

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Re: Does AEW need some hosses?


I mean, look at their roster right now, 95% of the wrestler they have revealed so far are under 6 ft and 200 pounds, which are usually unbookabable as main events.

If you ask me, they should FIRST try on to look wrestlers that actually have the size to be fucking wrestlers, then they should worry about finding big guys.
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Originally Posted by birthday_massacre View Post
You really dont think if the main roster was more like NXT the ratings wouldn't go up?

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Re: Does AEW need some hosses?

Ah, this thread again
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Re: Does AEW need some hosses?

I think there is something going on with Rusev more than just asked for and received time off. I think he was taken off television while his contract runs out rather than trying to job him out and having an Ambrose situation where the fans know what's going on and flip the script.

Three I don't want are Cass, Hager/Swagger and Brian Cage. Cass is very limited, Hager will be terrible without a script if his MMA interviews are any indication and Cage is too juiced up and is all about big moves guys his size shouldn't be hitting anyways.

Archer, Rusev, Fatu and maybe Harry Smith would be my targets. Luke Harper as well when he's available - but you can't wait for those guys as they could re-sign like others who seemed to really want out. If Rusev isn't becoming a FA and thus not available I might consider Jeff Cobb as a back-up option but wouldn't bring in both.
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Re: Does AEW need some hosses?

Theres a reason why we dont see many big guys anymore. First off for the most part most people want to see normal looking sized people. Most big guys dont bring much to the table anymore. If they do they will be hired.

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