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View Poll Results: Who Should Be The 1st AEW Tag Team Champions?
The Young Bucks 2 5.26%
The Lucha Brothers 17 44.74%
A Boy and his Dinosaur 6 15.79%
SCU 4 10.53%
The Dark Order 2 5.26%
Private Party 2 5.26%
The Best Friends 2 5.26%
Angelico & Jack Evans 2 5.26%
Other 1 2.63%
Voters: 38. You may not vote on this poll

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Who Should be the 1st AEW Tag Team Champions?

As we all know, AEW will crown their 1st ever Tag Team Champions with a tournament that will start when AEW starts on TNT in October. And very quickly, AEW has assembled together possibly the best tag team roster in wrestling. So with the time drawing near, I think it would be cool to look at all the potential options for their 1st ever Tag Team Champions.

1. The Young Bucks

They’re The Young Bucks. What else do I really need to say? Former ROH, IWGP Jr. & Heavyweight, PWG Tag Team Champions. The main reason AEW even exists. Now obviously the argument against it will be that the 2 of the EVPs of the company should not be your first champions. But you know they will in that mix at the end.

2. The Lucha Brothers

First catching my attention in Lucha Underground and then in several other promotions, The brothers Pentagon and Fenix have become 2 of the most popular performers in the wrestling world. Fenix with his death defying athleticism and stunts and Pentagon with his more “hardcore” style and undeniable crowd connection, together they put together some of the more spot festy matches you will see, that some people will love and others don’t. I don’t know what their exact contract status is with AEW. But given how they’ve been utilized so far, they clearly have to be considered favorites in this tournament.

3. A Boy and his Dinosaur

A team that I’m sure will become everyone’s sentimental favorite, if they haven’t already. Full disclosure, I had no idea who Jungle Boy was until AEW came around. Luke Perry (RIP) has a son who’s a wrestler? Neat. Luchasaurus is a guy who I at least knew from his past in NXT and his run in Lucha Underground as Vibora. In my experience watching them both, Jungle Boy has the makings of a great underdog babyface and a potential future star. And Luchasaurus is a guy who combines power and athleticism and really the closest thing AEW has to a big man right now.

Coming together through some BTE skits, these guys have taken a somewhat silly idea (mainly Jungle Boy going everywhere on Lucha’s shoulders) and have instantly become one of the more likeable acts in wrestling. If Fight for the Fallen was any indicator, fans already love the act. And while they may not win the tournament, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make it all the way to the Finals.

4. SCU

This charismatic trio provides great entertainment both in and out of the ring. Coming over along side the members of The Elite from ROH to AEW, SCU will likely play a big part of AEW going forward. That doesn’t mean they will win a lot of titles. Simply that they will be used and counted on in a variety of spots, from singles to tag action and expected to deliver. They’re the perfect mid to upper tier team for AEW. And while I see them winning those titles down the line, I don’t see them being the 1st champions.

5. The Dark Order

The former Super Smash Bros are the one team in AEW who still feel like they’re finding they’re footing in AEW. I can’t say much for what their former characters were, but now they have adopted a darker, almost supernatural gimmick, complete with their own minions (Creepers) to do their bidding and their own unique promos. It feels different than anything else currently on AEW. Though again, they’re still finding their way. But, they’re heels. And that alone could propel them into a Finals spot.

6. Private Party

Another act I had no idea about until AEW, these guys are 2 of the most exciting guys to watch out there with their electric in ring style. They’re facing The Bucks 1st in this tournament so you know they won’t get far, but this team is built for the future.

7. The Best Friends

The main talking point with these guys, obvious by the name, is their friendship for one another. To the point where they must hug each other during every match. Both talented guys, but unlike other teams, at the moment there’s not much substance to them.

8. Angelico & Jack Evans

Two more guys I know from Lucha Underground, Angelico is a guy known for being willing to jump off of anything, no matter how high. And Angelico is one of the best trash talkers in the business, as well as an amazing athlete. They’re 2 guys who I hope break out, but as of right now they’re in the same boat as The Best Friends. Just not a lot of substance to them

Those are the 8 true tag teams AEW has right now. Time will tell what other teams come together in AEW or who else they sign. LAX for example is a team who if they do sign, could go very far in this tournament as well.

Who do you think will and/or should be the first Tag Team Champions in AEW.

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Re: Who Should be the 1st AEW Tag Team Champions?

None other than the Lucha Brothers!

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Re: Who Should be the 1st AEW Tag Team Champions?


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C Mac G
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Re: Who Should be the 1st AEW Tag Team Champions?

I say they rocket a team to get to the finals, either Boy and His Dinosaur or Private Party, to really establish them, but ultimately they lose to The Lucha Brothers.

Young Bucks shouldn't be the first champions, they should have a long chase and ultimately win it sometime in 2020.
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Re: Who Should be the 1st AEW Tag Team Champions?

Lucha Bros are def the most over and legit tag teams and they dont even hardly speak English.Well one of them can but still. These guys are amazing and more importantly they know how to work a crowd. Def should be the first Tag team Champs and Heels

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Re: Who Should be the 1st AEW Tag Team Champions?


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Re: Who Should be the 1st AEW Tag Team Champions?

Has to be the Lucha Bros.
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Re: Who Should be the 1st AEW Tag Team Champions?

Angelico and Evans. I'd rather see Penta/Fenix in singles. I mean I guess they could have an initial tag run, and could still work singles as well. So maybe have them a focal point of the division the first year to help establish the division.

Given the finals likely main events/closes the next PPV it will have to have names in it. Bucks vs Penta/Fenix is pretty played out at this point.

I'd put Penta/Fenix in the finals though. Just not the Bucks.

Penta/Fenix vs Evans/Angelico is my finals. Who wins to be decided at a later date, I could go either way.

I can't force myself into liking Trent or Chucky T because of their name "Best Friends" and their indie-tastic gimmick. You're on major television now boys, act like it. Boy and Dino is too soon - they need to be established and prove themselves before being put in big matches.

Given Omega/Bucks vs Jericho/Mystery partners main events AEWDC and then Bucks vs Private Party opens the 10/9 show, I think Bucks could be distracted/cheated to allow PP to win and eliminate the Bucks. I hope Scurll and PAC are Jericho's mystery partners. Bucks vs Scurll/PAC feud could be money. Jericho as the Champ could be involved, Cody would be involved as an EVP, Omega involved as an Elite, and Page involves himself because of issues with PAC from the attack and knee injury. Mox would be around still doing his thing - a lot of intertwined matches that could come out of it all. Get the EVP's vs Jericho/(neo)outsiders out of the way. Scurll's history with The Elite would be a helluva storyline with him siding against them with Jericho as well.
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Re: Who Should be the 1st AEW Tag Team Champions?

Lucha Bros or Jungle Boy/Luchasaurus

Nobody else should come into question.

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Re: Who Should be the 1st AEW Tag Team Champions?

The Bucks they're really exciting and will be a reason to turn in once the general public gets to see them
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