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Re: AEW needs to improve entrances

Yup, it's something that they need to work on..

I'm also sure it's something they are working on..

No need to drop a couple of new themes until they have the overall feel of the show set in place..
Some might not work that well once they got that all figured out.

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Re: AEW needs to improve entrances

I think entrances in wreatling in general have taken a nose dive. Now everyone has this generic instrumental as their theme song they come out to and no one knows who or what is coming out. They need more memorable theme music.

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Re: AEW needs to improve entrances

Of course they will never get every entrance right just like wwf/e never has nore wcw but both had some good mixes of epic themes and horrible. The first year will be a lot of test driving things and changes,But Dustins theme is a indication that they are getting some shit very well right. Plus letting some use themes they already had from other places.I think that is important like Hangman and Lucha bros

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Re: AEW needs to improve entrances

I think these are things we should start talking about when the company has existed for a year on weekly TV, not before they have officially even gotten started. They are gonna make a lot of mistakes in the beginning, they are entering waters they haven't been in before, it's not gonna be smooth sailing production wise for example. These things will take some time to get a grasp of and find their own identity with what works for them and makes them stand out, it won't be done over night
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Re: AEW needs to improve entrances

Originally Posted by Quark View Post
AEW has been doing great so far but one aspect that they need to improve is their wrestlers entrances. All of the entrances are very quick and they all blend with one another. Even the music themes sound very forgettable and generic. The WWE is still great at providing very unique and memorable entrances for almost every wrestler. And this is not about making the entrances more polished like the WWE. I am talking about making entrances feel more unique between the wrestlers.
The WWE goes way too over the top for me these days. I dont mind AEW taking a more oldschool approach to entrances personally.

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Re: AEW needs to improve entrances

Originally Posted by UniversalGleam View Post
the thing within the attitude era that wwe got right was ensuring you knew instantly who was coming out.

austin - glass shatter
rock - if you smell
undertaker - gong
kurt angle - trumpets
jericho - countdown
kane - organ / pyro flames

list goes on, soon as you start using generic guitar music, it takes ages for people to work out who is even coming out, its not instant. The actual music doesnt mean much, its mostly about that initial notification of who it is. Its pretty important stuff and yet it gets ignored mostly everywhere these days.

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Re: AEW needs to improve entrances

I know it can't happen, but I wish Mox could use his NJPW theme in AEW. It's really growing on me.

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Re: AEW needs to improve entrances

I'm OK with it honestly. I'd rather have what's going on in the ring be the focal point than a bunch of flashy distracting bullshit.

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