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Your 1st impression of everyone in the Battle Royal?

A lot of talk about top stars and star potential, but a company needs an interesting mid-card as well. That's so important.

We don't know who all is officially signed, who's in or out. But I believe that a lot of the participants are candidates for midcard roster spots so with that in mind... who would you like to see again, or not like to see again etc. Even for those you've seen before, this is the 1st time we've seen them in the AEW context with their intended presentation. Here's a list of everyone who participated in the battle royal.

Orange Cassidy
- definitely someone who impressed me in his little bit of a time. I wonder if he can go in an actual match though, otherwise his shctick will wear thin quickly, I don't think it's going to be funny every week

Ace Romero - a big ol fat guy agile hoss. Didn't show much personality in the battle royal. But I've heard that he's pretty popular on the indy scene so if he does indeed have that goofy fat guy charisma, I'll be excited to see him as a full time roster member.

Glacier - not someone who I think we'll see often if ever again but a funny callback to wrestlecrap history

Luchasaurus - guy is honestly a beast with a lot of physical charisma. I think he's one of the best I saw last night. Really cool look too. I'm not one of those people who takes wrestling too seriously but when someone's name sounds more a Disney kid's cartoon... eh. I think it'll be ok and it'll work with the AEW sense of humor. I know he's not signed but I hope they do sign him. Him and Jungle Boy would be a great tag team.

Jungle Boy - I thought he was decent. Lot of potential if his character comes across well in longer matches and with more of a solo spotlight. Tarzan gimmick is fun, and as long as he can sustain it and do it in a longer format he'll be a great addition, if not a potential star

MJF - $$$

Tommy Dreamer - Not gonna be a main roster member but a pretty cool surprise. The irony is that his appearance is on par with a WWE Royal Rumble appearance.

Billy Gunn - Same as Dreamer, though I think we'll see Gunn more often since he's actually signed as a behind the scenes guy, right? Gunn is still a solid hand, even at his age and I think Road Dogg will be joining him soon. Great occasional jobbers.

Dustin Thomas - I love No Legs. Don't see him sticking around but he's thrilled audiences twice now and I think he'd be great actually, as a manager or some other on-screen where he can occasionally pop the crowd by getting physical.

Shawn Spears - meh. Tye Dillinger has always been average. Average look, average charisma. Maybe he changes my mind one day! But for now, I think he's a very solid midcard or undercard guy and that's great, AEW needs those but there are still more flavorful options so he gets a big ol Meh from me.

Joey Janela - meh. Lot a hype around this guy. The Bad Boy. The guy behind "Joey Janela's Spring Break" which was a very cool and very successful show. But he really falls flat on camera. Like a budget, more white trash Enzo. Didn't come across very interesting or charismatic. I think he's under-utilized as a wrestler, get this guy on your marketing or production team, let him help with the presentation of the shows and shit.

Adam Page
- Better and Blonder Seth Rollins

Marq Quen - didn't see much of the guy but he had a wacky, eyecatching look so it's a start

Michael Nakazawa - not a fan of the oil bottle. That's a bit too campy for me. But the guy is naturally funny and has some charisma so, I'm open to it. I'll never find it funny but it seems like lots of people do. If AEW is going to have dedicated comedy wrestlers and comedy segments, at least give people stuff they want rather than flopping with shit like "Ucey Hot". So it's ok. Wouldn't want to see his gimmick outside of a comedic context though

Sonny Kiss - He's got a fat ol ass and that was pretty much his selling point lol. He threw subtlety out the window in a way that leaves me with a similar feeling to that of the oil guy. But hey, less subtlety is good. If you've got a selling point, go all in on it I guess. No half assing (see what I did there). Don't see this guy holding my interest for more meaningful or longer segments but could be an excellently entertaining filler guy.

Sunny Daze - this guy's look really stuck with me. All white with the yellow face paint. He has this weird uniqueness to his look that is borderline generic, if that makes sense, but just weird enough to be interesting. I'm interested in where they'll go with him. Seems like your textbook freak character and I think to that end he shined a little bit and played his small role well.

Brian Pillman Jr. - big hype around this young man. He looks so much like his dad. I think his physical charisma was there and I like that he embraces the family name. A lot of generational wrestlers try to run away from being their famous parent's gimmick but you know what, fuck it. We haven't seen something like Brian Pillman in decades so it still feels fresh. He still needs a little more seasoning in the looks department like, go all in on the retro 90s vibe.

Brandon Cutler - as generic as you could get. Not much of an opinion on this guy. MJF was right to call him a charity case - not a good long term gimmick

Jimmy Havoc - known about Jimmy Havoc for awhile but never gone out of my way to check him out. I like that he lacks all subtlety. He's the emo hardcore guy and he looks and wrestle's like one. Not super excited about him but a cool looking midcard guy

Isiah Kassidy - copy and paste my Marq Quen observation. I think they'll be a really fun tag team. A more rough around the edges version of the Street Profits

Marko Stunt - this guy is 5'2 and 144 pounds (which is an old number, he looks smaller now) and went viral last year so I've seen him before. Never been bothered by him but the underdog template can only go so far - he's literally the size of a child. My 14 year old sister is literally taller than him. I can suspend my disbelief but I'd rather not suspend it that much. Now I'm not opposed to his inclusion. He can be like a Nakazawa comedy segment type wrestler - NJPW has a number of comedy wrestlers who wrestle in funny palette cleansing style matches that are waaaaay more effective at humor than the WWE style "comedy" backstage segments. But I'd struggle to enjoy Marko Stunt being present as a serious competitor unless he puts on a ton of muscle and ends up looking like that buff 5'3 dude from OWE.
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Re: Your 1st impression of everyone in the Battle Royal?

MJF is money.

Luchasaurus could be something. Jungle Boy and Flyin Brian Jr. have potential.

Page will be a main eventer from the off.
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Re: Your 1st impression of everyone in the Battle Royal?

The ones that stood out to me the most are MJF, Jungle Boy, Orange Cassidy (mainly cos I'd seen him before) and the guy with no lower legs. I mainly remember Jungle Boy cos of his hair, I've never seen a dude with so much hair Orange Cassidy cracked me up lol, I remembered his nonchalant act from this year's WrestleCon Supershow.

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Re: Your 1st impression of everyone in the Battle Royal?

I just found out Luchasaurus is Austin from Big Brother 17. He's come a long way from fingering a chick on her period in the Big Brother house.
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Laughing at adam being compared to seth rollins 😂😂😂 nothing alike

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Re: Your 1st impression of everyone in the Battle Royal?

Originally Posted by shandcraig View Post
Laughing at adam being compared to seth rollins 😂😂😂 nothing alike
Two relatively blandsome babyface workhorses with the long hair and beard combo, pushed as blue chip properties but neither having a very definable character or interesting promos.

Don't get me wrong, Page's BTE clips reveals that he has at least some sort of flavor which is more than I can say for Rollins. They've even got similar builds. The comparisons are right there

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Lacey Evans is a draw
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Re: Your 1st impression of everyone in the Battle Royal?

MJF is a mega star.

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus have potential because they have unique looks.

Glacier is still awesome.

Page has potential but he needs some character development and promo polish before he's ready to be a champion.

Everyone else looked like a typical indie geek.
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Re: Your 1st impression of everyone in the Battle Royal?

MJF really stood out in this match for me. He's a legit future main event player in this company.

Page and luchasaurus also impressed. It did what it needed to do and put new stars on notice.
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Re: Your 1st impression of everyone in the Battle Royal?

MJF got himself over instantly as the biggest heel in the match and the guy that connects with the crowd the most.

There's something to Jungle Boy. I can't put my finger on it, but with his look and skills I feel like he'll have a bright future.

I like Havoc as a promo guy but with his build and and reliance on hardcore elements, he has a ceiling.

Luchasaurus with a bit of a repackage could be fun gimmick.

Orange Cassidy I do agree can be very funny but after seeing him in a few different Indy shows his act can get a little old after awhile.

Pillman Jr obviously looks a lot like his dad but I haven't seen much of him or the stuff I have seen hasn't stood out for me yet.

Sonny Kiss is a guy who will get over his personality and unique style.

And Shawn Spears came out, did his 10 stuff, and not much else. It's only one night, but I didn't feel like I was seeing anything different than I had seen in the past.
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Re: Your 1st impression of everyone in the Battle Royal?

A whole lotta crapola in that CBR. How many were feel good stories - Sunny Daze, Brandon Cutler were both BTE (or RtDON) long time worker getting a chance stories. No Legs was there mostly so MJF could heel up hard on him. Marko and Ace were there for the pounce spot they did before on a smaller stage(this one was more a running throw). Nakazawa - why? Friend of Bucks?

I get that Dreamer must be one of the greatest dudes ever as all the boys seem to love the guy, but does he really have any "give a shit" pull for fans anymore. Billy Gunn is a "coach", not sure about Glacier - must have a Rhodes connection as well - is he a coach too?

Havoc does little for me personally - don't get him right now. Looks like a goth school shooter/emo cutter. Janela is good at taking bumps, but for being a BTE personality he seemed otherwise invisible during the match.

I loved the Orange Cassidy bit probably more than I should have. Don't know if he can actually go in any long term potential capacity though.

MJF saved that CBR from bring a total mess. Adam Page is going to be a star. Announcers blew the MJF still in the match mention/call alerting fans to what was still to come. The second half was all about every other wrestler legit just laying along the ropes in the ring while two other wrestlers did their spot. If you legit watch the guys in the background they're just sitting there almost just watching.

Spears is just so much more polished in everything - but he's doing that damn "10" gimmick still. He'll be a solid player/coach midcard guy to put in the ring with greener types.

Pillman Jr looked more like a Michael PS Hayes tribute act. Didn't see much out of him, but still intrigued and want to see more and hope he signs full time.

Private Party was wasted in here as their "debut". Treated as scrub also rans. I mean they are basic nobodies like the host of others in the match, but the didn't do anything.

Jungle Boy has a sweet ass finisher - assuming Janela sold it right. The hurricanrana into faceplant thing.

Luchasaurus needs a new name and then a character explanation - but he has a presence about him which is important.

I guess this was more about fleshing out the bottom of the roster come television when you need established wrestlers at the bottom of the card just as much as midcard and the ME. Come October the television jobbers can be "Hey, I remember that guy from the CBR" notoriety.
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