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Kenny Omega 1st Impression

First time iv seen this dude and not really what I expected after all the hype iv read on him. Had a good old style image good physique and nakamura type strikes. But for me he tried too hard to make jericho look good in that match which just made him look weak in the end. I mean it was hard to buy that this guy struggled so bad against a 50 year old out of shape Y2J. The broken nose helped a bit. I was surprised jericho won as it makes omega look very weak I think. That back elbow wouldnt knock someone out in a bar brawl so didn't buy it at all even after the low blow. Have always loved Y2J and feared watching this due to his condition but to be fair he did most of his moves well and took some heavy blows so fair play he might have a few good matches left in him. Moxley I could care less about but no doubt omega will have to lose to him next too. Admittedly a hard slot after what went before and they both did well to rescue what could have been a disaster. Cody Dustin should have been main event. Overall not much impressed by omega.

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He was held back by Jericho. The dude is amazing.

He needs to go over Moxley.
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Originally Posted by Boldgerg View Post
He was held back by Jericho. The dude is amazing.

He needs to go over Moxley.
Yes I did get the impression he was trying too hard to make jericho look good but for me being the first time I saw him it just made him look weak. Folk keep saying he is amazing but not much evidence in that match apart from about 100 knife edge chops and a couple of knee strikes.
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Re: Kenny Omega

This is the first time I seen Kenny Omega and I did expect a lot, but it did seem he was holding back. Either way nothing wrong Jericho would be the perfect champion to hold the belt and give it that prestige rub it needs.

I believe Kenny will get his time, but as of now we should just wait and see how things turn out to be. Kenny looks amazing in shape. Lets give it time and see how it unfolds.
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I thought he was overhyped until I watched his matches with Okada now he's one of my favourite wrestlers.
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Re: Kenny Omega

He needs to be in the ring with someone of his skill. The Moxley match will be good. But Jon's never been able to go like Omega can go.

I'd really like to see Omega take on Fenix in AEW. THAT would be amazing. They did a match last year for North East Championship Wrestling. It was badass.
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Wrll you answer your question in your first sentence. How is he supposed to look great when he is trying his hardest to make Jericho look good?
Omega is a charismatic monster, but when he knows it's not his moment to shine he tones it down or he is gonna look better than the winner/those who are supposed to look great. That's the point.
The Judas effect is an actual MMA move that knocked the fuck out of multiple opponents before, so even when playing the "lol realism" card it kinda still works. Also jericho's age is absolutely irrelevant, people WRESTLING ISNT REAL, its kayfabe. Undertaker had beaten some of the best in the world when they were Much younger and much more energetic than him. But in storyline , taker was supposed to be a beast. So he was sold as such, Jericho no matter his age , in storyline is one of their top guys. So I dont see how him being 48 years old is a factor....its the principle of wrestling, it's a work......

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Re: Kenny Omega

He did his best, but he's looked better against like 80% of his other opponents. After all, he was trying to carry a 50 year old past his prime Jericho to a great match.

Wait till he faces somebody younger and more capable, then you'll see him shine even more. Or you can just watch one of his many great NJPW singles matches.
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Re: Kenny Omega

Last night showcased how good Kenny is. He sold and bumped his ass off for Jericho while getting in his own unique offense.

With his style, athleticism, in ring charisma, power, etc. he's one of, if not the best wrestler in the world right now. His only weakness, IMO, is his tendency to spam big moves, like that V-Trigger or do too much in a match.
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When i first saw Kenny 2 years ago, i was the same. I didnt get it. Hes a unique guy so i think it just takes a while for it to click. Im not really worried about guys who saw him for the first time last night and werent blown away.

On a side note, i will never tire of Kenny hitting the V Trigger. Such a brutal looking move every single time
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