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Young Bucks 1st Impression

Basically 2 x matt hardy? 😴
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Re: Young bucks

No, this is two Matt Hardys

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First time iv seen them for years since they were in tna v motor city. Wasn't that impressed in my opinion fenix stole the match what an incredible performer and pentagon is as bad ass a dude as iv seen in years. Bucks pretty bland gymnast types would do well in wwe I reckon.
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Re: Young bucks

Apparently Cody didn't allow them to go all out at All In but made things right this time. They were shit when they were free to do their thing though, as per, and fuck no they're not the best tag in the world.
Their matches may impress you at first but they exhaust you midway the match. They just keep doing all that cool stuff just for the sake for it. All those finishing (even deadly) blows and end up in shitty 2 count. They seem to have lost perspective of how to tell an actual story. Biggest waste for me was their match with Golden Lovers. Such a story ruined by a spotfest.
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I agree you can't have a whole match of finishing moves and kick outs at 2 gets boring. Need to tell a story. Will never ever be in same league as the Hardys. Pentagon and fenix however are real stars I think.
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Re: Young bucks

I barely even use these words but nothing screams "vanilla midget flippy spot guys" like these two. That match was ridiculous last night.

At first I thought they were telling a good story with the ring rust angle and how they kept attacking each other by mistake but then as the match made the turn around the track all that went out the window and it was just no selling double team pile drivers and constant kickouts.

Good workers but that very strength became their weakness last night. I hope that's not how they always are.
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Re: Young bucks

Bucks are gold all day. Maybe they should do headlocks for 10 minutes instead?

Dudes entertain every time. People always looking for something that isn't there. Go enjoy what you like. There's plenty of Bucks fans who are just fine.

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What are people even talking about, how are they two Matt hardy, any comparison, argument , common points? Idk
As for their performance some say the kickout were too much , other said it was their favourite match because of the athleticism, over the top fights. You cant like everything in a roster, that's the point of having variety in a company..
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Re: Young bucks

Yeah, i kinda like the Bucks to be honest

Sure, they finisher spam - but, I enjoy it - way more than 50 rest holds

It has its place on the card
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Re: Young Bucks 1st Impression

I think their performance was great but I have to admit that it was weird that the first title match in AEW was for the AAA title? Why not set their own tag division in motion?
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