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Re: AEW - All Elite Wrestling (The Elite/Jericho/Ross/Khan) - New Promotion?

– AEW Double Or Nothing
– AEW All Out
– Tuesday Night Dynamite
– Double Or Nothing
– All Elite Wrestling
Putting this show on a Tuesday night is a bad idea
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Re: AEW - All Elite Wrestling (The Elite/Jericho/Ross/Khan) - New Promotion?

2 WWE Main Roster Superstars Moving To New Promotion, Report Says

Two WWE main roster superstars have reportedly agreed to join a new wrestling promotion when their contracts expire.

Earlier this month, it was revealed All Elite Wrestling, LLC had filed trademarks for a new wrestling promotion headed by Tony Khan, co-owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

"According to the trademark filings, All Elite Wrestling, LLC is based out of Jacksonville, FL," the report read. "That would also align with the rumors about the Khan family being involved. ... All Elite Wrestling, LLC is registered to an address at 1 TIAA Bank Field Drive in Jacksonville. That address just happens to be the address of the stadium for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The stadium is owned by Shad Khan."

Rumors further stated the likes of former WWE champion Chris Jericho, commentator Jim Ross, The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, Marty Scurll, Hangman Page and Kenny Omega would all be a part of the new promotion.

Jericho and Ross were notably rumored to be starting a new promotion last month, but both denied such reports.

However, these trademark filings seem to indicate something is definitely in motion. And, according to an exclusive by WrestleTalk, the promotion is already beginning their recruitment of top stars.

"WrestleTalk can exclusively reveal via our industry sources that at least two WWE main roster stars have been informally approached about signing with the new group once their contracts expire," the report read. "We understand that both have provisionally accepted the proposed deal and will depart WWE in April at the latest."

"Furthermore, our sources note that although the trademarks have been registered, the confirmation of the deal relies on the proposed promotion getting a financially worthwhile television or streaming deal and should only be considered '50/50' at this stage."

There was no indication as to who the two superstars could be, but one guess could be former WWE champion AJ Styles.

The 41-year-old recently dropped his title last week, something he advocated for, and is currently in negotiations over a new deal with his contract expiring in April.

He is said to want a reduced schedule due to the time he has spent away from his family, though it's uncertain if the WWE will oblige to his demands.

A recent report revealed that depending on how contract talks go, Styles could be set for a reduced role heading into Wrestlemania season next month, so that certainly makes things interesting with this new rumor.

Styles also used to wrestle with the likes of The Young Bucks and Omega during their time at New Japan Pro Wrestling while his first big feud in the WWE was with Jericho.

Regardless, a new wrestling promotion that could seriously challenge the WWE is something many have wanted for years ever since the company bought out its longtime rival WCW back in 2001.
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Originally Posted by njcam View Post
Originally Posted by njcam View Post
It's coming............. <Vince shitting himself>

It will be interesting to see who 'All Elite Wrestling' poach from WWE (ie Back-Of-House staff, as well as on-air talent).
Originally Posted by MonkasaurusRex View Post
Why would Vince be shitting himself? It took Cody and the Bucks a year to build a show to draw 10,000 people and that's when they had NJPW and ROH on their side. Now you are looking at trying to find a regular TV spot(when wresting that isn't WWE is struggling to find decent homes on high clearance TV networks) with building a talent roster hiring a fulltime staff promoting finding venues and spending the outlay on producing TV. If they make it to TV regularly then they have to build up an audience(that isn't exactly large even for the companies these people are already performing for and likely no longer will be performing for if they go this route and that's with the infrastructure already in place. This is a gamble more than a guarantee. Like I said before this could be a year away from being a thing that even has legs if it gets that far.
Originally Posted by yeahright2 View Post
Probably, but that΄s due to old age, not fear of an upcoming wrestling promotion.
Vince/WWE were only 5-6 months away from becoming financially ruined when they were up against WCW. The owner of 'All Elite Wrestling', Tony Khan (and Father) are willing to put-up (and loose) US$700m to get this promotion happening.

So again, I say.... <Vince shitting himself>.

One of the WWE/McMahon's weaknesses is that they don't do well up against competition promotions.
WWE weren't doing well financially before the Monday night war started with $80m annually in revenue and losses of $5-7m a they are generating over $800m a year (will be over a billion when new tv deals kick in) and already have about $60m in profits for first 9 months of wwe the company is vastly different now than they were in 1994-97 and even then I think it's a big myth they were that close to bankruptcy at the time given they never put Titan tower up for sale even.

Anyway WCW had history, owned and run by biggest tv mogul at the time and prime time on a bigger network than wwe. Also biggest star of the previous decade and still they needed one of the hottest programs ever to put them on top.

Bob Carter spent probably hundreds of millions on TNA so what does $700m that money to throw away, budget for a year/5 years. WWE spend $700m annually right now, UFC spend about $500m so I can't see a startup pro wrestling promotion outspending someone as big as them.

Unless you have the rock, Cena or Lesnar (preferably all three) and a bigger TV deal than WWE so either abc/NBC or CBS prime time come 2019 you ain't challenging WWE on a serious level.
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This is an interesting move. The Khans have enough money behind them to create something pretty much sustainable. They can also benefit their other companies from this venture. Tony runs a a sports media and marketing agency or something, and Shad has his fingers in engineering and mechanical development, I believe. Plus Shad can always put the boys up in his hotel when they're in Toronto. Slightly more seriously though, they can benefit from the current landscape. WWE fans are fed up and the product has changed from being even sports entertainment to being this volume cover-all automatic content-driver. A promotion that requires two hours commitment a week could be refreshing to the demographics who would show interest in WWE. The TV landscape has also changed tremendously since the days WCW went out of business. Now TV is going out of business, and it needs live entertainment to kind of keep things chugging along. Vince gets paid $100 million per hour he generates. Getting paid $50 million is half-price and enough to cover a lot of your company's expenses.

There are some serious people involved in this. Jim Ross and Barry Bloom (if Bloom is still involved) have a history of being involved in some really important backstage stuff. Plus, JR was the voice of WWF at its highest peaks. That might not mean anything to many TV executives, but having Vince McMahon's announcer and former head of talent relations does a lot for posturing. Providing another place for people to work also means that WWE talent can have more leverage negotiating with WWE, which is going to be good for that product too. But the problem WWE has is that they are committed to this obscene amount of content they need to create each week. All Elite has the benefit of being able to have sharper, succinct, pro-wrestling focus. I can see this being strangely successful.

Originally Posted by The3 View Post
Putting this show on a Tuesday night is a bad idea
How come?

SmackDown is going to be moving to Fridays, which is a bad night for television. Wrestling fans who are in the habit of watching on that night are going to be looking for something else to watch. WWE could change their schedule up to keep the Tuesday touring date and try and launch a new show to compete on Tuesdays, but that is going to be the third wheel and just going to stretch them further.

Originally Posted by TD Stinger View Post
Where did you get that number? Seriously asking because I haven't seen anyone throw an actual number out there.
I haven't seen an actual number either, but maybe it's coming from Khan being willing to spend $800 million on Wembley Stadium (which is the price of 80 WrestleMania sets). I'm not sure whether he's going to be funding it himself, or whether he's going to be splitting the bill with Tony, Cody, The Bucks and possibly other investors, but if he's willing to put even half of that amount into things, then they are off to a viable start. They'd need more than that to run at Vince's level, but none of that takes into account the growing pains of starting your own promotion off smart and the amount of revenue you will get in.

Originally Posted by Beatles123 View Post
Shahid Khan is no Effin joke man, He's really turned the Jags around overall excluding this season. If hes serious about this, he'll be pouring SERIOUS money into it. Dude almost bought Wembley stadium.
Yep. The only reason a billionaire would get into a wrestling promotion is if he saw how to make money off it. I mean, right now it's all theoretical, but if they get a TV network that is willing to agree (and the name "Dynamite" makes me think they are angling for TNT), then all of a sudden splitting with a bit of money to cover contracts and overhead is nothing. It really does come down to whether or not they can get a TV deal. Otherwise, Khan could float it, no worries, but it's just a matter of whether or not it gains the traction he wants and whether he considers the long-term risk (even if the money is a small drop in his bucket) worth it.
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Re: AEW - All Elite Wrestling (The Elite/Jericho/Ross/Khan) - New Promotion?

Originally Posted by Stetho View Post
Not that sure. We're talking about big money and about names who put 10 000 asses to an indy show.
Once with a year of promotion. They are also guys who don't fill out convention centers weekly. They can create something, NWA-TNA and WWA are proof of that. They can also not get off the ground as XWF is proof of that.

Looking at Tuesday, Thursday, or Sat makes sense when WWE is committed to Monday, Wed, and Friday in 2019. Basing themselves as a business out the HQ of the Jags makes sense. You just got to make sure JEricho and these guys doesn't become Jeff JArrett.

Getting good TV clearance is the question mark as they have few option with WWE no longer being tied to exclusivity clauses. Why would I if I'm viacom for instance offer them a tv deal over the proven WWE product if they are willing to put NXT up to sell for a tv network? WWE comes with their own name, production values, crew, and equipment as well as advertising sponsors. Now they may try to explore Amazon for streaming, but Vince locked Hulu down years ago so no other wrestling touches it when people questioned why years ago before they got big.

I wish them the best and its good for them

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Re: AEW - All Elite Wrestling (The Elite/Jericho/Ross/Khan) - New Promotion?

How good is Khan? As long as he's not as dumb as Dixie Carter bringing in Hogan and Bischoff which destroyed TNA in which they never recovered from, then they shoukd be fine.
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I survived the VerticalScope purge!
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Re: AEW - All Elite Wrestling (The Elite/Jericho/Ross/Khan) - New Promotion?

Another new promotion, but the same question remains: how will they get a good TV deal on a popular network?
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Re: AEW - All Elite Wrestling (The Elite/Jericho/Ross/Khan) - New Promotion?

Originally Posted by njcam View Post
2 WWE Main Roster Superstars Moving To New Promotion, Report Says
Mauro Ranallo: June 2019
Kevin Owens: April 2023 (minimum; signed 5-year deal in 2018)
Paige: 2019
Big Show: Spring 2021
Mandy Rose: Late 2020
Jim Ross: March 2019
The Miz: 2022
Stephanie McMahon - October 7, 2019 (as on-screen talent)
Mojo Rawley- 2020
Rey Mysterio- October 2020 (out clause after 18 months)
The Good Brothers- 2019
Shinsuke Nakamura- 2019
AJ Styles- April 2019

Other promotions

Originally Posted by Sincere View Post
Another new promotion, but the same question remains: how will they get a good TV deal on a popular network?
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Re: AEW - All Elite Wrestling (The Elite/Jericho/Ross/Khan) - New Promotion?

The Young Bucks have been featured on PWG, ROH, and NJPW for close to 10 years now, and I've generally enjoyed them. But I think their current focus on merchandising and self promotion is going to hurt their own marketability as draws, if it hasn't already.

Their matches aren't as consistently strong as they were several years ago, and this year they appear more focused on their Youtube show, t-shirt production, self promoted All In event, and contract negotiations which haven't interested me as much as seeing good wrestlers in good matches. The other stuff is a time suck.

I'd like to continue to watch a YB match once in a while, but I think there has recently been disproportionate attention on them as well as Cody and Omega given all of the other talent in the business. I don't have an interest in seeing a wrestling promotion centered on these guys. If they left NJPW, that wouldn't impact my interest in that promotion.
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Re: AEW - All Elite Wrestling (The Elite/Jericho/Ross/Khan) - New Promotion?

It will be interesting to see if they seek a continued business relationship with NJPW/ROH/PWG/CMLL/RevPro or if they try to go solo.

WCW/TNA/ROH/ECW/WWF/Lucha Underground/NJPW
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