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Re: Best Randy Orton vs. John Cena match

Originally Posted by Samee View Post
It might seem overrated to you because you're discounting a MAJOR factor into what makes a good match - STORYTELLING. You can't just dismiss it by saying you don't care for it then go on to say you think people are overrating it. Storytelling is something that has to be taken into account when considering whether a match is good or not, and if you simply dismiss it, how are you going to separate the good from the bad?
I think the I Quit match is crap because it simply was not a very good I Quit match. It may have storytelling but the storytelling was weak for the match it was. An I Quit match is the absolute match that determines more than any other who is the better man.

In their match, Orton decimates Cena but quits as soon as Cena gets on the offence. That was weak. The match itself was nothing more than a highlight reel match for Cena. It showed him in great light and just made Orton look weak. Showing Cena's resiliency to quit is nothing special. It happens every match to a lesser extreme.

What did it do for Orton that we hadn't seen before? Nothing.

What did it for Cena that we haven't seen before? Nothing.

It was just there to make one guy look amazing.

That's why their feud was shit. It was manufactured and you didn't feel anything was really on the line. They have an I Quit, Hell in a Cell and a Iron Man with no dq in succession. The two latter matches happen after one that is basically the end all, be all match since your opponent verbally recognises his inferiority to you.
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