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Re: Your dream wwe.com story

Originally Posted by Pyro™ View Post
I don't confuse it though. Jeff Hardy has charisma, as much as I hate him (a lot more than Orton), I can admit that he does. Orton is just a dull drone who's never offered anything. He's a product of mega pushing. You could've made Lance Storm as big as Orton if you pushed him hard enough.
At least you can admit that Jeff Hardy is charismatic... I think that Orton has real presence in his current gimmick though, I will admit that he is not one of the best promo-wise but I really dig his character - sometimes in fact it's a shame when he gets on the mic because he kind of loses his aura. Lance Storm + charisma = a christmas miracle.

I think that Miz and Shaemus both suffer from in-ring charisma. On the mic they are very strong and jump off the screen as it were but they haven't yet developed the necesarry tools needed to absorb you into a match - to watch them in the ring they look like mid-carders. I think carrying yourself as a star in the squared circle is a very hard art to master...

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