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Re: Your dream wwe.com story

Orton has the presence to be a star, Miz only has charisma when he's holding a stick, when he's in the ring he looks like a generic indy wrestler and that is simply not enough to be considered a world title holder in the WWE to me. In other words, he doesn't have charisma as a whole and that is something that's need to make it as a star. Cena might be a pretty terrible wrestler, but he can work a match and showcase his charisma during matches. Miz on the other hand, with all the mic time he has got has gotten a barely passable reaction from the crowd. There is no single move from the Miz that gets a reaction, he's basically the opposite of Morrison.
LOL, Orton has presence. Sure. Orton walked into a world title match at WrestleMania 22 against Angle and Mysterio and got absolute, dead SILENCE. He took 5 years to get consistently over on a huge level and when he did become big, it was the result of Vince McMahon forcing him down people's throats. He wouldn't even have a job in the WWE if it wasn't for his name.

Calling Cena a "pretty terrible wrestler" is dumb too, considering that he's involved in most of the best matches every year. As for Miz's overness, he's getting a "passable" reaction because he's not in the main event. Midcard wrestling has become increasingly useless in the WWE and they typically only respond to the main eventers. Sheamus, Barrett, Swagger all had to be thrown into the ME to create heat, that's just what happens. Miz would be drawing a lot of heat if the WWE hadn't bastardized their midcard but they don't care anymore. When he wins the title, as he should do if Orton doesn't ruin his career like he's done to others, he's going to take off and will be fine.

Probably because most people watch the WWE for the athletic aspect of it, not the entertainment part. Why in the world would you watch something like the WWE for entertainment purposes as opposed to a sitcom or something like that?
Why in the world would you watch a FAKE sport for the athletic aspect when you can just watch UFC?

Most people watch it for the athletic aspect...what nonsense. I guess that explains Hulk Hogan's popularity, because he was SUCH a great athlete.

WWE would go out of business if they didn't offer promos anymore and just focused on wrestling. Vince McMahon claims to be in the Entertainment business, not in the Wrestling business. Maybe people should take note of that.

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