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Re: Randy Orton's gimmick isn't for sell.

Originally Posted by notorious_187 View Post
1st off, there's a 1st for everything.
2nd off, Orton gets a bigger crowd reaction then Cena with all cheers, no boos.
3rd off, well I kinda agree with you on the mad man gimmick appearing on the commercials and all that.
4thly, SCSA was a mad man and he was the #1 face in the company just like Orton walks around RKOing people, Austin walked around stunning people, hell before the Rumble in 98, after every match he would come out and stunner every competitor. The only difference is Austin didn't act like he was having a seizure before he did it.
Stone Cold Steve Austin came through at a time when it was cool to be rebellious and anti authoritive but even more than that was Stone Cold Steve Austin was just so great you couldn't dislike him even as a heel as we saw in 2001 when WWE messed up badly by turning him, no one really took Stone Cold Steve Austin seriously as a coward heel because of how he had been booked for the previous four years.

Randy Orton whilst being booked in a slightly similar way of being a loner who will just as likely attack a face as a heel isn't anywhere near the same level as Stone Cold Steve Austin and never will be and before anyone says anything i am a Randy Orton mark and have long said that upon his return in late 2008 up until his scandalous loss to Triple H at WrestleMania 25 was by far the hottest star in wrestling anywhere in the world but he isn't Stone Cold Steve Austin and trying to portray him as such in this current era is completely crazy.

The reality is that if Randy Orton is Stone Cold Steve Austin version 2.0 then it would make John Cena the second coming of The Rock as they are as similar in characteristics as Randy Orton and Stone Cold Steve Austin with John Cena being the comedic, over the top but serious when needed style face but we don't see many John Cena and The Rock are similar threads. Whilst i fully believe that John Cena and Randy Orton are the two biggest star's of this and undoubtably the next era in the same way Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock were in their era that is where the similarity ends.

Originally Posted by RATED-RKOFRANKLIN View Post
These Austin and Orton comparisons are stupid. They have two different gimmicks. Austin was the no ass kissing redneck. Orton is a crazy man.
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