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Re: Best Randy Orton vs. John Cena match

Its hard to pick as they have had loads of matches. The Summerslam match is most likely my favorite as I was convinced that Orton was walking out champ and I got really into the match when I watched it live in the Movie Theatre. However I re-watched it a couple weeks ago and It really lost its flare to me. It just wasn't that great of a match that I remembered.

Unforgiven 2007 was shit, Pretty much a * match

No way Out I can't remember it but I watched it last week . All I remember is that it wasn't a bad match and actually quite good.

Summerslam 2009, I was really enetertained with the false finishes because It convinced me that VCena was going over when they kept restarting. And when Orton won I marked. But this was a good match, probably on par with the No Way Out Match

Breaking Point 2009, I hated this match. IT was slow. Yes it had story telling but I really don't care about that. The finish ruined the match with Orton quitting right when Cena gets on the offense. Judging by the posts made earlier I feel this match is extremely overrated.

Hell in a Cell was great because Cena didn't Superman up and actually lost clean I think. I don't recall Orton cheating or a interference. The match it self was good not the best Cell match though.

Bragging Rights was meh, I felt bored most of the time. And the mass amount of falls didn't really get me into the match. I feel like this match shouldn't of happened because I think everyone was sick of Cena/Orton. The ending also sucked once again...

So all in all I feel that One of their regular singles matches were their bests. Not Unforgiven though.

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