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Re: Randy Orton's gimmick isn't for sell.

Originally Posted by Pyro™ View Post
Orton can't be the face of the company, I thought that went without saying. He's always going to be #2 and it's not because he's "crazy". Brock Lesnar was a fucking DESTROYER and he was leading the company for a brief while. It's because he doesn't have the personality. The face of the company has to be larger than life and that's not Randy Orton. The level that Orton has gotten to right now, that's IT for him. That's as high as he's gonna go. He's not going to John Cena's level of popularity and he's CERTAINLY not going to Austin's level. Austin's presence was out of the world. I don't care if the gimmicks are similar, the talents are not.

When Randy Orton gets a pop like THIS

then you can start the Austin comparisons, and he never will. Until then he's just an overpushed pretty boy that got popular because Vince McMahon forced his cock down the audience's throat.
Damn, even mainevent pops of today are a joke compared to that, makes Cena look like McIntyre lol. I really wonder if there is anyone who is capabable to achieve such pops in wrestling today (given the right push).
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