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Re: Randy Orton's gimmick isn't for sell.

Just because #Ortons meant to be a psycho does not stop him from being the face of the company PPL LOVE psychopaths real or otherwise, there's a reason ppl love Michael Myers, Jason Voorhee's ect it's not cause the movies have tremendous action sometimes we just wantr to watch someone go nuts and kill ppl, in Orton's case he knocks em out and caves in their head people still love it.
Also Orton has more than enough charisma it's his promo's that are'nt the best, look at RVD tremendous charisma shitty promo dont mean he was'nt a draw.
the problem is, and try and keep in mind Orton sometimes gets as little as 5-10 minutes on the show like last week he had his match and a quick promo thats was about it, Cena had the opening 15 minutes of the show, plus the entire "what happened last time" shit first 5 minutes of the show was all for himself then shared the last 10 with Jericho, he then was in the main event for the last 20 minutes, not to mention all the shots of him or addition replays ect Cena raked up like 40 minutes screen time last week compared to Ortons 10 minutes at best, it's not hard to out sell someone when your given over nearly 4 times the exposure than him.
And as for Orton not getting to Austins level, well thats obvious Austin was at a time when over like 10 million homes in the US watched wrestling on monday nights, as opposed to the 4-4.5 million that watch it now, it's no wonder the reactions arent the same, Austin was at the top during a peak time for the business, Ortons on top during a recession*sp?* and in the midst of a wrestling slump as is.

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