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Re: Best and Worst WWE/WWF Wrestling Video Games

I'd have to give a vote to WWF Monday Night RAW in the MegaDrive ( Genesis in America/Canada I think and it might've been on Nintendo).

I'm probably looking back on it through rose tinted glasses but I rented this game loads and loved it. I loved that you could go outside and hit the guy with a steel chair, I loved the crappy quality entrance music that played in the wrestler select screen, I loved that it was the "new generation" cause I had played the earlier WrestleManias and Royal Rumble Megadrive games and the roster was so old but Monday Night RAW felt new enough but fun.

I would've been playing this from about 95-97/98 when the only WWF games on consoles were the WrestleMania Arcade game and the In Your House game with War Zone coming at the tail end of 97 I think. I loved WrestleMania X and used to rent the 1994 Year in Review tape a lot so it was fun to play with some of the guys init like Bam Bam. In hindsight yeah it ain't great but the struggle system was decent enough. Right?

I used to play In Your House There Goes the Neighbourhood on Playstation with my mate a lot in '96 but it was pretty bad and weird, very weird. Owen Hart's "House of Cards" ? Hah so many of the arenas were just so silly but as a comedy thing it's worth playing just to see how silly it is - Davey Boy Smith's head turning into a Bulldog and biting his opponent or the Undertaker smashing an actual tombstone that just appeared over someone.

I didn't like Smackdown Just Bring It! I really resented the roster as the invasion angle was either going onat the time or just finishing but either way it was dated before it even came out from that aspect. Gameplay wise I didn't think it was much of an improvement on SD2 Know Your Role.

In the Smackdown games that had the general manager options I liked it as it was something a bit different aside from just the wrestling in matches. I liked the initial idea of being able to run feuds and angles and put on PPVs and stuff a la some kinda football ("soccer") manager game.
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