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Re: Best and Worst WWE/WWF Wrestling Video Games

Best (in no real order)

1) WWF RAW (Super Nintendo) - I must have rented this game so many times, I probably could have bought it with the amount of money I spent. So much fun back in the day; custom movesets for each superstar, finishers, super-human mega moves, tons of match options. The best wrestling game of the early to mid-90s.

2) WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game - I'm talking about the original arcade game, not the lame-ass ports they made after the fact. This was coming off the heels of the insane popularity of the early Mortal Kombat arcade games, so, Midway decided to make a WWF game in the same vein. Since I'm a big Mortal Kombat fan, I'd consider this game to be somewhat of an off-shoot of that franchise, with the digitized characters, two out of three fall matches, and arcade style movesets. Highly underrated and very popular at the time.

3) WWF WrestleMania 2000/WWF No Mercy (tied, Nintendo 64) - I can't decide which is better...WrestleMania 2000 had better graphics, I felt, (particularly on the wrestlers themselves...I mean, Undertaker looked like Mideon in No Mercy for God's sakes), but, No Mercy had a better storymode to it. They're both great, but, both have their drawbacks, too.

Worst (in no real order, either)

1) WWF Super WrestleMania (Super Nintendo) - this game was never good, even back in 1992. Today, it looks like it perpetually runs in slow motion, every wrestler has the same moves, no finishers, and going outside the ring is an exercise in futility since the outside of the ring is too small to do anything aside from punch and kick. At the least the Sega Genesis version had finishers and had a better selection of superstarrs to choose from, the SNES version was just awful.

2) WWF War Zone (Nintendo 64) - at the time, it was a decent game, but, in retrospect, it becomes clear how much this game sucked. Insanely difficult button combination sto pull off even the most rudimentary moves, bland looking graphics and sound, weird match types (such as the weapons match where the audience is throwing things like TVs into the ring and the cage match that has no ring ropes) and not much of a replay value, either. At least the sequel, WWF Atttiude, tried to add some more customizable options, but thank God the WWF stole THQ away from WCW.

3) WWE Legends of WrestleMania - I begrudgingly add this to the list because the concept is pretty cool; I like the relive aspect, I like how they tried to replicate the early WrestleMania areans, I like how they incorporated real footage from the WWE archives, but, they really bungled it with the control aspect. Why, oh why, didn't they use the SmackDown vs. RAW engine for it; it would have totally saved the game! As it is, it's merely an average arcade-throwback that disappoints more than it thrills. And by the way, where the hell is the referee in this game? Having off-screen refs in wrestling games died out nearly a decade ago...even Pro Wrestling on the NES has a ref. This was also a severe oversight. So many parts of the "relive" aspect of the game depended on having ref bumps as they historically happened, and without the ref in the game, it just wasn't a realistic re-enactment.

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