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Re: Best and Worst WWE/WWF Wrestling Video Games

Originally Posted by el dandy View Post
No Mercy
WrestleMania 2000
WCW/nWo Revenge

Fuck all these next gen console wrestling games. These 3 are the measuring sticks.
Thats what im talking about!

Over a decade later and they still cant make a game that can measure up to those classics

I loved Revenge the most in particular. This was before games had a fatal 4 way option, so I put it to 4 man battle royal with no ring outs, count outs etc, so it was basically a pinfall/submission Elimination style, the way a Fatal 4 way is supposed to be (you listening WWE?)

Anyways, Rey was the man in that game, so id get him, and pick 3 other cruiserweights like Juvi,Psychosis, La Parka, etc. Most fun ever!!!

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