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Re: Best and Worst WWE/WWF Wrestling Video Games

Gotta be the N64 games - WCW/NWO Revenge in particular.

I remember the first year of University- my two bros and I set up an N64 in my room - we'd play 2 hour long triple threat matches untill 8 in the morning.Kinda sad!

On the Here Comes The Pain I created Hitler and started a season mode. Very poor taste but extremeley funny if your an immature student like I was back then (and still am really). His finisher was 'The Final Soloution'(a brainbuster I think) and his trademark move was 'The Gas Chamber' -Tajiri's green mist to the eyes. His theme music was Eric Bischoff's 'I'm back' theme. Which when put into context really works!

I'm back
And better than ever
Got a knack
For making things better
Face facts
'Cause your opinion don't matter
This maniac
Is gonna step on whoever

It's time
Get in line
'Cause I'm gonna make some changes
Kickin' ass
Takin' names

I apologize for been a sick ****

Worst game was definetley WCW Thunder. That game was incomprehensibly bad.
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