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Re: Am I the only one enjoying the current era?

I am enjoying this current era. In my six years of watching the WWE, there have been some bad streaks containing bad PPVs and bad weekly shows, but the good has always outweighed the bad for me. There are many issues in this current era, the biggest one of which I am not understanding is how a talentless clown like Jeff Hardy wins World Titles and why titles are constantly won and lost, but PPV quality has been solid.

I do not like the way tag team wrestling is conducted in the WWE. Heel isolates one member of the face team, beats him down, the face makes the hot tag, chaos ensues, and a team wins by distracting the referee. Also, teams are broken up and formed willy-nilly. I would like some consistency.

Diva wrestling is a mess. They should be banned from wrestling on PPVs.
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